A classic players’ shape with CG position designed to shape the ball with more precision


    • New 415cc swept back head shape profile with more forward and slightly higher CG to enhance ability to work the ball in a trajectory that is more commensurate with a penetrating, lower spin shot pattern
    • All 519SHPR drivers undergo six separate face thickness QC check during production to ensure the most consistent and highest CT and smash factor
    • The front sole area of the 519SHPR is designed with less face to back radius to allow easier measurement of head specifications for fitting accuracy
    • Finished in all Black Oxide with Cool Matte Black Crown. Available in RH in 9° and 11°.

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Doug Downey

Would the 919 make a great head for Longball competition?


I designed the 919THI driver heads so they would have a high clubhead speed ceiling of 125mph. THey’ll likely be fine at a few mph over that but not much. To me, designing a head so it could survive at 130-135, 140+mph makes it not perform as well for the many millions with clubhead speeds way under that. So no, if the long driver were up over 125mph I would not recommend using one of the 919’s.



Hi Tom, I am enamored my your new design. If I would like to add hotmelt to the inside section of the crown, do you think it would be acceptable to create a port on the sole of the club. My thinking is a traditional sized port to provide direct access to the crown.

Thank you!

BEN I am not a fan of drilling holes of any sort through any outer surface of a driver or wood head other than the sole. And even then if you do that to inject sticky glue, you have a heck of a time trying to cover that hole permanently in a way that won’t eventually cause a rattle inside the head. Holes on the crown or sides, no way. Best access to our heads for sticky glue injection would be through the bottom of the hosel weight bore. In all my driver, wood, hybrid heads with hosel weight bores,… Read more »

David Silkroski

Might a 13.5 or higher loft be contemplated for those of us over 70 that need the higher loft. Or do I work with custom select to get up to a 12 degree loft

DAVID Even in the 919THI driver model, we started with the introduction of the 9* and 11* models and then waited to see if the demand would be enough to merit being able to expand the loft models. Same thing with the 519. We’ll watch how they go as the season unfolds this year and if it looks like the model is doing well with the 9 and 11 models, then we would do the 13 next. Until then, it would be possible to ask for a hand select from the 11* models to see if one at 12* could… Read more »

Bob Barbieri

Hi Tom, Can the head be bent to a higher loft, say 13 degrees?

BOB It is a very very confusing matter to explain this because there is SO MUCH MISINFORMATION out there which clouds this matter a lot. You cannot bend loft on a driver or wood as long as you sole the head in the address position. If you rest the driver/wood on the ground as part of your address position moves, the bend of the hosel toward or away from the target will change the face angle NOT THE LOFT. ONLY if you hover the club off the ground while ALWAYS holding the face square to the target line will a… Read more »


Tom if I was to build your new 519 driver in a shorter length 43” with your black shaft, would the 85g or 65g be a better choice? My swing is much more aggressive and repeatable using your old inerflexx 70g on a 929 4W at 42” Which I hit well on tee. I just want what everyone wants more distance and the best forgiveness off the tee. Really excited on the face thickness that will help on off center strikes.
Hope your holiday season is grand, and can’t wait for new surprises in 2020 TW line. Happy New Year.

GARY Being able to recommend a difference of 20g in the weight of a wood shaft is very difficult to do with any level of precision through long distance. A 20g weight difference in a shaft can very easily be “hidden” to a golfer by how the swingweight is made in the club. Build the 65g club with a little higher than avg swingweight and the presence of a little heavier head weight feel will hide the fact the shaft is 20g lighter than a club with an 85g shaft that has a more normal swingweight. Typically the way the… Read more »


It’s hard to tell in the picture, but does this new driver have a deep elliptical
shaped face, somewhat like the old 959OL model?


From a straight on view, the face profile outline of the 519 is very slightly more elliptical shaped than the 919, but not by all that much more. The face height is 54mm and the toe to heel face profile width is 103mm.


Larry GAbe

Will a left hand model be avaiable?

LARRY Thanks very much for your interest. As with every clubhead model I design, we have to wait until we see the level of demand and popularity for the model when it begins selling in right hand before we can make the decision to invest in the tooling and inventory to do the model in left hand. Over the course of my 33 yrs as a clubhead designer, never have I seen a left hand version of a model have more than 8% of the demand it has in right hand. I hate that because it puts the decision squarely… Read more »


Hello Tom,

When will this head be available to be ordered from Diamond Golf? Look like forward to test it out =)


Yes, ever since late 2016 when I decided to semi retire, Diamond Golf handles all the inventory and distribution worldwide for all of my product designs. They have the 519SHPR driver heads in stock now. Thanks much and hope all is well with you these days!

