765 WS

765 WS Irons

A Wide Sole Game Improvement Design with the Versatile Turf Playability of a More Narrow Sole and the Low Center of Gravity of a Wide Sole


  • A Wide Sole Design for Any Golfer – the strongly beveled leading edge combines with a very low bounce and raised rear sole surface to be a proper sole fit to any golfer, from downward to upward angle of attack
  • Wide Playable Sole Puts More Weight Low to keep the center of gravity lower to help golfers hit the ball up to fly
  • Modern Strong Loft Design is offset by the wide sole/low center of gravity to help golfers hit the lower loft 765WS ironheads more easily up in the air than other strong loft iron models
  • Rear Undercut Lower Cavity Slot helps move more mass back from the face to also help get the ball up more easily
  • Precision Investment Cast from 431 Stainless Steel for ease in loft/lie bending, finished in a bright satin polish with modern back cavity medallion.  Available in RH in #4 – 9, PW, (No AW available).

A 360º view of the 765WG Iron Clubhead.

Ratings and Reviews

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Rating: 4.3/5 (19 votes cast)


765 WS, 4.3 out of 5 based on 19 ratings



  2. Are these available in unmodern club numbers? I’m surprised these suffer from disappearing loft like other ‘ modern’ clubs.

    • Bill:

      The 765WS are really our only iron model in which we designed a much lower loft, similar to what so many of the big companies are doing. All of the 8 other iron models we offer are designed with lofts that are higher and not so strong. I designed the one model 765 with stronger lofts because we had a bunch/lot of clubmakers who asked for it. They asked because they found when a golfer happened to hit one of the much stronger loft models from another company, the clubmaker lost the sale for our model because it had more loft and from that, could not hit the ball as far as the very strong loft model from the big company.

      My “beef” with very strong loft irons is not really the fact that a golfer can be “fooled” into thinking this new set has a new “technology” that allows him to hit his 7, 8, 9, wedges longer than before. If someone wants to hit less club into a green, fine – I have no opposition to that. What does bother me about this low loft iron trend is that when buying such a set, the average golfer ends up with a 3, 4 and 5 iron that he cannot hit. Few golf shops will allow a golfer to only buy the 6-wedges or 7-wedges in a set of irons so they can spend the money they would have spent on the long irons rather instead on hybrids or high loft woods. The big golf companies will not sell half sets of irons to the retailers and no golf shop wants to be stuck with odds and ends 3, 4 and 5 irons that they will never be able to sell.

      So this is what bugs me about this strong loft situation – the golfer ends up spending hard earned money for several clubs he can’t hit, then he has to spend even more money getting hybrids or high loft woods so he has clubs to fill the need of the long irons that he can hit.

      With TWGT the clubmaker and the golfer can buy ANY set makeup of irons and hybrids or woods to suit their game because we do offer every design singly or in any set makeup combination desired. The big companies and their retailers do not do that. So if a golfer wants our 765 #7, 8, 9 wedges to hit the ball longer he can do that and not have to be stuck buying the 4, 5, 6 – he can buy any hybrid he wants as an alternative.

      So that’s a big difference between us when we design ONE set of strong loft irons and the big golf companies.


  3. I had a set of these made for me about 4 months ago and I love them!! Increased my distance 15-20 yards compared to my last set! Can’t wait to get my hybrids made to complete my set!

  4. I bought a set of these clubs with the 765 WS / S2S R-Flex Shaft / SwSp 65-75 5i thru 9i. I also have the 331H #4 & #6 hybrid iron. My club fitter did a great job of setting me up with my first custom set. At the time of my purchase (2years ago) my swing speed was in the 70’s for a 60 year ago guy. Now I’m swinging in the mid 80’s and was wondering what effect that has with my current shafts. This is my fourth year golfing and these clubs helped me break 85 several times last year. Looking forward to breaking 80 this year 2014.


    • Lee;
      Typically an increase in iron clubhead speed of 10mph would mean that the golfer would be best fit in a shaft that would be ONE FLEX LETTER STIFFER than what you have the clubs that was based on the 70s clubhead speed. However, you need to be a part of this decision too because there is most definitely the matter of the player’s INDIVIDUAL FEEL AND PERCEPTION of the shaft that is involved in this as well. If right now in playing these irons you get any sense that the shafts feel like they are flexing too much when you swing, or if lately with the 80s swing speed you are seeing the ball fly noticeably higher or fly a little more to the hook side of the hole, then that says get a stiffer shaft. but if none of this is happening at all, then in all honesty you can stay right where you are with the shafts. And GOOD FOR YOU that you must have been working and training hard to get this swing speed increase. No question the game is more fun and a little easier when you can experience such a swing speed increase!!


  5. Thanks Tom, I’ll be watching for those checks this spring.

  6. Will there be a new wide sole model, since these are being phased out? I was interested in trying these, but they aren’t viable without the AW because of the strong lofts.

    • RICKY;

      Yes to be honest, we are going to discontinue the 765WS iron model when current inventory runs out. I am sorry for the inconvenience. At present with three investment cast stainless steel iron models (979SS, 755PC and 765WS) that is really too many such cast stainless models for a company of our size to continue trying to offer. So among the three, I felt we needed to drop one, and the way that decision is almost always made is to look at the model that has the least demand. And of these three cast stainless iron models, the 765 has the lowest demand.

      The 979SS would be the model to consider because while its sole is not as wide as the 765, the 979 sole is still wider than any of our other iron models. That coupled with the progressive blade height from semi shallow in the 4 iron progressing slightly upward to normal blade height by the 8 iron, that helps with the semi wide sole to keep the center of gravity virtually as low as it is on the 765. And the 979s being an ongoing model will remain in stock all the way to the AW in the set.


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