Sof-Wrap Composition Rubber Grips

Discontinued Model

The most tack-feel TWGT rubber grip


  • The TWGT rubber grip with the greatest tack-feel is the Sof-Wrap. Molded from a softer rubber compound, the Sof-Wrap is for players who prefer the most tack contact feel with the grip.
  • The wrap style design is spaced wider with more distance between grooves for more contact of the hands with the main surface of the grip. The skived grooves are more shallow to provide less interruption of a smooth feel on the club.
  • The proprietary TWGT Flared End Cap design provides a slight outward flare of the end of the grip to allow for a better hold of the upper hand on the club.
  • The unique half-dimple surface pattern provides more traction without interrupting the feel of the fingers on the wrap surface. Full dimple surface patterns allow more of the finger surface to sink into the dimple and cause discomfort during the swing.
  • Available in Men’s Standard, Men’s Oversize and Flat Front Putter.
  • All TWGT Sof-Wrap grips have a 0.600″ core diameter.
  • When installed on a 0.600″ butt shaft with one wrap of installation tape, the Men’s Standard Sof-Wrap is men’s standard  (0.900″ at 2″ down).
  • When installed on a 0.600″ butt shaft with one wrap of installation tape, the Men’s Oversize Sof-Wrap is men’s +1/32″ oversize (0.930″ at 2″ down).

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  1. great great grip!ideal for anyone with tendinitis,golfers elbow or mid and jumbo size for arthritis.
    great feel!
    Trying to buy more, any good deals going?
    cheers from ireland!
    p.s. wishon books are amazing! thanks

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