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In a recent Post, we told you that Tom Wishon Golf Technology would be stepping up efforts to help you, the professional clubfitter and clubmaker, drive more golf consumers to your shops and stores.

We’re already off and running.

Just a few days ago, we posted to the Wishon Golf website a TV-style, two-minute commercial advertisement that outlines, in plain language, why buying off-the-rack golf clubs from a major brand manufacturer is one of the worst mistakes a novice, average or proficient golfer can make.

The advertisement also underscores, in no uncertain terms, why professional clubfitting is vital to anyone who hopes to play golf to the best of their ability and enjoy the game more fully.

We’re excited about this informative advertisement, which can be viewed by clicking below.


As you will discover, the advertisement is available in a variety of digital formats—web, smartphone, tablet and email—that will allow you to download and use it in your marketing efforts as well. Please do so, with my compliments. Click here to go to the download page.

In fact, you are invited to use any of our videos, photographs, logos, copywriting, etc. to help you sell your clubfitting and clubmaking services. We are, after all, partners in this effort. Together, we will continue to hammer home the fact that professional clubfitting and Wishon Golf club components are a far better consumer solution than buying big-brand-name clubs off the rack.

Need help with downloading our videos and logos, or helping you find and invite golfers to your clubfitting shop? Call us! We’ll be glad to offer proven advice on how you can do just that. And for more about helping you sell your clubfitting

Thank you for your continued support and we’ll keep you apprised of our renewed efforts to help increase your business.



  1. Recently purchased Wilson staff V2 irons with KBS stiff shafts. Previous set I had were the Wilson Staff FG tour irons with DG S300. Have noticed in the PW 9 8 7 6 5 irons 8-10 yards in length shorter than previous set. Never hit KBS before but thinking of going to a heavier KBS C taper shaft in stiff or X stiff. I hit a PW 47 degree approx 145 with the DG S 300 shafts and with KBS about 138. I just want the ballflite to come down a bit…any thoughts?

    • Neil
      It is so difficult to comment with surety on something like this because there are several elements in different club models that can affect the distance a golfer would hit the clubs in comparison with each other. Without having both club models to be able to measure and compare all of these specifications, it can only be a guess as to what might be causing the distance drop.

      First is to compare the lofts of same number irons in both sets. No matter what the design specs of each model may be for the lofts, due to +/- tolerances in the production of ALL clubheads, the lofts very well may be different between the two models. Length is another thing to compare that can affect shot distance. Also the vertical Center of Gravity position between the two. If the V2 has a lower CG than the FG, that too can bring about the higher flight and shorter distance. Combine that with any loft differences that may be there and the effect is compounded.

      You did not say which KBS shaft is in the V2 – if that particular shaft is measurably stiffer than the DG’s that is another factor that could be at play affecting shot distance. As well, the combination of total weight and swingweight in the two models could be an additional factor. So as I said, without having the two models to very specifically and in an orderly manner, check and compare all specs of both models, all we can do is offer some guesses as an evaluation.


  2. Length of club discussion? The measurement is with all components installed – and from tip of grip in a straight line to the HEEL of the club…..right?

    • Robert:
      In the absence of having the proper length measurement equipment, the way it can be accurately measured is to have a 48″ ruler. Sole the club on a hard surface floor so the CENTER of the sole of the head is touching the floor. While holding the club in this position, slide the 48″ ruler up behind the shaft so the 0 point on the ruler is on the floor and the ruler is touching the back of the shaft. length is then measured from the floor up to the top edge of the end of the grip.


  3. Do you believe in the Pureing of Clubs? If yes or no please explain.

    • JEFF:
      Back in 1996 I was the guy the SST PURE company asked to verify if what they had discovered had merit or not. Back then, no companies knew that normal production procedures in shaft mfg could cause their shafts to demonstrate asymmetrical bending properties during a shot. So there were a LOT of shafts which could, if installed in the wrong position, result in a shaft induced miss hit of a shot. Since that time, most all the quality shaft makers now institute a check inspection of all their shafts to greatly reduce the chance of this happening. So in using shafts made by companies who have a strong technical reputation for quality, it’s pretty unlikely one would encounter miss hits that come strictly from an asymmetrical property of the shaft. As such PUREing exists as an insurance policy so to speak to take a 98% chance the shafts are just fine and put that at 100% for golfers who may worry about this sort of thing and can’t get that worry out of their heads.


  4. The blog is great and I am learning more and more about “proper fitting” with each and every read (now I just need to save enough money to get fit for a full Wishon bag).

    There has been much talk regarding driver length and I agree with Mr. Wishon, that OEM drivers are ridiculously long, most likely as a marketing gimmick as they cannot achieve annual distance increases through technology, only through smoke & mirrors.

    My question is when Mr. Wishon speaks to driver length, is he speaking of shaft length or total lenght including clubhead and grip. I am quite confused and cannot seem to find the answer.

    I appreciate what you guys do with respect to the game and the education of the players that love it. I have shared so many things with my friends about the facts learned on the site, and they are now believers as well. It would be cool to see my regular foursome outfitted exclusively in Wishon sticks.

    I thank you in advance for your reply.


    • JASEN

      Happy to help and always willing to do so. When we speak about driver length we are talking about the length of the full driver club with head and grip. In fitting that is the only parameter of length that is appropriate to matching to the golfer’s swing characteristics and ability to determine his best length. And thanks so much for your support – we’re just trying to offer the facts as they are about how golf clubs can be fit and made to help golfers get the most from what they bring to the first tee.


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