Wishon’s collection of quality putter designs…


    • Open Cavity Design in each putter alows higher MOI for superb off centre hit performance

    • Three Mallet style designs with different alignment aid options to fit a wide range of golfers
    • The Cavity Black Heel/Toe model is oversize for easier alignment and higher MOI
    • Black Oxide finish with striking red and bead blast highlights
    • All models available in RH; Models 1 and 3 are available in LH
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3 months ago

Update – I built a CB-3 for myself with a KBS CT Tour shaft and Golf Pride Pro Only Blue grip. I tested it on the putting green and it was incredible! Solid on both lag and short putts. On the course it could not have performed better. As a clubmaker I’m used to playing great Putters. My normal putter is a LAB DF2.1 so the CB-3 had a high bar to challenge. Based on its performance I highly recommend the Wishon CB-3 design.

3 months ago

I have proudly sold the Wishon line to my customers for almost 10 years. The assortment of head designs provide excellent fits for any of my customers. Recently I added the Cavity Black putter line. I love their 355+ gram weighting! If a customer wants a lower swing weight they can easily be counterweighted. In most fittings I install the tour proven KBS CT Tour 120 gram shafts. My only criticism is on the center line of the CB3. The red line is not very visible as opposed to the White/Red/White center lines on the CB4. IMO I would change… Read more »

3 months ago
Reply to  Brian Torney

Hi Brian.

Glad to hear this and many thanks for your feedback – we will take this onboard about the Cavity Blacks.


Michael Fermino
1 year ago

Tom how is the feel and sound off the face of the TWCB-4.I,ve read online that a 17-4 metal can feel as soft as carbon steel if it,s made a certain way is that true and does it apply to your cavity blacks.I like the name it,s nice

Michael Fermino
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Wishon

Tom thanks for your response but I meant was a comparison between a 17-4 face as opposed to 304 steel face.

Michael Fermino
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Wishon

Thanks Tom Now I really feel good about the TWCB-4 my wife is putting in my sock it will be the bong with my brushed FST shaft and my Lamkin midsize black and red grip.At 72 I still get happy headed about gaming a TW component thanks for all your great work over the years and merry Christmas and I know 2021 will be a better year than 2020 with a vaccine God bless us all.

1 year ago

I just got fitted for the CB-1 and what a great feel in this putter. It is a bit heavier than I’m used to so I am learning to slow down my stroke a bit. But once I get it right the roll is amazing!
Thanks for another great design Tom!
Ps. The putter looks great and has a premium feeling as well.

1 year ago

Hey Tom,

the putter face of my smooth series model 5 is pretty worn out. Since I am from Germany, is there any way to get some work done on it?

John Marcelli
1 year ago

Tom, I play all Wishon clubs and have a Smooth series mallet putter that needs to be replace due to nicks in the face of putter. What are the major changes in the cavity black series vs the smooth? I am intrigued by some of the “marketing hype” around new-inserts and shafts from the big boys, could you please bring me back to reality on why I should be blocking out the marketing hype and sticking with Wishon putters.