December 2011

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Items of note before we get down to business…

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These counter top display placards are a part of the TWGT Marketing Kit or can be bought separately as a means to market TWGT custom fit designs to golfers.
The updated placards are available at no charge to clubmakers who have bought the display placards or who have bought one of the three TWGT Marketing Kits. To obtain your placards, please contact TWGT. We’ll be happy to include them with your next order.

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Registration for the clubmaker forum is free of course and in no way can we accumulate or track email addresses of forum participants. Remember, the TWGT Clubmaker Forum is filled with superb technical discussions with great information to build your knowledge and increase your clubmaking business!

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  1. TWGT 2012 Catalog Report [continues below]
  2. 2012 Bend Profile Software Update Report [continues below]
  3. New 12 Myths Booklet Complete and Ready to Win More Fitting Business [continues below]
  4. TWGT New Website Information and Updates [continues below]
  5. TWGT Blog Gaining Followers – Sign Up Today! [continues below]
  6. More TWGT Videos in Process [continues below]
  7. Swingweight vs. Moment of Inertia [continues below]
  8. Hurlbert more than just a club-maker [continues below]

TWGT 2012 Catalog Report

TWGT is rounding the bend and just starting to head into the homestretch in the creation of our 2012 full line catalog.  Primary page layouts are almost complete, the majority of the new model and new product photography is finished as we head into the painstaking time of pulling all the odds and ends and missing pieces together to hit our deadline of handing the catalog to the printing company before the end of December.

As usual, we’re working to hit a mailing date in early January that will allow the catalog to arrive in all the clubmakers’ mail boxes by the end of January.  If you have changed your mailing address in the past few months, please take the time to call us and give us that information so we can be sure to get your correct address set up for the catalog mailing in January.  The US Postal Service will NOT forward catalogs so if you have changed your address, we need to know that information in order to be sure your 2012 TWGT Catalog can get to you.  

We hope to have the new ON LINE version of our 2012 catalog up and on our website by the middle of January.  In addition, we plan to send a full preview soon via email for all the new designs and changes planned for 2012 – so stay tuned and we’ll be back in your mailbox with some sneak previews of the new models for next season!

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Shaftbend Profile

2012 Bend Profile Software Update Report

As winter descends on most of us, we’re definitely in the midst of acquiring as many of the shaft companies’ new shaft models and missing shaft models to add to the TWGT Shaft Bend Profile software.  Expected in the next update will be new shaft model data from Nippon, Miyazaki, Graphite Design, Aldila, UST, True Temper, Oban, Mitsubishi and others.

TWGT is trying to obtain all the missing 2011 shaft models as well as to get all the companies’ new 2012 shaft designs in this next update.  If all goes well and all the shaft companies follow through to us, we hope to have the new 2012 Bend Profile update completed and on its way to you by the time you get your new 2012 TWGT Catalog in the end of January.
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New 12

Myths Booklet Complete and Ready to Win More Fitting Business

12 Myth Book

In case you haven’t bought copies of 12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game in the past month, our popular and inexpensive booklet for educating golfers about the benefits of custom fitting has been updated and re-written.  The original 12 Myths was written in early 2006.  With changes in the golf equipment industry since then, it was time to update the 12 Myths booklet to being all the information fully up-to-date.

While many of the original myths are still pertinent and remain the same, we did delete a number of out dated myths and replaced them with a few new, more up-to-date topics to do the best job possible of convincing golfers of the superior benefits of being professionally custom fit by an experienced custom Clubmaker.  In addition, information has been modernized and updated in several of the existing myths in the booklet.

The New 12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game is organized into 4 sections with each myth being 3 pages or less in length to allow for easy to understand reading by your golfers.


