The EQ1-NX Fairway Woods represent the most unique and versatile fairway wood design ever created through a greatly expanded internal weight addition capability to allow custom assembly to achieve a fairway wood single length or to be played at conventional fairway wood lengths.   


    • Each EQ-1-NX fairway wood head is produced with the ability to add up to a maximum of 30g to achieve normal swingweights at a 40” to 41”single length to complement the EQ1-NX single length irons and hybrids

    • Natural head weight spec of each EQ1-NX fairway wood head also allows assembly to conventional wood lengths of #3(42”-43”), #4(41.5”-42.5”), #5(41”-42”), #7(40”-41”).  Any length in between 40” and conventional fairway wood lengths is also capable for an even wider range of fitting options 

    • High COR thin high strength steel face design 

    • Available in #3(15*) #4(17*), #5(19*), #7(21*) in RH.  For single length use we recommend a set makeup of #3/#5 for better ball strikers or players with a driver clubhead speed over 95mph and a set makeup of #4/#7 for average players or any golfers with a driver clubhead speed under 95mph 

    • The four different weight bores allow for maintaining the best CG position low and center located, as well as to be able to increase the trajectory with the new twin rear sole weight bores  

    • Each EQ1-NX fairway is shipped with 2 x 6g and 2 x 9g weights included to make it more economical when building to match the EQ1 single length irons

    • The spec lie angle of 60* for each EQ1-NX fairway wood is created for assembly to the single length option between 40” and 41”. EQ1-NX fairway woods are capable of being bent up to 2° to allow proper lie fitting when assembled to conventional fairway wood lengths

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Mark lucas
4 days ago

Hi Tom, i was wondering if you could recommend a complimentary set up for my irons I have en route. Ive ordered a used set of 6-S sterlings at “37. My wrist to floor is 36” so I’m thinking it will be a good 8 iron length. This is good because my 8/7 is my most confident and consistent club. Please see image showing stats with my 7 iron. An easy repeatable swing clocks at 73.3mph using my Garmin connect. I have a consistent slight out-in swing. Ive read you’ve said based on my clubhead speed I wouldn’t be a… Read more »

1 day ago
Reply to  Mark lucas

MARK If the 73mph 7 iron speed is accurate within 5mph I would recommend you not go with the 5 iron and instead use the 5 hybrid but not the Sterling 5 hybrid. Use the EQ1 5 hybrid with the 6-SW set of Sterlings and build it to the same length and swingweight as you have the Sterling irons. The EQ hybrid is a 0.335 bore so the shaft would need to be one of our S2S design hybrid shafts – either white, black, red, blue depending on your swing characteristics and strength and tempo. Whether the EQ #5 hyb… Read more »

Rob Thacker
15 days ago

Just some feedback on my initial experiences with the 3 wood head. Bob Spicer (RJS Custom Clubs) assembled the head with two 9g weights (toe & hosel) in it at 42″ long. We tipped a hzrdus yellow shaft just a bit more to account for the heavier head. It is really consistent, on 12 shots my dispersion is down (7 yds vs 12 yds) quite a bit vs my old 43″ Cally Rogue. Totally recommend people trying going down to 42 if they struggle (like I do) at 43. Launch is similar but slightly higher spin, with a net loss… Read more »

15 days ago
Reply to  Rob Thacker

ROB Thanks very much for your report on your initial results with the new EQ1 wood. That’s great to hear that you like the performance so far from Bob’s fitting specs for you with the wood. I have been a huge fan of going shorter with the driver for many years now and a few years added the fwy woods to that belief as well so I do think having the 3w at 42 is helping you get better consistency for sure. Glad to hear you like it and that the results are bringing a smile to you face !!… Read more »

Kevin Fontana
30 days ago

Hi Tom, I’ve been playing Sterling Single Length Irons (4-LW) since the fall of 2016 & love them. When fitted for my irons, I also was fitted for a 929HS 4 wood, which I also love & hit really well. I’d like better gapping between my driver & the 4 iron & am considering the EQ1-NX fairway woods since they seem similar to my 929 4wood (I really like their shallow face height). Am I on the right track? What’s the difference between the two lines? Should I just fill the gaps with other 929s? Thanks for any help. PS.… Read more »

29 days ago
Reply to  Kevin Fontana

KEVIN Sorry if we did something that caused the comments section to eat your previous post! Glad this one made it! The EQ1 fwy woods are a little larger in overall size/profile and a little taller in face height Vs the 929. So if you do like the semi shallow face height of the 929, then you should stay with that if you get an additional fwy wood to reduce the gap in your set makeup. I think if you had the EQ1 7w or 5w you would definitely think it larger than the 929-4 and that could be distracting… Read more »

1 month ago

Hi Mr. Wishon, do these weight bore holes allow access to the hollow inside of the head? In the past I have added additional weight by stuffing club heads thru weight bore holes with poly fiber similar to what is used in pillows. It has the added benefit of muting the impact noise. Really appreciate your work and earnest willingness to share with us as we try to find equipment that will allow our best golf.


