739 CCG

739 CCG Drivers

Discontinued Model

The Ultimate in Custom Features Within a Titanium Driver Head Design


  • 739CCG Titanium Drivers are True Forged to enable an ultra-thin 0.7mm wall thickness design to reduce the headweight to be as light as 193 grams for over length assembly when desired
  • Five Different Color Coded Weight Screws plus TWGT’s hosel weight bore allows clubmakers to customize the headweight from 193g up to 229g to offer length assembly from 42” to 46 1/2”
  • Different Weight Screws Allow Center of Gravity Movement to change launch angle by up to 2.5º while also changing spin up to 500 rpms for later release players.
  • Color Coded Weight Screws are offered in 2.5g(red), 6.5g(black), 9g(white), 13g(gold) and 16g(silver).   730CCG head requires two screws – Weight Screws are Ordered Separately.
  • Cp4 Titanium Hosel Allows Custom Lie and Face Angle Bending by +/-2* in any direction.  Bending requires proper woodhead loft and lie machine and extreme care when clamping the head to prevent crushing the thin body wall structure.

A 360º view of the 739CCG Driver Clubhead.



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739 CCG, 4.4 out of 5 based on 39 ratings


  1. Hi Tom, folling my acquisition of the 775 hybrid, I am willing to get a new driver. I am not clear which one would be better for me: if the 919THI or the 739 CCG.

    I find that both of them are spectacular (even if probably I prefer the sole of the 739 CCG) and I don’t know how to make a decission. Any help would be much appreaciated.

    These are my tracking data:

    Club speed: 95 mph
    Ball speed: 123,3
    Smash fac: 1,35 (I have to improve it)
    Attack angle: -2,5
    Clun path: 0,9
    Face ang: -4,3
    Height: 27,4 meters
    Carry: 189 meters
    Spin rate: 3938

    Best regards,


    • Luis:

      You will find me much more in favor of recommending the 919THI over the 739CCG, even though the 739 ball speed is just as good as the 919. I like the idea that with the 919 being available in more model options, we can offer golfers the 919 in any loft from 8 to 16 and in any face angle from 4 open to 4 closed and any lie from 4 up to 4 flat. yes, the 739 has a bendable hosel so it too can be offered in any face angle from 4 open to 4 closed and any lie from 4 up to 4 flat, but with it being only in a 9.5 and 11 loft models, the loft options in the 739 are more limited than they are with the 919. Now if your loft needs are within that range from 9 to 11.5 that we can offer with the 739, then fine, if you like it’s look better than the 919, then by all means go that direction with your selection. But if your clubmaker orders a 739 head for you, please be sure he tells us to hand select it and bend it to the EXACT loft, lie and face angle you need for your fitting. That way everything can be as perfect for your new driver as could possibly be. In looking at your tracking data, you did not include the LAUNCH ANGLE and you did not say WHAT WAS THE LOFT OF THE HEAD YOU WERE HITTING TO GET THESE measurements. We would need to know those two additional points to be able to look at all this information to offer a recommendation on a proper loft for a new driver for you. Also, if you respond with that additional data, please tell us if these numbers came from a TRACK MAN launch monitor or not.


  2. Dear Tom

    Due to the lack of knowledge in most of the proshops (I have an engineering background)I found and bought your books: common sense of clubfitting+the search for the pefect golf. Studying your books was a great experience and very satifying with the effect that I know more about fitting then most of the accessable clubfitters in our area:):)
    Based on this I have deceided my next clubs driver, hybrids, woods to be Wishon products.But since the next clubfitter is approx 200 miles away I would like to ask you whether my selection for the driver would match to my swing characteristics.
    Age 63,Handicap 10;Clubhead speed 95mph; angle of attack:level to slightly upwards, transition:avarage with some force, release: mid to late, downswing tempo: avarage with some aggression, phiscal strength:above avarage. I would assess myself to be more a hitter rather then a swinger.
    Based on that I came to the conclusion that your driver 919 THI would be the right choice to optimize distance by achieving a launch angle of approx. 13° but I think 11° loft is too low and 13° loft is too much. Maybe there is some space for optimization by selecting heads and or choose the right shaft.
    Currently I am playing with a Mizuno Driver MP 600,average carry distance 200 yds;length 44.5″,Loft 10.5 °,Regular Shaft ,55 gramms, Torque 3.7; mid high launch,bending profile unknown; swingweight D2, 7 of 10 shots are off center.(heeling).
    What do you propose?