Myth #1 – Modern Golf Clubs Hit the Ball Farther

Myth #2 – The Lower the Loft on Your Driver, The Farther the Ball will Go

Myth #3 – You Can’t Go Wrong if you Stick with Well Known Brand Name Clubs

Myth #4 – Your New Driver has a Larger Sweet Spot


Myth #5 – When I Buy a Club with an S-Flex Shaft I Know I am Getting a Stiff Flex

Myth #6 – The Faster You Swing, The Stiffer Your Shaft Should Be


Myth #7 – The Longer the Length of the Driver, The Farther You’ll Hit the Ball

Myth #8 – My Clubs are Just Like the Ones the Pros Use

Myth #9 – Women’s Clubs are Designed for Women Golfers


Myth #10 – I am not a Good Enough Golfer for Custom Fit Clubs to Matter

Myth #11 – I’ll Just Cut Down Some Clubs for my Kid; That’s Good Enough

Myth #12 – I was Custom Fit at the Big Golf Store (or Pro Shop or Online)

The audio version of The New 12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game has also been updated.  The new audio myths can be found on our new website at this following link:

Please remember, Clubmakers who give away as many copies of 12 Myths as possible to golfers in their area DO BOOK MORE FITTING APPOINTMENTS!  The booklets are priced very inexpensively to clubmakers – so inexpensive that your cost for giving away 100 copies is recovered when you sell one custom fit wedge or iron!  If you sell one custom fit Driver, you’ve made over a 300% return on what it cost you to buy 100 copies of 12 Myths !

Make it a point to use The NEW 12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game to promote professional custom Clubfitting and to promote your own business in fitting.
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TWGT New Website Information and Updates

By now we think you’ve noticed that TWGT has consolidated its former two websites into one brand new website aimed at promoting the benefits of custom fitting to golfers, and to help golfers find an experienced Clubmaker in their area.

“I talk to clubmakers every day,” said TWGT’s Matt Mohi, “and the majority told me that all through this past year the place they got the most number of leads from golfers was the Find a Clubmaker section on our website.”

To work hard to enable even more golfers to find a clubmaker through our new website, Wishon Golf is working with a professional web marketing service to do all we can do to enhance the ability of golfers to be led to so they can learn the benefits of professional custom fit clubs and to use our Find a Clubmaker locator to seek a custom Clubmaker in their area with whom they can work to be custom fit.

“It’s all about getting more eyes on our new website,” offered TWGT’s Tom Wishon.  “We know the message of custom fitting is so common sense that it’s simply a numbers game for us to really have an impact on increasing the number of golfers who find a Clubmaker to be custom fit.  The more golfers who read about professional fitting, the more golfers will go find a Clubmaker in their area to be custom fit.”

That’s why Wishon Golf is investing thousands of dollars this winter doing all we can in a concerted web marketing effort to get more golfers to find and visit  “We hope to triple the number of golfers who visit by the time the 2012 golf season rolls around,” continued TWGT’s Mohi.  “Clubmakers need someone supporting what they can do for golfers, and TWGT is the only company in the clubmaking supply industry spending the money and making a real effort to drive golfers to be custom fit by independent custom clubmakers.  We are very optimistic that our efforts in promoting the new can and will bring more fitting business to clubmakers in 2012.”
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TWGT Blog Gaining Followers – Sign Up Today!


One of the new features of the new website is our BLOG.  Company founder Tom Wishon tells us he is trying to compose a new blog post each week with topics covering just about every conceivable subject related to golf clubs and the golf equipment industry.  For a fresh dose of TWGT information, do take a moment to sign up to receive our weekly blog posts.  Sign up is easy – Just click on the ORANGE icon at the top of the home page of to sign up.

All past and present blog posts can also be found through the following link:
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More TWGT Videos in Process

This winter TWGT is working to expand the amount of content we offer for clubmakers and golfers through video.  First on the list following the current group of videos already on our website to educate golfers about the benefits of custom fitting will be a collection of short videos, each one profiling a different TWGT product design.

Through the winter, one by one as we complete them, we will be posting each product presentation both on our website as well as on our You Tube channel.  Access to the TWGT You Tube Channel is through the following link:



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Swingweight vs. Moment of Inertia

TWGT was the first company in 2003 to introduce the equipment and procedures for matching golf clubs by their moment of inertia (MOI) as an alternative to the traditional method of building clubs to a matched swingweight.  Since that time, more than 700 clubmakers worldwide have invested in the MOI measurement and matching equipment with which to build golf clubs to offer golfers a means of matching clubs in a set based on an actual amount of force generated by golfers during their swing.

