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No other company can offer as wide of a range in custom fitting options for drivers, fairway woods and hybrid clubs as Wishon Golf. With our proprietary bendable hosel engineering technology, Wishon drivers, woods and hybrids can be delivered for custom fitting options in virtually any combination of loft, lie and face angle. A feature that is impossible for any adjustable hosel design.


  1. Tom, is it possible to bend the 770 CFE irons 2 degrees flatter? Thanks .

  2. Tom, about 15 or more years ago I purchased a set of your irons (steel shafts) and a driver. Thinking about new. What changes have you made in your technology that will help me get the ball in the air in your irons. My driver is still doing great things for me but if new technology for that is available I would be interested as well.

  3. Tom, I am curious as to the long range durability of a bendable hosel? Is there a shelf life with regard to the material memory ( post hosel bend shape) after so many impacts with the ball??

    • KEN:

      Thanks much for your interest and your question. it’s always fun to answer interesting questions like this related to my work. In short, no, there is absolutely no problem with durability of any of the bendable hosel materials we use in our drivers, woods and hybrids (and irons for that matter). first off, the actual amount of movement of the hosels after a bend is extremely small. When you bend a hosel to change lie or face angle even by the max amount of 4*, the hosel is not moving more than a couple of millimeters as a result of the bend. To create enough stress to bring about any level of weakness in the point of the bend would require repeated back and forth bends of more than 40*. And of course that isn’t going to happen.

      On the other thing, it is an outright myth that hosels have a so called “memory” and could move back after bending. Once a hosel is actually bent, is stays bent. Period. Also, impacts do nothing to this, and this is aided because the very bottom of the bore where the tip of the shaft ends up is below the actual point of bend. So the bottom line is this technology is solid and does what it is supposed to do to allow changing of two important fitting specs – lie and face angle.


  4. I’m so excited to hear about this technology. I to am 5’4 with short arms. A now retired golf pro and club builder I had always gotten nervous when bending my new sets of clubs 4-5 degrees as needed. Nice to see a golf company thinking about the shorter golfers out there.

  5. I am 5′ 4″ with short legs, and my irons are all 5 degrees flat. I have always believed I just had to either move my hands up or have a shorter shaft to keep the toe of the fairway woods down.
    I am very interested in your products – especially fairway woods

    • JIM:
      while our normal limit for bending our bendable hosel 919 drivers, 929 woods, 775 hybrids, 771 irons, 560 irons, 575 irons is 4*, we can in special cases accommodate a 5* flat bend because we know how to “encourage” our models to go another degree when necessary. All of our designs are custom fit and built for golfers by independent custom clubmakers. If you would be so kind as to email us at with the name of the town/city in which you live, we would be happy to check our data base to respond to you with the name of a clubmaker with whom you could work to obtain what you need in the custom fit specs that fit you.


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