All Bendable Hosel Designs


No other company can offer as wide of a range in custom fitting options for drivers, fairway woods and hybrid clubs as Wishon Golf. With our proprietary bendable hosel engineering technology, Wishon drivers, woods and hybrids can be delivered for custom fitting options in virtually any combination of loft, lie and face angle. A feature that is impossible for any adjustable hosel design.


  1. Hi Tom ! I have (maybe a dumb ) question about golf club design. Wouldnt it
    make a club more forgiving if the COG be moved closer to the hosel?

    • Louis

      No, the only thing that can happen from moving the CG closer to the heel side of the face is to create a slight draw shot pattern for on center hits, and only for players with higher than average clubhead speed who are very good at hitting the center of the face, consistently. Forgivness is all about, 1) the MOI of the head, or, 2) a variable thickness face design. It is possible to very, very slightly increase off center hit forgiveness with putting more weight all around the outer perimeter of the head. Size is the first thing with the larger the head, the more forgiving it will be. BUt in putting more weight all around the perimeter of the head, this could have the additional effect of moving the CG farther back from the face. So a more rear located CG could be indicative of a head with a little more forgiveness. BUt just putting more weight on the back of the head to move the CG farther back in the head would not on its own have that much more effect on forgiveness. Size of the head rules forgiveness first.


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