S2S Gold Plus Wood/Iron Shafts

Discontinued Model

S2S Gold Plus Shaft Info pageS2S Gold Plus Graphite Shafts for Woods and Irons

S2S Gold Plus Shafts Offer Clubmakers a Design for Swing Characteristics in Between the S2S White and S2S Black


  • S2S Gold Plus graphite shafts are for golfers with an average to slightly aggressive downswing Transition force, average swing Tempo, a midway wrist-cock Release and average Strength who also desire a higher trajectory on their shots.
  • S2S Gold Plus  graphite shafts are available for woods in A, R and S flexes and for irons in R and S flexes.
  • S2S Gold Plus graphite shafts are designed for golfers with a later release who wish to hit the ball with a higher launch angle and higher shot trajectory.

S2S Shaft Trim Charts


  • Shaft Trimming Charts


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  1. I have to replace a shaft on an 870 ti 4 iron. The old shaft was a s2s gold plus high flight, s-flex iron shaft, swingspeed 70-80, wgt 79g, trn: 1 . 2, tem: 1 . 2, rls: 1 . 2, strgth: 1 . 2, total length 38.5″ with grip installed. The golfer has a 75mph 7 iron swingspeed. Wondering what current shaft will come closest to this, and which trim chart to use.
    Thanks much, Dan

    • DAN
      Since the old Gold Plus shaft was discontinued some years back, I would recommend you use the S2S White S flex iron shaft. It’s very similar in weight and in the bend profile to the Gold Plus. Tip trim is the same.

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