Shaftlock Connector System

Wishon Golf is pleased to announce the arrival of the SHAFTLOCK Connector System – a new shaft-to-clubhead connector system: a fast and simple tool for testing different shaft and clubhead combinations during your fitting sessions.

Wishon Golf has taken the original Spiralock/YourFit connector system and created an improved and streamlined version.

With full depth penetration to the bottom of the bore, the Shaftlock connector system ensures your test shaft is inserted exactly as it would be when conventionally built.


Using the Wishon Golf SHAFTLOCK Connector System from Wishon Golf on Vimeo.


  • The SHAFTLOCK system will work with all Wishon Golf Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids and Irons.
  • Shafts used do not need a separate connector installed on the shaft tip.
  • The shaft can therefore be used in any head with a SHAFTLOCK installed.
  • Any shaft model can be used with the system, as long as they have a .335” tip for woods or .370” tip for irons.
  • Each head used will need to be bored to take the SHAFTLOCK Hosel Sleeve.
  • The SHAFTLOCK connector system has a total weight of just 7g. With a few grams being removed from the head from drilling the hosel bore, the net weight addition is minimal.(Note: the threaded head may still need to be bored slightly).
  • Customers with heads already tapped to take the original Spiralock/YourFit system can use the Spiralock threaded heads with SHAFTLOCK.
  • PLEASE NOTE: At this time, SHAFTLOCK products are only available to Wishon Golf customers on a pre-order basis.


A Message from Tom Wishon about the SHAFTLOCK Connector System

On explaining the new SHAFTLOCK connector system, Wishon Golf founder Tom Wishon told clubfitters, “We think we have the best of all worlds with this brand new SHAFTLOCK connector system. We have kept all the good bits from the previous Spiralock/YourFit connector system and eliminated any of the problem areas. It is also less expensive than the Spiralock/YourFit system.

“The entire SHAFTLOCK connector system of cap and threaded sleeve is only seven grams. It is not going to create any problems making the test swing weights higher than you want them to be when testing different shafts and heads.

“Testing of the new SHAFTLOCK connector system has been done with clubhead speeds of up to 110mph which should suffice for test fitting the vast majority of your golfers.

“This is one more opportunity to allow you to test fit your golfers with different combinations of shafts and clubheads that you recommend for them in your custom fitting analysis.”


SHAFTLOCK Connector System from Wishon Golf on Vimeo.


SHAFTLOCK Installation Process

Detailed installation instructions will be supplied with each SHAFTLOCK Connector Hosel Sleeve. When installing we strongly recommend that clubmakers follow the instructions provided. Here is a simple run through of the process:

1.     Drill/Ream the hosel of your chosen clubhead using a drill press

2.     Epoxy the SHAFTLOCK sleeve into the hosel bore

3.     Lightly abrade shafts to be used (Steel or Graphite)

4.     Slip the Top Cap over the tip end of the shaft

5.     Insert the shaft fully to the bottom of the hosel bore

6.     Tighten the Top Cap using a 5/8″ wrench.

To swap in a different shaft in less than 20 seconds, simply undo the Top Cap, switch shafts and tighten  the Top Cap again.


SHAFTLOCK Installation Service – FREE OF CHARGE


As part of the service to help Wishon clubmakers provide a full Wishon demo set-up, we are offering FREE of charge installation of the SHAFTLOCK connector to any head ordered as a demo.

Furthermore, demo heads will receive a 20% discount from the list price. PLUS – for each demo head ordered we’ll also discount one shaft and grip per demo head ordered by 20%.

Clubmakers may fit their own SHAFTLOCK connectors but we do advise that great care is taken in doing so. Full instructions are provided with each SHAFTLOCK connector and we strongly advise that clubmakers follow these instructions.




Each head used for installing the SHAFTLOCK hosel sleeve will need to have the hosel bore widened. This can be done with regular drill bits or reamers and we recommend step drilling to the required bore diameters: –

Inside Bore diameter required for woods is .400”

Inside Bore diameter required for irons is .432”

During the process of developing the SHAFTLOCK system, we have found a toolmaker who has the capability to make a special drill bit which we have found to be perfect for boring Wishon heads. This special drill bit (known as a Carbide Endmill) should be used without drilling oil.

These specially made Carbide Endmills do not come cheap but they are easily the best we have ever used – and that comes from 40 years of searching for better solutions.

.400” Drill Bit for Woods (#TWSL-DB400)

.432” Drill Bit for Irons (#TWSL-DB432)

Note: we are also soon to add a third Carbide Endmill drill bit to our range of products in 2018. This drill bit will be specifically for boring to a parallel .370 hosel. Ideal for clubmakers wishing to convert a tapered iron hosel to parallel, or for changing the Wishon Hybrid hosels with a .335 bore.

Contact Us about SHAFTLOCK

For further information including pricing about SHAFTLOCK please contact Diamond Golf International.

– UK (FREEPHONE): 0800 083 7388

– USA (TOLLFREE): 844-552-3437

– CANADA (TOLLFREE): +1 844-552-3437

– INTERNATIONAL: +44 1903 726999