The uniquely innovative 309HCG wedges draw upon the proven science of vertical gear effect to achieve an increase in backspin.  Experienced clubmakers are aware that impact below the CG (Centre of Gravity) with a driver increases backspin due to the principle of the vertical gear effect.  

Wishon Golf has employed this lesser known principle of clubhead dynamics to create an all new family of wedges that deliver enhanced backspin by moving mass higher on the head to position the CG above the typical point of impact on the face.  Impact below the CG causes the head to rotate slightly forward which causes the ball to roll up the face to offer a slight increase in backspin over the normal reaction of the ball to the friction of the areas between scorelines.  Adding to the spin enhancing weight distribution on the 309HCG wedges is the R&A/USGA legal milled face. 

  • More mass high on the head raises the CG to create a vertical gear effect on normal impacts to augment the amount of backspin.  
  • R&A/USGA legal milled face augments the effect of the higher CG to enhance backspin.   
  • Available in 50°, 55°, 60° lofts in the traditional sole width version as well as a 55° wide sole model for additional game improvement help from the sand and tall grass.   
  • Designed with zero bounce heel to prevent raising the leading edge when the face is rolled open to reduce the chance of blading/skulling the ball from tight lies.  
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Jim Hoover
1 month ago


This may be a totally impossible thing to do, but would it be possible to do toe grinds on the SW of 18g and LW of 22g to get head weight down to 278g to match a EQ1-NX single length set with that head weight? I realize it will move CG toward the hosel but not sure how much it would change the club performance. Not to mention affecting the appearance. This is just something that I was thinking of trying. Just to see if I could do it.

1 month ago
Reply to  Jim Hoover

JIM Trying to take more than 20g off the 309 SW and LW to get them down to single length weight would really be difficult to do without visibly changing the shape and sole of the wedges. The preferred area to remove weight from a wedge in the first place is from the sole and then the back, never from the toe, because the toe area is pretty thin. You’d totally change the profile of the shape by taking even 5g off the toe area of the head. THen too, on the sole, you could get 10g off the sole… Read more »

Rex Ryan
2 months ago

Tom, I have a shallow of attack and need advice for choosing between the 309-55 and 309-55-WS. Also can you give any information as to how the new wedges to follow will differ between the 309 series. Thanks.

2 months ago
Reply to  Rex Ryan

REX I don’t view the sole width as being a decision point for a more shallow entry to impact. Now if you were more steep, then I would say the wider sole would be a little better. So for you, I would see the decider being how well you keep the clubhead moving through impact and especially how well you do this or not in sand. If you ever have any tendency to leave the ball in the sand, I would go with the wider sole version. The 310 would be better for players who like to play more of… Read more »

Bill Posters
2 months ago

Tom, I have your previous Wide Sole Wedge but prefer this new one. From the pictures I can’t see the face milling being circular. Is it similar to your previous model or has it been redesiged to be more effective and are there any other design changes to improve performance. Thanks.

2 months ago
Reply to  Bill Posters

BILL Thank you, I appreciate that you like the new 309 wide sole. I did too when I was shaping the head and the sole!! The face milling is circular and it is within the USGA’s very strict specs for how rough the milling can be. They police this at 0.1mm from the peak to the trough of between milling lines, so that is pretty faint. In all honesty, if you can lay your hands on one of the old PCF Micro wedges that were milled face, they slid through with rougher milling than what is allowed these days. But… Read more »

Bill Posters
2 months ago
Reply to  Tom Wishon

Tom, thanks. Although I am good for wedges (this widesole keeps coming to mind) this wedge seems a good fit with the new 585PC irons- you have winners with both!!