1 month ago
Reply to  Kevin

KEVIN Each hosel weight bore in every driver, wood or hybrid I design has a plastic stopper plug at the bottom of the weight bore that is installed during the production of the head, AFTER THE “STICKY GLUE” is injected in the head cavity through the hole at the bottom of the weight bore. The stopper plug is there so when the shaft is installed, no epoxy can ooze into the open cavity of the head, dry, become hard and then create a rattle. This hole at the bottom of the weight bore is very small, in the area of… Read more »

Philip Miller
2 months ago

Hello Tom!
I am excited about your new EQ1-NX clubs.
I have a few questions.
1. I noticed you plan to offer the irons in left hand next year. Will the Fairway Woods and Hybrids be offered in left handed also?
2. I have an 87 mph clubhead speed (Trackman verified ) with my 37 inch Sterling irons. I had trouble with the Stering wedges flying too high with too much spin. Do you think this problem would be eliminated with your new set?

2 months ago
Reply to  Philip Miller

Philip: Thanks very much for your interest and your excitement! That’s really nice to hear. Yes at some point, hopefully sooner rather than too much later, we will tool the EQ1 line of all clubheads into left hand. Of course the rule of thumb has to be that the demand for the right hand version is strong enough so that the math of left hand in relation to right hand demand is enough to justify the development costs but we are optimistic. Right now the problem is simply the effect of the current pandemic on all golf equipment demand, which… Read more »

Kourtney Knowles
2 months ago

If a player fits into single length irons 5-sw set at 37″ and also have good results with the new 4 hybrid at 37″ what kind of gapping would you expect to see from the 20 degree 4 hybrid at 37″ and say single length wood set 19 degree and 15 degree at 42″? Would the extra 5 inches allow enough extra clubhead speed to give a reasonable gap between the 19 deg wood and 20 degree hybrid? Just brainstorming ways to pair these clubs together. Thanks Tom!

2 months ago

Kourt That much of a length difference would be quite significant in terms of clubhead speed, no question about it. So a 19* wood at 42″ would/should definitely hit the ball longer than a 37″ hybrid at 20*. How much of course depends on the clubhead speed to begin with because as clubhead speed increases, higher ball speed + higher spin increases distance exponentially, not linearly. So if the player were 70mph with the 37″ club I would think he would see the 42″ 19* wood hit the ball 10-15 yds longer at least. For a player approaching 80mph with… Read more »

Eric Fynn-Thompson
3 months ago

Tom, if looking to build shorter length fairway woods were more weight is needed to be added, would you recommend placing that weight into particular locations first? For example, if we needed 6-9 grams, should we put into either the sole rear slots (6) or into hosel (9) or toe (9). Same applies to more weight…is it best to fill certain locations first for MOI purposes or just leave it to builder to see if they prefer fade (toe 9), draw (hosel 9), or neutral with twin 6 in the sole?

3 months ago

ERIC WE did find in the hit testing that when the new twin rear weight bores were filled with 6g weights each, most players saw a little increase in shot height with the woods. This is because that twin weight bore comprises a fair amount of weight in the head and it is located about as far back from the face/shaft as any weight addition can be. The result is the CG moves farther back which is a known factor for shot height increase in many players. Outside of that, it is always a good idea to balance the weight… Read more »

keith usher
3 months ago

If you had the one length hybrids in 5/24 and 6/28, which fairway wood would you then pick. 7/21 or 5/19? as your longest club before driver. Iron swing speed about 75/80. driver 85/95. (currently hitting 11 wishon driver about 190/200 carry)

3 months ago
Reply to  keith usher

Keith I would for sure think about having the 7w at 21* loft to be one of the single length woods as the follow on club from the #5 hybrid. Depending on your swing characteristics you would want to take some time to be sure of the distance gap between the #5 at its single length iron length and the 7w at whichever single length you choose for the woods. It is possible that the length difference between a 21* wood at 40 to 41″ would hit the ball with a bigger distance gap between it and the single length… Read more »

Bill Nottingham
3 months ago

Custom club building question:
Is there any Wishon S2S Shaft tipping changes if I want to build single length clubs adding maximum of 30g of weight to the clubhead?

3 months ago

Bill The ONLY times you will add as much as 30g to one of the hybrids or woods will be when you are building them to the shortest single length. With the hybrids, that would be if you are making them 36-36.5″ to match the irons. With the woods that would be if you are making them to the shortest length in the recommended possible range of single length wood length of 40″. Now think about this – in the single length irons, their spec head weight is 275g because they are ONLY intended to be built to a single… Read more »