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  1. I have a set of 770 CFE heads available 4-Gap. The 5 and 7 look like they have been hit a few times. The gap wedge is the only one that shows significant signs of use, The others are still in plastic.

    • BOB:

      You should post your offer on our CLUBMAKER FORUM. There you will find more clubmakers who may be looking for a set of the 770CFE irons than who would see your offer here.


  2. looking for a set 770 CFE iron heads or set used or new. thanks Jack

    • JACL

      Sorry to say but since we discontinued the 770s in 2011, all inventory here has been liquidated. The only suggestion we can offer would be to see if there are any sets being offered used on Ebay. Either that or in early May the second generation version of the 770s will be here and in stock. The new 771CSI irons have a similar high COR face design with variable thickness face like the 770s, but the body of the 771 irons is being made from carbon steel, not 17-4 stainless like the 770s, so the 771’s can be bent to a wide range of lie and loft needs for fitting when desired. Also, the soft carbon steel does slightly mute the impact sound from the thin, high strength steel face. The 770s never sounded bad, but they sounded a little different than a normal thick face low COR iron. The 771’s sound more like a forged iron sounds, but with the high COR of the high strength steel face.


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