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939AHT Drivers

Unique Adjustable Hosel Driver Design

The 939AHT is the most technically accurate and most versatile adjustable hosel driver in the entire golf equipment industry. The unique “top down” adjustable hosel mechanism allows for a greater range in custom weighting options for clubmakers while also offering a greater range in the final fitting specs for the loft, lie and face angle.

The weight bore for the 939AHT driver heads is located at the base of the adjustable hosel sleeve.  Do NOT drop a weight plug into the large bore of the body of the head


  • An all new “top down” locking mechanism for the adjustable hosel device that allows not only faster changing of the lie and face angle specs, but allows for a weight bore to be located at the bottom of the device for custom swingweight (MOI) assembly purposes.
  • Allows changing the lie from 56* to 60* and face angle from 2* open to 2.5* closed, when the 939AHT is traditionally soled in the address position.
  • Alternately, when the 939AHT is held in a 0* square face position at address, the lie can be changed from 56* to 60* and the loft changed from 9* to 13*.
  • Single rear weight screw can be altered from 2.5g to 16g to slightly customize launch angle, or to achieve final swingweight (MOI).
  • Available in RH in 9.5* and 11* loft, as per when the 939AHT is soled in the address position.
  • Do not forget to order a weight screw to go with each 939AHT.  Weight screws available in 2.5, 6.5, and 9 gram weights.  (page 82)

939AHT Instruction Brochure

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A 360º view of the 939AHT Driver Clubhead.

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939AHT, 4.5 out of 5 based on 69 ratings


  1. Hello Tom
    I have managed to buy a 939 AHT DRIVER second hand with the wonderful red shaft and it has already improved my driving consistency.
    Unfortunatly it did not come with the wrench or any alternative rear weights and have been unable to find a spanner that fits properly so am unable to ascertain what setting the shaft is set to.
    I have contacted Diamond Golf here in the UK to see if they had any spares in the inventory they took over from yourself with no luck.
    Would you happen to have any of these small items still in the USA?
    All of my other clubs are Wishon’s. 771csi irons, a limited set of wedges, 335 hybrids and 919 drivers. They have all enhanced my game tee to green such that I shot my best ever round last week!…..just wish the putting could match! Although I have discovered your clubs late in your own career, I’m glad I did and I would like to wish you a happy, healthy and relaxed retirement.
    All the best Nigel

    • Nigel

      Thanks so very much for your kind words of support and well wishing now that I have decided to retire after working in the golf equipment industry for over 35 yrs. And I guess I am not fully out of it since I am still helping Diamond Golf in their takeover of the responsibilities of distributing my product line! I am sorry but last year when we were going over everything in our warehouse and inventory to pack and send to Diamond Golf, there were just so many odds and ends from years of doing this that we just could not keep everything. And Diamond did not really want or need to have all sorts of things like this. So if there were any wrenches left over or extra hosel sleeves for the 939AHT driver heads, they got tossed, I am sorry to tell you. BUt if you get a small adjustable wrench, that can work just fine to tighten and loosen the locking cap on the 939.

      Hope this helps and thanks again for your interest,

    • My 939AHT broke and was replaced with a 919.

      So I have a spare wrench and a weight (the weight has white colouring and my kitchen scales say it is 10g).

      The wrench got slightly distorted in the spanner bit and could do with tapping back into shape but did still work.

      I am happy to pass these on – I live in UK. If Nigel lives in UK I will post FOC, but will obviously need his details.

      Regards, Rob.

    • Hello all.
      Thanks for your replies.
      What a coincidence though as just after Rob’s reply offering me the wrench, etc, as his 939AHT had broke, then my next round with the driver and with the first hit….twang and on inspection the head has cracked around the base of the hosel. I have some photos Tom if you wish to inspect them as this is the first time I have had a head crack like this. I do not have a fast, agressive swing….around 90mph with a smooth tempo. Shame as I really liked the feel and look of this driver. Looks like I will also be getting a 919 now. If you want to see the photos where do I send them as any feed back could be helpful if I try to recoup some of the money from the vendor.
      Many thanks.

    • Nigel – wipe out!

      I loved everything about my 939AHT (the head shape, looks, sound, adjustability, ball flight etc. The replacement 919THI is also a very good product, although I do wish it had kept the original SP700 face rather than downgrading to the less expensive 6-4 titanium – Tom will doubtless say it has no performance difference, but my recollections of SP700 (from a Cleveland Launcher Comp and a Titleist 905R) is that it had great feel and sound and a certain “springiness”, none of which 6-4 seems to me to be able
      to match. But I digress!

      Anyway, my 939 cracked on the top of the crown around the hosel area. Which sounds suspiciously similar to Nigel’s. And I am a senior with only a c. 80 mph (smooth) driver swing speed. Maybe a manufacturing issue?

      As 939 had been discontinued when mine broke, I got a replacement 919 under Wishon’s excellent warranty as I had bought my 939 new from a Wishon clubmaker. I have to say that the Wishon customer service in respect of the replacement was absolutely first class and a credit to Wishon Golf. I am pretty sure that I would not have had the same service from an OEM!

