Thin Face, High COR, Variable Thickness Face in a Carbon Steel Body to Offer a Wide Range in Lie and Loft Bending for Custom Fitting


  • High 0.830 COR face design offers the most distance for all golfers
  • CNC Machined Variable Thickness Face delivers superb off-center hit forgiveness
  • Head body material is 1020C carbon steel to allow clubmakers to perform a wide range in loft and lie bending – previously all high COR thin face designs had to be mounted in a 17-4 stainless body, which limited loft and lie fitting options
  • Conventional Head Size and Shape means a wider range of golfers will like the 771CSI design
  • Fully Radiused Sole Design with Rounded Leading Edge offers golfers the best playability from all types of grass as well as from the rough
  • Available in RH & LH in  #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, (AW RH only) in bright satin NiCr electroplated finish

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Claire McMaster

Hi Tom, I’ve seriously been considering getting a set of Wishon 771CSI irons custom fit by Paul Larson at High Plains Golf in Pincher Creek, Alberta Canada. I’ve never really calculated my exact handicap but I typically shoot anywhere from a 45 to 55 (depending on the day) on our local 9-hole, Par 37 course. So like a 90 to 110 on 18 holes roughly. I currently play PING G5 17-4 cast irons, 4-PW, steel, stiff flex with a blue dot (which I arrived at via their web fitting color code process about 10 years ago). They had standard grips… Read more »

Hi Tom, considering purchasing a set of these fine irons or perhaps another similar set. I know personally Kevin Redfern from Pinner GC who is a renowned golf club fitter and is only a mile or so from my home. I currently play with Ping G’s. My question is, being a small guy playing off 6 handicap I don’t like heavy headed irons. What are the lightest irons in the Wishon range?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi Tom, I was fitted for 771CSI irons and 775HS hybrids 6 years ago and I’ve been extremely happy with them. After lots of use, they’re starting to show lots of wear and tear. I want to renew and get fit again either this season or the next. I’ve lost a bit of speed and consistency with age. I’m fine with getting 771CSI/775HS again but I’m curious if there are any successors planned? The hollow design of the EQ-1 irons sounds good but the single length setup doesn’t suit me. A few of the big brands have titanium alloy irons/taylormade,… Read more »


Hello Tom, 3 years ago I was fitted for a set 771 CSI irons and have enjoyed them very much. Recently, I got the impulse to buy another set of irons because they were “the best” according to all the reviews and hype. They were “fitted” to me online and I got a great price on them. When they arrived I was stoked to get to the range and do some comparisons against the 771’s. I fully expected to be blown away by the incredible distance and soft feel. Well, in total honesty and without a doubt, the fit, the… Read more »


Hello Tom,
I plan to work with Arnaud Maurin (Bordeaux – France) today I have Ping Anser 2011 with PX5.0 and I want to find more powerful and tolerant irons … I am 1.90 cm (sorry for my English I am French) and am left-handed.

What do you think of Mr Maurin?
and do the 771 csi match my needs with carbon shafts? (my speed is 86).

Thank you in advance for your return.



Hi Tom. I was fitted by Tim Mosel about two years ago for a full set but did not get new irons as Tim said my current ones were ok. I did get new woods and hybrids and one 771CSI 8 iron to replace my broken 8 iron. My irons are now 10 years old and want to replace them. Do you think I need to get refitted after two years or just have Tim make them based upon my fitting two years ago?

Thanks for the input.

Peter Maher

Hi Tom, I just wanted you leave a comment concerning my recent fitting and purchase of the 771 CSI irons from Jeff Hatton in Marlow, England I made an appointment with Jeff following recommendation from two friends who had already experienced his quality service. I had previously bought a set of ‘fitted’ OEM irons from PGA Pro working in a retail outlet. After a few months playing with them my game and confidence were rock bottom. They just didn’t feel right. I never felt like a Jeff was ‘pushing’ me towards buying a new set. We merely discussed all options.… Read more »

Paul Fox

Uk Wishon club fitters?


