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We currently only provide printed catalogs to custom clubfitters.


If you are a golfer, we welcome you to click on the Find a Clubmaker link on the home page to be able to be custom fit with the very best Wishon Golf Designs for your game.  If you would like to view the online version of our current catalog, please [Click Here].


If you are a custom clubmaker, we welcome the opportunity to work with you and prove the quality and performance of our clubhead, shaft, grip and technology items for your clubmaking business. Use the following form to request a printed copy of our current catalog. Please answer ALL questions to avoid delay in processing your request.

If you already have an account with us and need to update your account information or would like to request a replacement catalog, please email customer service.



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1. How long have you been clubmaking from components?

PLEASE READ: We sell our original designs only to custom clubmakers. We do not sell our components directly to golfers who are not experienced clubmakers because the optimum performance of our designs requires proper custom fitting. Therefore, we ask you please do not submit false information with regard to your clubmaking knowledge and experience. If you are a golfer interested in our designs, we invite you to visit our Find A Clubfitter pages to locate a skilled clubmaker in your area who can properly custom fit our designs to your precise playing needs. If you have further questions, or need assistance in locating a skilled clubmaker in your area, please call us at 1-844-552-3437.

2. Have you attended any clubmaking schools or training programs?

If YES, which schools/training programs and what year?

If NO, how did you gain your clubmaking experience?

3. Are you a member of a clubmaking organization?

If YES, which one(s)?

4. How many sets of clubs do you typically build per month in your golf season?

5. Do you advertise your clubmaking business in any of the following resources?
Yellow PagesLocal NewspaperLocal TV/RadioLocal/Regional Golf PublicationsWebsite

If you have a clubmaking website, please enter your address.

6. What do you typically charge for the following (over and above the cost of the components)?

Beta Ti driver with graphite shaft.

3-PW set of Investment Cast Stainless irons with steel shafts.

7. Please list several of the specific clubmaking machinery and tools or gauges that you own and use in your clubmaking work:

8. Please tell us what clubmaking technical information subjects you are most interested in:

9. Why are you interested in Wishon Golf and its product range?

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By checking this box and submitting this application you are confirming to Wishon Golf that you are an experienced clubmaker with the skills, tools and ability to properly fit and build custom golf clubs. If you have further questions, or need assistance with our application process, please call us at 1-844-552-3437.

After you click on "I'm a Clubmaker- Sign me up!" you will receive an email

Thank you for your interest in Wishon Golf and for your commitment to quality clubmaking. Once you have received your login and password from us via email, you may begin shopping at our online store. If we have any questions, we will contact you by phone or email.

Our clubmakers online store is password protected to prevent non-clubmakers from knowing the wholesale price that clubmakers pay for Wishon Golf designs.  Wishon Golf believes in clubmakers being able to make a fair profit from their clubmaking and clubfitting skills and keeping our prices confidential only to clubmakers is one way we work to protect our relationship with the clubmakers.

Our annual print catalog is mailed in late January of each year. If you have a customer account with us at the time of our annual catalog mailing, you will automatically receive a copy in the mail. However, if you establish an account after we have completed our annual mailing, you will receive a copy of our catalog within a few weeks after we receive your catalog request.

You may also view our catalog online here.

We respect your information, and your privacy. Thank you for your time and interest in Wishon Golf.