    Thank you very much for your efforts, best regards Hans

    • HANS

      Thanks very much for your interest and your message. Boy are you right when you talk about the lack of equipment knowledge in pro shops and retail golf stores!! Every once in a while when I am on a business trip or holiday I will go into a golf store/shop just to browse around. And when engaging in conversation with any of the sales people/asst pros about equipment, it is downright scary what these people say and think they know about clubs.

      Since you are 200 miles away from a custom clubfitter, we certainly would be willing to offer you any assistance in your fitting needs. For such situations, we do have a very extensive fill in the blanks fitting form that we offer so that we can get as much information as possible from which we can make a fitting recommendation. You did offer quite a lot of pertinent information in your comment here, but the form has a few more questions pertaining to other factors that we would like to know more about so as to do the best job we can. Here is the link to this Wishon Golf YOUR FIT fitting information form – http://wishongolf.com/clubmakers/twgt-your-fit-custom-fit-questionnaire/ . Copy and paste that into your web browser. Answer the questions to the best of your knowledge and don’t hesitate to offer any additional comments at the end of the form in the box provided for comments. then just click the submit button and we will get the form right away. Within a day we will respond with a full fitting recommendation with explanations.

      But to answer one of your questions, yes, we can hand select any of the clubheads to find a loft in between specific design production lofts. So if the 12* loft is right for you, we can find that by measuring through enough of the 13* heads to find one that is -1 in the loft.

      Thanks very much,

  3. Hallo Tom!
    I am going to buy your clubs. I have told the the clubfitter that i want all help with the clubs that he can give. Wich driver gives me the most help?
    Jörgen Lenz Sweden

    • Mr Lenz:
      Thank you for your message and for your interest in our company and our designs. I would recommend that you work with a good clubfitter in your area to be fit for ALL of the important fitting specifications for length, loft, lie, face angle, shaft, total weight, swingweight and grip size so that the selection of the driver head model itself then can perform the absolute best for you and YOUR swing characteristics. Among our driver models, we do tend to recommend the 919THI first because of several reasons. First, the 919’s are very consistent for their COR and their combination of high MOI with variable thickness face offers superb off center hit performance. The second reason we recommend the 919 driver is because with all the different loft models we have in the 919 combined with the bendable hosel, with the 919 we can offer virtually any possible combination of loft + lie + face angle that any golfer would need in their fitting requirements.

      If you need help in trying to find a good clubmaker in your area of Sweden, please send us the name of the town/city in Sweden you live so we can check our data base to see if we can find a good clubmaker in reasonable proximity to where you live. You can send us the name of the town/city in which you live to contact@wishongolf.com .

      Thank you,

  4. Tom

    Thank you for your response, I am a real fan of your designs. So far I own a full set of 752 TC irons (#5 to PW), 331 hybrids (use the #3 and #5), 915 high launch fairways (use #5 and #9), and I am replacing the 915 driver with the new 739 CCG I bought recently. I have reworked all of them on my own (shafts and grips) and love the results.

    • OSCAR

      Thank you very much for letting us know that you like your clubs !! We do appreciate that very much but even more important to us is the fact that you are enjoying the game a little more and having fun playing this great game!!


  5. I just got a 739 CCG from ebay with a supply of weight screws. The shaft it came with is a stiff flex, which I will change for a regular flex with a soft tip and mid/low bend. What I want to post here is my thinking about how to maximize the usefulness and adjustability of this wonderful driver with a minimal amount of issues regarding the swingweight. I am not a licensed clubfitter but I dabble in this and in my understanding of the matter, the swingweight of a club depends on the weight of the head and the weight of the grip, once you have a fixed length and weight for the shaft. I want to vary the head weights between 199.5 and 206.5 and keep the swingweight stable at C8 (by my calculations). I can do it with a 44 inch graphite shaft weighing 56 grams (total length weight) and changing the grip weights (by changing grips) between 44 grams and 65 grams.

    To compare the effect the weight changes have upon the driver’s swing, the shaft and its length should remain the same. Changing grips to keep the same swingweight when the head weights are changed is an inexpensive way to achieve this.

    • Sorry, I meant to say that the total club length, not the shaft length, is to be kept constant at 44 inches.

    • OSCAR

      Very glad to hear that you like the design of the 739CCG driver. yes, for sure when one understands all of the factors that affect the final swingweight of a club as you do, it is possible to manipulate the headweight and keep the swingweight the same buy changing the weight of the grip. However, the only thing that could make this less of a practical solution is that many golfers might have such a specific feel for the texture/surface feel of their preferred grip model that a change to a lighter or heavier weight grip might not allow them to find a grip with just that right surface texture feel. But yes for sure, even though it is very rare to find a golfer who would want to increase/decrease headweight while keeping the swingweight the same, you are right in saying it is most definitely possible to do this with a grip weight change.


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