365PF Fairway Woods


Golfers must see and hit Wishon Golf’s all new 365PF fairway woods to experience the versatility and performance of this unique design, not to mention the great look behind the ball too. Progressive profile shape change from the 3 wood to the 9 wood allows each head in the 365PF to match perfectly in size and shape to its loft, while also allowing the 5, 7 and 9 woods to be used as hybrid clubs or conventional length fairway woods. 365PF woods are also manufactured with Wishon Golf’s proprietary bendable hosel to achieve a very wide range in custom lie and face angle fitting options. The unique 420THC steel alloy allows the 365PF woods to demonstrate the highest possible smash factor and COR for an all investment cast wood design. Typically a model has to be made with a separately welded high strength steel face plate to achieve this high of a smash factor. 365PF represents a great shape and look behind the ball with superb distance all in an economically priced investment cast stainless steel design.


  1. Congratulations on the left hand pre order. I have been trying to pre order through the swingmangolf link for the past couple of days without success. Is there any way we can do this through email direct. my email is mnconsulting@outlook.com mike

    • MIKE
      The pre orders for left hand Sterling irons through Jaacob Bowden’s company are being placed through http://www.sterlingirons.com – not through Jaacob’s other teaching oriented website. Thanks very much for your interest,

  2. i am a clubfitter/builder for the last20 yrs.,want to order left-hand single length sterlings,let me know if they will be available.i have many lefty players wanting them

    • MIKE

      Yes, we are about to begin the work to create the tooling dies to manufacture the Sterling iron heads in left hand. The hope is that we might be able to be in stock by late spring to early summer at the worst. Thanks very much for your interest and for your patience with us as we had to see how the right hand model would go from the standpoint of demand before we could pull the trigger on the left hand version.


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