      Used the shaft from the 939 in the 919 replacement head, had hand select at 11 degrees loft, face 2.5 degrees closed and lie +1 degree upright (all to fight fade) and this is currently my gamer. Works well, and although I do
      miss, especially, the looks of the 939, I can’t say that the 919 performs any less well!!

      Anyway, sorry to hear Nigel’s 939 has broken too and hope you can get a deal on a 919.

      Regards, Rob.

    • Hello again Tom.
      Just to finish off this thread……the vendor I had purchased the 939 AHT from gave me a full refund and I now have an 11* 919THI which is proving just as good, if not better than the 939. The better consistency I am now achieving using your clubs from tee to green has resulted in a drop in handicap from 19 down to 12 over the last few months……concentrates the mind somewhat!!
      Thanks again.

    • NIGEL:

      That’s great to hear, both from the standpoint that you got the 919 as a replacement for the 939 and that you are playing much better than before ! That’s really nice for me to know the game is more fun for you these days ! Thanks much for your support and for letting us know how well you are doing these days in the game !


  2. About to change my driver, used a Ping Draw G15 for the past 4 years, it has 12 deg loft and a soft shaft, alas it looks a bit tired. I am about to bid on a Wishon 939 AHT with an Accra Senior shaft 11 deg loft. I am 77 years old, golfed for 50 years. I live in the UK Gloucestershire, is there a qualified fitter in my location that could adjust where neccessary?
    The asking price in the eBay auction is $150 plus postage, which I think is fair for a high quality driver. My swing speed is quite slow now, probably about 75.
    Thanks. john

    • JOHN:

      Thanks very much for coming to our site so we could advise you. Do NOT get that 929AHT driver. It won’t have enough loft for your 75mph swing speed. Better for you for that speed would be a loft in the area of at least 13 to even possibly 15*, depending on your angle of attack into the ball. In your area we would recommend that you contact one of the following clubmakers to work with to be custom fit so the driver is well matched to your swing now.

      Club Masters Golf
      01452 715 007

      Mike Melvin
      Mike Melvin Custom Golf
      Sully, Vale of Glamorgan
      02920 531 787

      Thanks for coming to us so we could tell you what’s better. really, if you got that 11* loft driver it would be too little loft for your clubhead speed to maximize all the distance you could have for your 75mph speed.


  3. Hi Tom

    Just wondering why this has been discontinued so soon after its launch? Has it just not sold well and /or not been embraced by club – makers/fitters?

    I have one in 9.5 degrees and use it in position 7. However, I am having lessons and as my swing and shoulder turn improve, I expect to move it to a less closed position – indeed I am on the verge of moving it to position 8. Which for me is the USP of this club – it allows for player improvement. The 919THI can’t do that without trips back to a club-maker to be adjusted, which is both a pain and added expense.

    And the 939 performs every bit as well as a 919 as to launch, distance and forgiveness. So I am a bit baffled!

    Regards, Rob.

    • ROB

      I appreciate your comment, your concern and your questions about my decision to discontinue the 939 driver models. While the big companies rarely keep a model for more than 1 year before dropping it to bring out the next one, we here have typically kept models in our line for sometimes as long as 10 yrs, with the average being around 5-6 yrs before we retire it. So it is unusual for me to make this decision on the 939 as we headed into its third year of existence.

      I made this decision for several reasons, most of which were related to my passion for the priorities I have in my work in clubfitting technology as well as in head design technology. No question, once you fully understand how an adjustable driver like the 939 has to be used (soled or held square) to get the specs you need and want, it is possible when your fitting spec needs do change that you could re adjust the setting on the 939 to change to the different face angle you would need after your swing change. And yes, to do that on the 919 would require someone to do the bend on the hosel to get that face angle change, which I do understand is more of a hassle than with the 939.

      It is a fact that while you bring up a VERY valid point with respect to making the specs change on the 939 when you do make it through a swing change, this is something that in all honesty does not happen very much with very many golfers. The vast majority of golfers just don;t change their swing characteristics to the point that a major spec like the loft or face angle or lie would need to be altered once the original fitting is done. But please do understand that I do realize when that does happen as you envision it in your swing, it would be easier for you with the 939 than with the 919 that would require sending us the club or finding a clubmaker with the proper equipment to do that.

      I simply am operating from the point that the 919 offers such a wider range in loft, lie and face angle specs, all which can be achieved at the same time, independent of each other on the head. 939 cannot do that. Also, it was a fact that by far, the vast majority of our clubmakers were opting for the 919 for these reasons so not that many clubmakers were interested in the 939. Performance wise, no question the 939 is as good of a head for launch, distance and forgiveness as the 919 – but with so few of the clubmakers wanting the 939 vs the 919, this too was another reason for my decision so we did not hamstring the production quantities of both driver models to make it tougher to manage the inventory properly.

      Thanks for your understanding.


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