Hi Tom, What is the most forgiving irons you make with the least amount of offset.


Hi Tom, I just had a fitting with Tim Mosel, who was terrific. I’m a 10.0 handicap with a 99mph driver club head speed, and 86 mph 5 iron club head speed. I’m usually straight with most low iron shots, playing McGregor Tourney’s, I believe they are cavity backs. My goal is to consistently break 80. Tim recommended either the 771CSI’s, or the 979SS’s. I gather both are game improvement irons, but would one be better for me over the other? Thanks very much in advance!

Tom Wishon

BEN I really pleased you worked with Tim because hands down he really is one of the best on the whole planet in clubfitting and I am not making that up in anyway. The iron you play, regardless of whose model it is, has to look good to YOU sitting down there behind the ball in the playing position. If there is ANYTHING about the look of an iron model behind the ball that you . If you are are not 100% OK with then you should keep looking until you see the look you want. That’s more important than… Read more »

Shaun Gray

Hi Tom, So, for probably the first time in my life, I’m doing some serious research before purchasing a set of golf clubs. Background I’m turning 40, and I have a 20 year old set of taylormades that I have been pretty happy with to be honest, but it’s time for an upgrade. I would be about a bogey golfer (playing 10-15 rounds per year the last 10 years since the kids came along and the short Canadian golf season. My kids are now getting into it more – hence the reason to finally upgrade. I have devoured your online… Read more »

Tom Wishon

SHAUN Good to hear that you’re on the verge of being able to get into the game more. Here’s hoping that your kids get hooked and like the game a lot so you have them to grow back into the game with! Now the tough part. Your observation about the statistics of clubhead demand and development are unfortunately spot on. Never in all my decades of designing clubheads has any one of my left hand models ever seen more than 8% of the demand the same model has in RH. And that’s even with us having sold to a good… Read more »


Hello Tom. I was recently fitted for irons, having tested Ping G400, I200, Taylormade M3, and Mizuno JPX900. My best LM results were with the G400’s with the Project X 5.5 shaft. My handicap is 14 and have been playing my PE2’s since 1988. One key thing determined by this fitter is that the +1/2 inch shaft length on my current irons is not needed. He said it’s borderline based on my physical measurements, but that the LM data shows better club head speed with regular length. I’m now looking at other options in irons and several folks on my… Read more »

Tom Wishon

BILL My apology for the delay in responding. The day your post came in I took off for a week and a half and just got back to it today. Sorry for any inconvenience. It appears the G400s are a higher COR iron design so yes, you could say that at least from this standpoint the two models would have some similarity. Do take a look at the lofts on the two models. I designed the 771’s some years back and like most of my models they tend to stick around for a lot more years than do the big… Read more »

Mark Normandin

Do the 771CSI irons stack up to the new current lot coming from the OEM’s. Allowing for the jacked Lofts (which basically seem to shift an iron set 1 club) how’s the offset and forgiveness performance on mishits for a high handicapper like myself?
Also I’m thinking of working with Bill Wietzl from Conquest Golf in OH do you know Bill?
Than You

Tom Wishon

MARK Yes for sure I have known Bill W personally for a very long time in this side of the golf equipment industry. No BS, he is without a doubt one of the ten best clubfitters in the world and I am not embellishing that one bit. You’ll come away with the very best fit possible, bar none. And yes, the 771’s as well as most of my game improvement iron designs are now higher in loft per head number than the recent models from the major golf equipment companies. I can gripe and bitch all I want about how… Read more »


I want to gain one club length with the 771s vs my current non COR irons of the same loft. My driver swing speed is 93 MPH. Would the 771 and two degrees stronger loft accomplish this?

