Following the heritage of the 929HS, Wishon Golf’s newest high performance fairway wood design with thin, high strength steel, high COR face is the 927HS: designed with a slight pear-shape, the 32mm face height is “in-between” a semi-shallow and traditional face height to offer a low CG performance for ease in achieving a higher flight for maximum carry. 

Twin weight bores on the sole combine with the mainstay hosel weight bore to allow the addition of up to 27 grams of weight to the head to offer clubmakers the chance to custom build the 927HS woods to shorter lengths for more consistency and control. 

  • 30mm #3 wood face height helps lower the CG on the lowest loft wood for easier shot height, transitions to 31.5mm face height on the #4, 5 and 7 to slightly raise the CG when loft increases.  Lower CG help where it is needed with lower loft, normal CG position as loft increases in the 927HS design.
  • Twin sole weight bores are located on the toe, and center rear, to combine with the hosel weight bore to allow weight addition in a symmetrical manner about the CG.
  • C455 high strength steel thin face allows for a higher COR for increased ball speed.
  • Cast 431 stainless steel body includes a specially annealed hosel to allow bending the lie and/or face angle up to as much as 3°.
  • 927HS is available in RH in striking Black PVD finish in #3, 4, 5 and 7.

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15 days ago

Is this club non conforming because it’s high core?

12 days ago
Reply to  Joe

The 927 is designed to be conforming. We just haven’t received the final conforming ruling from the R&A yet.

Claire McMaster
1 month ago

Hey Tom, So I was going to get Paul Larson to build me a #4wood and #7wood in the EQ1-NX or the older 929HS fairways. He winters down south so while he was gone, you’ve since introduced the new 927HS fairways and I instantly changed my mind. Not only do I like them more aesthetically, but the concept of the 3 weight bores should mean that Paul can dial it in even more precisely for my swing (typically a bit of a slice). Would you say these are your most advanced fairway woods so far? Also, I know you’re probably… Read more »

1 month ago

Claire Thanks very much for your post and for your support of what we do. Much appreciated, for sure. The 929s are discontinued, mainly because after so many years in the line, the tooling dies just plain wore out. It’s never worth investing in new tooling for an old model that has been around as long as the 929s, so it gave me the opportunity to design a follow on model to the 929s. I’m not sure I call the 927s the most advanced wood model I have designed as much as I would say over the past several years… Read more »

2 months ago

Tom, I always appreciate your honest feedback to the questions posed on this site. You recently mentioned that the new look of the 919THI driver was just that – a purely cosmetic upgrade. I was curious if the same statement applies to the 927HS fairways. I currently have a 365PF 7 wood in my bag (which I love!), and was curious whether it would be worth switching. Thanks!

2 months ago
Reply to  Brian

Brian The 919 retains the same shape, same cup face, same variable thickness face, almost the same bendable hosel so the driver is really the same as before but with a new cosmetic look. The 927 is a totally new design, new head shape, new high COR face material, new everything. Compared to the 365, the 365 is not a high COR face model so the distance would be ever so slightly more with the 927. But probably not enough to go WOW. Enough to go, “hmm, how about that?” There is a difference in shape with the 927 being… Read more »

Scott Benson
2 months ago

Tom since the specs from the single length and the 927 are very similar, I can build a 4-7 woods of the 927at 40″ using the 27 gram available weights S2S white regular shaft ?. I also have 25 gram midsized grips to help if needed.

2 months ago
Reply to  Scott Benson

Scott Based on the 4w starting at 213g and using the White shaft + a 50g grip, filling all three weight bores with 9g weights, the swingweight would be around C9 at 40″ length. For the 5w and 7w at 40″ you could get into the low D range of swingweight with all three weight bores filled with 9g weights. So if C9 with the White shaft is too light in the 4w, you could always use a tip weight on top of the three weight bore weights to get up into the D range. That or increase the length… Read more »