I have been around you long before you became Wishon Golf. I have always appreciated the way you go about designing heads. You are one of the primary reasons I started in club repair and custom club making. This new design, the 519 head, was the way I figured the next move would be. I was hoping for something a little smaller to see what the effect would be. Getting older, bigger is not always better. Thank you for staying active in clubhead design even as you are retiring.

Ed Paine PGA
Wenatchee, Washington

ED Thanks so much for your interest and your support over the years of what I have tried to do with my work and my design efforts. I really do appreciate that because it is so easy to be overwhelmed by the big marketing campaigns of the big companies and to miss what I keep trying to do in my work. Thanks so much for that and yes, with golf club design and technology so much a part of my life, there’s no way I can bow out of continuing to keep thinking of ways to help golfers enjoy this… Read more »

Cal Mickelson

Is the MOI of this driver more or less than the 919thi driver? Is the MOI at the legal limit or much lower?

CAL The MOI of the 519 is lower than the 919 because you just can’t do otherwise when you decide to design a new driver head that is smaller in overall size and volume than the 919. There are no driver heads that will reach the USGA’s limit for MOI Izz of 5,900 g-cm2. In fact there was only one in the history of the industry that did that and the only way it was able to reach an MOI of 5900 was by making the head square in shape AND by making the head so heavy that at the… Read more »


What a great looking driver! Can’t wait to go test it with Hans Agardh in Sweden this spring.
I was ready to get the 919 but now I have to test them both one-on-one!

Thanks so much for your comment here!! We appreciate your interest very much. Absolutely for sure, Hans can help you with your fitting needs and will do a very, very good job in the fitting analysis for what specs you need. I’ve known and worked with Hans and his partner Peter for many years and have been over to Sweden numerous times to teach clubfitting seminars so I know their skills and knowledge are first rate. Thanks again and the best to you in this great game,


Yes Hans is very good! He has already made a Junior Pro set to my son who’s almost 11 and 26 hcp. I was wondering when it’s time for him to change to another set of Wishon. Is it depending on swing speed or maybe something else.
And which iron set and driver is the next step for him in your opinion?
Of course he wants the 575mmc blades…:)
And please let me know next time you visit Sweden. It would be an honor to meet you in person and maybe play some holes?

JOHAN In truth, Hans would be the best judge of whether your son is ready to move on into an adult clubhead model for his golf clubs than I would be by email. That decision is based on your son’s current size, strength and level of interest in the game. I can’t know that from here. All of the “adult” clubhead models are of normal head weight and heavier than the Future Pro heads so a part of the decision has to do with how well your son could adapt to clubs that are heavier. Hans would know that from… Read more »


This looks like a great fairway finder built to a shorter length? Or maybe the lower Trajectory/Spin is for the better player only? Either way congrats on a great looking driver.


JoeWillie Thanks so much for your kind words. The 519 is just an alternative to the 919 for players who might prefer a slightly smaller size head. The more forward CG and its effect on trajectory and spin is just an option against the slightly more rear located Cg of the 919 but it does not have to be thought of as being only for the better player. As long as the loft and face angle options in the 519 fit you, the rest of the fitting specs for length, shaft, weighting, grip complete the story for how well it… Read more »


Tom, With the smaller head size are you recommending a shaft shorter than 44 inches? Biggest difference between the old 919ccc 380cc and the new 519shpr is the movement from back to front and a much hotter face?

No, length has nothing to do with head size or anything to do with any design or performance elements of a driver head model. Length is all about the golfer’s swing characteristics and playing needs in a driver. Once a golfer finds his best length for consistency and on center contact, that length should be the same for any future driver the golfer ever uses. I would say your assessment from the old 380cc head to the modern 519 is fair about the CG position and the face design.

Thanks again for your interest,

David Silkroski

Any chance of 13 or 13.5 loft in the future? Higher is better for an old guy like me 🙂

DAVID Through the hand select program and the usual +/-1* tolerances in production, it may be possible for Diamond Golf to hand sort and measure the inventory to find a head at 12* loft. But whether we can tool up to offer an actual 13 to 13.5 depends on the reception the 519 gets from the clubmakers and their market. Adding on model options that knowingly have a little less demand than the 9 or 11 loft models simply requires enough demand to merit the investment in the tooling dies and production inventory. That’s the cold, hard part of clubhead… Read more »