Invented in the 1920s, swingweight has been the predominant method used by all golf companies for assembling golf clubs to a form of weight distribution balance.  Swingweight has been agreed by technical experts in the golf industry to be an arbitrary form of weight feel matching, based simply on the use of a specific scale and not related to an actual physical effort generated by golfers during the swing.  TWGT’s MOI matching is based on building each club in the set to require the same amount of effort from the golfer to swing the club to unhinge the wrist-cock angle and release the club to hit the ball.

One of the common questions we hear about MOI matching is the subject of this month’s technical article, “how does swingweight compare to the MOI of an assembled golf club, and vice versa?”  From this come other questions such as, “Does swingweight offer the same weight feel if it is duplicated for different lengths and different total weights in golf clubs?”  In other words, “is D2 at one length and total weight the same as D2 at a different length and different total weight?”  Or, “If D2 is a golfer’s best swingweight, will all clubs built for this same golfer need to be built to the same D2 swingweight?”

To come up with a means to answer the question in a technical manner and illustrate the relationship of swingweight and MOI, TWGT conducted a series of simple exercises to compare the swingweight and the MOI in a series of different drivers.  Drivers were built with 4 different weight shafts at 3 different lengths with 3 different swingweights for each length, with the MOI for each measured.  Below is a table that reveals the MOI for each different example driver.


In this test, please understand we are operating on the basis that the MOI of the assembled clubs is a fair indicator of similar to identical swing feel among the clubs.  We base this premise on not only our experience with golfers and clubs built to MOI, but from feedback we have received from many of the clubmakers who have built MOI matched clubs for many golfers.   Therefore, the above chart information can be taken to show that when drivers of different length and different shaft weight are made to the same swingweight, because their MOI’s are different, the actual swing feel of the drivers will also be different.  In other words, D2 at 46” with a 76 gram shaft will not swing and feel the same as D2 at 45” with a 68 gram shaft.  The same is true for any other comparison of clubs of identical swingweight but different length and different shaft weight.   As playing length and shaft weight both decrease, the MOI also decreases, which has the effect of changing the swing feel of the club as well as changing the force required by the golfer to release the club to impact with the ball.

Next in our test we tackled the question, “if we know that clubs of the same swingweight but different length and shaft weight do not have the same swing feel, what then could be done to the swingweight to allow these clubs of different length and shaft weight to feel closer to the same when they are swung?”

Again, for this answer we turn to the MOI of the test drivers for a possible answer.  Note the data in the following chart:


What the above chart says is that as playing length and shaft weight decrease, to achieve the same swing feel in the club, the swingweight should be increased.  In other words, if you build clubs to swingweight and you are decreasing the length of an existing driver for a golfer or building a new driver for the golfer, as length and shaft weight decrease in the club, the swingweight needs to increase slightly to restore the same swing feel at the longer length and heavier shaft weight.

Finally, as a result of all this work to test assemble drivers to a wide assortment of different lengths and shaft weights, we felt it might also be beneficial to simply share the information gathered for what a;; these different combinations of headweight, shaft weight, grip weight and length came out to be with respect to the swingweight, MOI and total weight.  Or as one Clubmaker told us not too long ago, “there is no such thing as too much technical information about golf clubs!”

Have fun, and of course we welcome any comments or questions you may have either through our CLUBMAKER FORUM or by email at

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Hurlbert more than just a club-maker

Ken Hurlbert, the long-time golf club maker who operates the Golfcraft custom clubs shop in Bakersfield, CA,  went “back in time” a few weeks ago when he competed in the California State Games, a Track and Field meet held in San Diego.

Hurlbert competed in track in college 50 years ago at the University of Redlands and his name still appears on the all-time Top 10 list in the shot put #4, and discus #4. Hurlbert won gold medals in the Masters Division (age 70-74) at the San Diego meet in both the shot and discus, and then threw in the javelin gold medal to boot!

If Hurlbert can still spin and throw on the track, then he probably still makes a sound golf club too. Congrats to Ken from all of us at TWGT for not only providing custom clubs for many years, but to go out at the age of 70-plus and perform at a gold standard!

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