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Tom Wishon Golf Technology continues to lead the golf equipment industry in the most up to date technical explanations of golf equipment design trends and Clubfitting technology information. No other company offers the depth and breadth of accurate information to dispel marketing myths and offer the truth about modern golf equipment performance. We welcome all who are interested to scan through the topics of golf equipment technical explanations and information available in our video library.

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  1. I am a club builder from the old school (frequency and swing weight matching) and very interested in learning about MOI fitting.


    • Clarence
      Start with reading and studying this information – http://wishongolf.com/clubmakers/matching-golf-clubs-by-moi/ . This’ll tell you what it is, how it is different than swingweight, why it can be better by a little bit for golfers if it is fit correctly for each golfer, and how to explain it to a golfer so he may know enough to have confidence in having his clubs fit and matched to him and his swing in this manner. You can also email us at contact@wishongolf.com and ask us for more hand out information about MOI matching and fitting. We’ll attach that to a return email to you.

      Thanks much,

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