Tom Wishon

Bruce That is impossible to predict unless you know for sure what the loft of both the current irons and 771 irons happens to be. ALL clubheads are subject in their production to a normal error tolerance of +/-1* and unless you have someone proficient in the use of a proper specs measurement gauge to check the heads of both sets, you can’t know what the loft starting points are for each head for both sets. Second, how much distance any golfer gets with a high COR face depends on their clubhead speed. Slower swinging golfers get less actual yards… Read more »


Have a question/request for your opinion: I’m a 7, 60 YO, been playing CB 57s and like them. Been looking, however, at hotter faced clubs and discovered yours… I like the look of the 771s, but was wondering if there’s a way to get them less offset?

Tom Wishon

TOM: Thanks very much for your interest, for sure. Once a clubhead is designed, its offset is set forever and cannot be altered. To change offset in the 771CSI or in any existing clubhead would require new tooling dies to be made from scratch with the offset change in the dies. You can change offset by bending the loft angles, but you cannot change offset while keeping the lofts as they are. Theoretically it is possible with a completely new type of bending fixture and machine, but as of now such a unit does not commercially exist in the golf… Read more »


Hello Tom, Some questions about Lie Angle I got a full set (5-PW) of 771CSI Irons last June. I decided to have them bend 2° up to have the same 4° gap between my wedges. So the PW is 48° instead of 46° the 9 iron 44° etc. My swing at that time was very much over the top – outside in. So we bend the Irons to a Lie angle of 68° only the 5 Iron to 64° 1. The lower the loft the less the lie angle impacts the ball flight? Correct? So if my 5 Iron would… Read more »

Tom Wishon

Michael Yes, the lower the loft, the less there is a misdirection angle off the face when the lie angle is not fit correctly to the golfer. But because you hit the low loft irons farther, it is true that the smaller misdirection angle can be multiplied into an off line shot simply because the ball is flying farther on the smaller misdirection angle. This is why we always want to dynamically fit the lie for each iron and not ignore any of them in the fitting process. The only way to know for sure that the lie angle is… Read more »


Tom would you ever consider/ would it be practical/ to make a sw-lw with a high COR variable thickness face? I know a lot of shorter wedge shots and shots from the rough tend to be missed high on the face with a wedge. Would it be beneficial to have that extra off center hit performance with wedges? I know the Ben hogan company came out with wedges that had more weight up higher on the back of the club head claiming it helped offer better distance on those higher face strikes. I always thought less weight or a thinner… Read more »

Tom Wishon

KOURT It would basically be a waste of time and a waste of money to make a high COR SW and LW. One could argue that if all of the other irons through the PW and GW were a high COR design, then the SW and LW should be as well to keep the distance gaps consistent. But really, help for off center hit performance gets less necessary as loft increases. This is because as loft increases the ball does not compress into the face as much. And the penalty for loss of distance from an off center hit is… Read more »

Josh Wilson

Are there any fitters that you recommend in the Mobile, AL area?

Tom Wishon

Absolutely. Ronnie Barnett at RJ the Clubmaker right in Mobile is very good. I’ve known him for a very long time in this side of the golf equipment industty, have corresponded with him regularly on technical topics, so I can tell you he knows what he is doing in the field.
RJ the CLubmaker
1216 Edinburgh court
Mobile, AL 36609
Hope this helps and thanks very much for your interest,


If you had a 7 iron from the 771 csi set and a 7 iron from the sterling Single Length set built to identical length and loft. Would there be any performance difference? I’m considering building a hybrid set with the 4-7 irons at 7 iron length from the sterling single length set. Then 8-aw in the 771 csi irons at progressively shorter lengths. I realize this negates one of the benefit of having all clubs the same length but to me the main benefit of the single length set is the shorter and easier to hit long irons. But… Read more »

Tom Wishon

KOURT While both the 771-7 and Sterling-7 are the same type of high COR face design in the same type of carbon steel body, the 771-7 has a loft of 34* and the Sterling 7 is 31*. That right there makes a big difference that can’t be equalized unless you do some serious bending. There are a gazillion different set options one could pursue for length relationships between irons. It is possible they can all work fine for a golfer as long as the shaft, total weight, swingweight, lie and grips are correct for the golfer at the same time.… Read more »


Tom I read somewhere that you said any club above 40 degrees in loft imparts such a glancing blow that the forgiveness factors from perimeter weighting don’t have much of an effect.
I was wondering why you would design the 8-gw in this set with a variable thickness face if that technology doesn’t affect the shot as much in those higher lofted clubs. Maybe I mis interpreted what you were saying but if you could explain the benefits of the variable thickness face in the higher lofted clubs that would be great.

