Giant Niblick

Giant Niblick Sand Wedge

Discontinued Model

A Unique Design For Fun – But Also for Full Game Improvement Playability

Proving that TWGT can push the envelope and think completely outside the box when it comes to clubhead design, the hugely oversize Giant Niblick is a sand wedge designed to be fully playable as well as a definite conversation piece. The Giant Niblick is truly a unique design that when any golfer sees it, will elicit an “I have to have one of these” response!


  • Almost Three Times the Size of a Conventional Sand Wedge, the Giant Niblick is designed to be a playable sand wedge to blast the ball out of any bunker.
  • Precision investment cast from high grade 6061 aluminum, with fully CNC engraved scorelines.  Produced with pre-2010 USGA rule scorelines.
  • Ultra-Wide Sole Fully Radiused with 2° bounce sole angle matched to the ultra-wide sole to be completely playable from sand or tall grass.  Low bounce + wide sole plays like a medium sole width with traditional 10-12° bounce.
  • 58° loft combines with large head design size to play like a traditional 56° loft sand wedge.
  • Designed for fun, or for any golfer searching for consistency in getting the ball out of the sand – just address the face square to the ball and swing completely through and the ball always comes out of the sand!
  • Finished in bright satin polish with clear anodized finish with glass bead blast highlights.
  • Available in RH only, 58° loft, 0.370″ bore and shipped with matching ferrule.

Ratings and Reviews

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Giant Niblick, 4.2 out of 5 based on 10 ratings


  1. Is this club the giant niblick usga conforming? I have one.

    • ROGER

      I never did send the GIANT NIBLICK in to the USGA for an official conformity ruling so in strict technical terms, because it was not submitted for a ruling, it is considered to be conforming unless otherwise found specifically by the USGA to be non conforming. Then there is the practical side of this – because the USGA maintains a conformity data base for irons and wedges on their website, some tournament officials who wish to check all players’ irons/wedges do have the right to check that data base and if a player’s club(s) are not on it as conforming, they could make a local ruling to say you can’t use the wedge in competition. It’s sort of a screwed up way the USGA does all this but since they are in control of the rules, that is the way it is.


    • Do you want to sell the giant niblick? Did you use it or is it still new? Email me at

  2. I used to have one these sand wedges, or at least similar to it. The wedge was stolen during a garage sale. I have been looking for one ever since. Can you help me in obtaining another one.

    • ROY

      Well that’s too bad your GN disappeared. That really was one of the more fun projects I worked on in my career. Actually the first version of it came out way back in the late 80s, and then about 5-6 yrs ago I decided to re do it. But in this second go round, it seems not nearly as many golfers viewed it as a truly playable golf club – most saw it as a novelty and passed on it so we had to discontinue it 2 yrs after we had re introduced it. Which means all the leftover inventory was liquidated and is now gone. Only thing I can suggest is to search on Ebay to see if you can find one.

  3. Found GN Wedge on EBay and purchased..wanted to know if there were any instructional videos that would help in getting started with this unusual wedge? Thx. Steve

    • Steven:

      We did not put forth any videos about the Giant Niblick wedge, but in our catalogs during the years we offered the model, we did offer some guidelines for the clubmakers to pass on to the golfers who decided to use this wedge. The main thing is to not open the face to hit a sand shot – just address the ball with the face square to your target and be sure to swing through the sand as much as you can to finish with your hands higher in the follow through. Because the sole is so wide, even though I designed the sole with less bounce due to the wider sole, if you open up the face as is typical with normal sand wedges, you would increase the effective bounce way too much and cause a situation where the sole could be more difficult to clear through the sand. So just address the sand shot with the face square and swing fully through the shot.

  4. Searching for the answer to my I my inability to consistently get the ball out of the trap.Saw the giant niblick and it’s ungainly size evoked confidence that I was unable to achieve with a standard sand wedge. Need your help.

    Steven Harris

    • Steven:

      May I ask – is your request for help based on you needing to find a Giant Niblick wedge after having seen it in a photo or such? Or do you have the Giant NIblick wedge and have some other question about it? At any rate, we did close out this model last year so we do not have any of the GN heads at our company anymore. Which means if you are hunting for one, about the only thing I can suggest is to hunt on Ebay or you can come to our CLubmaker Forum through our website – – register and then post a question asking if anyone else has one in their shop that they could part with. Let me know how we can help otherwise if this is not related to your question.


  5. where do i buy one

    • MARK:

      If you head to the FIND A CLUBFITTER Locator on the middle of our home page at, put in your town/city/state and see if there is a clubfitter in reasonable proximity to where you live. If so, he can fit and build one of the Giant Niblicks for you (as well as any of our other stunning performance designs !!!! ). If there is no clubfitter close enough to you to be convenient, send us an email at and we can work with you.


  6. I use my SW for approach shots from the fairway as well. How does this perform in the short grass?

    • JAMES

      because the Giant Niblick’s wide sole is designed with a very small amount of bounce sole angle, it is playable for sure from grassy lies from fairway trimmed length to rough. However, because the sole is much wider, even with the very low bounce sole angle, if the golfer has a habit to swing more steeply down to the ball, that trailing edge of that wide, low bounce sole can “bounce” from shots hit off very thin turf. But if the golfer is more normal with only a slight -3 to -5* downward angle of attack into the ball, it will play fine from short mown grass. But yes, the primary use of the Giant Niblick is for sand and very much so for golfers who have had a tendency to dig a little too deep under the ball from the sand.


  7. How much is an original 1988 giant niblick worth

    • Danielle:

      Well, that original Giant Niblick might have some sentimental value, but in terms of monetary value, I am afraid that it would not carry much of that type of value! It was too different of a club – it still is with the modern version – and as such not very many golfers view it as being worth very much. But in certain circumstances such as fluffy, deep sand or if the golfer has a chronic case of digging too deep under the ball in the sand, both the older and current versions of the Giant Niblick can bring about some amazing results.


  8. I got a giant niblick s w pal Joey when was this one made can you help me? Thank you ,kirk

    • Kirk
      That original Giant Niblick was done by me in 1988 when I was running Dynacraft Golf Products from 1986 to 1993. Pal Joey Golf was a sister company of Dynacraft back then. Pal Joey would take some of the head models I designed for Dynacraft for their product line but we would put their name/logo on the heads for their use. So it was 1988-89 when that original Giant Niblick was done.


  9. Customer feedback was excellent. Greatly improved his sand play.

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