Wishon Golf’s 0.335″ Tip Tour Weight Hybrid Shaft for Golfers with Better Swing Characteristics


  • Wishon Golf pioneered the use of a smaller, 0.335″ tip construction to create hybrid shafts which offer as much as +4° higher launch angle over conventional 0.370″ hybrid shafts.
  • S2S Black is a heavier weight (95-100g) hybrid shaft for players who prefer the weight of steel in their conventional irons.
  • S2S Black hybrid design is created for golfers with an average to stronger Transition, average to faster Tempo, and a later to very late Release.
  • S2S Black hybrid shafts are available in R and S flexes for all hybrid heads with a 0.335″ bore.

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Contemplating moving to graphite in my irons and will be building a test club with the s2s red and s2s black … Wondering what yours/others experience has been using the black hybrid as an iron shaft. The black iron shaft just won’t have enough heft for me. Is there enough PTS to trim for a wedge. TIA


Hey there TOM, how are you? I was hoping to get your feedback on using the Black Hybrid shaft. I am planning on putting it into a 775HS #2 head. I am going as short as possible, to be the next step from my Sterlings, but with my (very) jumbo grips that’ll have me around 39.5-39.75″ to get around a preferable ‘D’ swingweight. With my added weight (27-29g, depending on epoxy), would I be okay with tip trimming a stiff flex 1.5″? My driver swingspeed is around 110-112, if that helps. I might get an extra shaft and test it… Read more »

Tom Wishon

JAKE You did not say how much your preferred very jumbo grips weigh but if they are up there in the range of 70-80g or more, you probably won’t be able to get a D range swingweight with the 775-2 at 39.5-39.75″. By my calculations, using the 100g weight of the Black hybrid shaft with a normal 232g head weight for the 775-2 at 39.5-39.75″ and estimating for both a 70 and 80 gram grip, with a 9 gram weight in the weight bore and a 9 gram weight in the sole weight bore, with the 70g grip you may… Read more »


THANK YOU for your reply TOM. When I had submitted my question through the form on this page, it didn’t act like other pages I’ve used on your site… so I didn’t know my question made it to you. I’m glad that it reached you! My grips, usually including some build-up wraps, are typically in the 95-100g range. The calculations I use must be off. I entered in 232g (head), 18g (2x weight bores), 9g (tip weight) and added 1g for epoxy/ferrule. With the S2S Black Hybrid shaft (100g) and a total length of 39.5″ I was getting just over… Read more »

Tom Wishon

JAKE This is the comments section of the site. It’s not the same as a forum. So when comments are posted they have to be approved before they show up and before you would be notified. It’s just that way as part of the site software I guess so people can’t just post trash or spam about something. On that club you made that is 40.25″ with your 95g grip and 119g shaft, if you added a 9g hosel weight to the 232g head weight, you would be at around C9 swingweight. If the shaft happened to be tip heavy… Read more »


THANK YOU TOM! I greatly appreciate your feedback and support. I may just use the S2S Black Hybrid shaft for the 775HS #2, for now anyway. I am SO looking forward to putting your 775HS hybrid design to use. I have been wanting a #2 for some time now, to come between the Sterling Irons and my fairway woods. I appreciate your suggestions as I believe as long as I end up with (close to) a D swingweight that I can make it work for me. It maybe slightly lighter than I am use to but that shouldn’t be a… Read more »


I have a question regarding the coiled shim. How does this fit into .370 hybrid heads? And how does this affect or change the flight of the ball? Or is this a seamless transition that won’t have any affect? I have read how the different sizes can hinder results. Any help as always will be appreciated. I am still improving and averaging under 100 now

Tom Wishon

ERIC There are two ways clubmakers install the coiled shim to be able to install a 0.335 shaft into a 0.370 bore. Some like to install the shim in the hosel first, then install the shaft into the hosel with the shim in place with a slow rotating motion on the shaft as it is inserted. Others like to put the shim on the shaft first, then install the shaft with the shim in the hosel also with a rotating motion. Takes a little practice either way. Absolutely no effect whatsoever on performance or ball flight because all you are… Read more »