Tom Wishon

At higher lofts such as over 40*, it is not a case of the perimeter weighting or the thin face not working at all. It is a progressive drop in the amount of off center hit forgiveness or in the ball speed increase as the loft increases. So you would not do away with these things totally just because of the higher loft reducing the impact force into the face and head because it is just reduced, not eliminated.


Mr. Wishon, After reading a couple of your books, and learning all I could about club custom fitting, I decided to visit Mr. Rick Grinstead, in Saddelbrook, Arizona. I was fortunate to meet him and have a very professional session at his place. I have to add that I live in Mexico City and making this trip was one thing that I really wanted to do, because unfortunatelly, currently there is nobody who can provide this service in my country. I have to say that there is a person in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, who used to provide professional club… Read more »

Tom Wishon

Thank you very much Sr Chavez for sharing your fitting experience with Rick. I am very pleased to hear that you found Rick and were able to work with him for your fitting needs. Rick is a long time friend of mine in this business so I know how good he is, and I know what a good job he does for the golfers who find him and choose to work with him. That’s really great to hear and I thank you so much for your interest and your support !! Best wishes to you in this great game, TOM


I had a set of 77I CSi assembled in France by André Thaon and have been playing with them for 18 months now. Working regularly on my swing with a pro, I am really pleased to see how versatile they are (basically I gained 2 clubs in distance) so, they will certainly stay in the bag for many years on (unless I switch to Sterlings).

Don Lilly

Compare the 771 heads with the Callaway X22 heads I am playing now. They have the standard Callaway steel shafts

Tom Wishon

If you are asking whether we do club to club comparison, we don’t. In 31 yrs of designing clubhead models, I just have never made it a point to pay attention to anything that any of the other companies are doing in their design work. I will occasionally be aware of some company’s model here or there, but I do not look at other models and I never have any for testing or analysis because I don;t care what anyone else is doing. I am sure those X22’s are very nice clubs because Callaway know what they are doing in… Read more »

Mike Whitt

Hi Tom, I have been playing the 560 for four years with good results. I don’t see my distances falling off that much, but would certainly not mind a little more. I play a 6-PW in irons and the 21 and 25 degree 775 hybrids.
What would I be losing if I switched to the 771s and what adjustments would I need to make to the hybrid set? might be most worried about the gaps that might be created there.

Mike Whitt

check that, 21 and 27 degree hybrids

Tom Wishon

MIKE: The effect of the higher COR face of the 771CSI irons is going to be different for each golfer. The higher the clubhead speed, the more distance difference the high COR face is going to generate in comparison to a head of the same loft but normal COR. And vice versa. So if your 5 or 6 iron speed is not more than 75mph, you might see not quite a half a club distance increase with the 771’s. Over 85mph it would be approaching almost a full club, but not quite. In the end, it can only be known… Read more »

Bill Lockman

Thanks Tom. I will definitely talk to my clubmaker about that.

Bill Lockman

I was asking about the 771 CSI irons – not the Sterling single length irons. My concern is whether I have enough speed to get the rebound effect of a high COR clubface.
Bill Lockman

Tom Wishon

BILL: Oops, sorry about that. Every golfer will gain some increase in smash factor and ball speed from a high COR design, whether it be a driver, wood, hybrid or iron. But it is true that the higher the clubhead speed, the more than increase in distance is going to be. At your clubhead speed you mentioned, I would estimate that you probably would seen about a half a club more distance with the 771’s. But if you want, you certainly can tell the clubmaker you are working with that you want to try a test iron for 2 to… Read more »