The Search for the Perfect Golf Club

First in Tom Wishon’s series of books about the performance of golf clubs, The Search for the Perfect Golf Club has qualified as a best seller and was the winner of the Book of the Year from the Prestigious International Network of GolfThe book shatters countless myths to deliver the facts about all areas of golf club performance in an oft-humorous but very understandable manner.  if you want to know the truth about how golf clubs work and sometimes don’t work for you, The Search for the Perfect Golf Club is a must read.   (288 pages / soft cover) 


The Search for the Perfect Driver

Second in Tom Wishon’s Search series of books about golf equipment, The Search for the Perfect Driver explains everything in laymen’s terms any golfer needs to know about the performance, fitting and selection of the often times most frustrating club in the bag.  The book is written in a full conversational style between Tom Wishon and two golfers of different abilities as Tom speaks to the golfers to guide them in making the best driver selection for their games.  The Search for the Perfect Driver also won the Book of the Year award from the International Network of Golf, allowing Tom Wishon to garner back to back awards for his writing in golf.  


The Right Sticks: Equipment Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game

The Right Sticks sets the record straight about 40 different myths related to golf clubs, clubheads, shafts, their design and their performance.  With each Myth explanation covering no more than 4 to 5 pages, The Right Sticks is a very easy to read book through which the reader can jump from topic to topic to learn more about the true performance of golf clubs. In a golf market heavily influenced by marketing, The Right Sticks clears the air and offers the truth about golf club performance to allow golfers to make far better informed buying decisions for their golf clubs. 


12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game

12 Myths is an inexpensive 32-page booklet of key excerpts from the book, The Search for the Perfect Golf Club.  The booklet addresses and shatters 12 of the greatest myths and misconceptions about the performance of golf clubs.  If you’ve ever believed. . . .

The Longer My Driver is, the Farther I will Hit the Ball. . .

The Lower the Loft on my Driver, the Farther I will Hit the Ball. . .

The Bigger the Size of my Driver Head, the Better it is. . .

Custom Fit Golf Clubs are Only for Good Golfers. . .

The 12 Myths booklet will set the record straight with oft-humous, completely factual explanations which will get golfers on the right track toward making better informed buying decisions about their golf clubs.   


12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game – Audio CD

Tom Wishon’s 32 page 12 Myths booklet of key points from his book, The Search for the Perfect Golf Club, is also available on audio CD making it easy to hear the facts about golf club performance while you drive to work or sit and relax in your easy chair.


Common Sense Clubfitting Book

TWGT’s knowledge and experience in clubfitting technology and golf club performance is available to all clubmakers in this book, Common Sense Clubfitting: The Wishon Method.

Nowhere in the golf industry will you find the depth of technical information on clubfitting technology than in this book, Common Sense Clubfitting. If you are serious about being the best clubfitter you can be, if you wish to ensure the highest level of success in your clubfitting, this book must become the primary focus of your study.


The Custom Clubfitter Business Primer – How to Run a Successful Custom Clubmaking and Clubfitting Business

Rarely has there been a collection of specific information to guide clubmakers in the multiple tasks of how to operate and grow a clubmaking and fitting business.   Now there is!   This new book a wonderful resource of information for clubmakers who wish to increase their business!

The book is a must read for any Clubmaker who has been looking for the answers for how to sell more custom fit golf clubs and increase their business.

Written by veteran Clubmaker Roy Nix of McNix Golf in Columbus, Georgia, the book is the culmination of everything Roy and many other successful clubmakers Roy communicates with over the years have learned along the way to building their clubmaking and clubfitting ventures into a successful business.


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