Progressive Cavity Back and Muscle Back Forged Designs with each Back Design formed by CNC Machining…


    • Progressive CNC machined 575MMC cavity back created in a full, #3 to 9, PW, AW set makeup

    • Progressive cavity back design moves weight from lower on the long irons to higher on the short irons

    • Progressive CNC machined 575MMC muscle back designed in a #5 to 9, PW, AW set makeup

    • Progressive milled muscleback design moves weight higher on the back through the wedges

    • 575MMC set expansion allows each version to be played as a full set or in mix and match set makeup option

    • More compact head size with shorter blade length offers the compact look in the playing position desired by more traditional minded players

    • All new CNC machining pattern results in a beautiful milled surface finish – a truly unique look to match the solid feel of a soft 1035C carbon steel forged iron design

    • CNC machined scorelines under 2010 USGA and R & A rule guidelines

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Brendan Slawson

Hi Tom, First and foremost, thank you for everything you’ve done to shed light on the truth in this industry. I’m a former club pro and modestly competitive amateur and without guys like you I’m not sure I’d have ever found my way out of the woods with regard to what I needed. I’m 6′ tall but have long arms and my wrist to floor is 34 inches. Every fitting I’ve ever had resulted in the recommendation of clubs that ultimately are too long for me. I started tinkering with cutting down my driver and that experiment went so well… Read more »

Fred Ercolani

Good evening Tom, Fred here well I’m 60 years old and could open a golf store with as many clubs I’ve bought throughout the years. Last time I was fitted was mid 90’s with titlest dci. Played them well. I shoot between an 80 to 95 on a really bad day. Well I’m being fitted Thursday March 2 here in Daytona by Glen Belden. Not sure what I’m going to end up with but I’m liking the 565. Also Driver, fairway woods and hybrids to replace 3 and 4 iron. I’ve spent hours reading about your golf clubs and background… Read more »


Hi Tom!

Im going to have a wishon set buid for me in april. Probably the 575s. I Love how rhey felt when i was hitting then a month ago

Im thinking about this; Will this modell soon be discontinued? Or will it live in for a couple of years more. For me One of the biggest advantages with wishon clubs is that tjey hang around for some time so of One club gets lost you can get One new that is exactly thesame.


Tom, I’ve played these clubs for the last 3 years. This season, I’ve had my clubs re-shafted , and let me tell you, they are absolutely incredible. The sound and consistency of them are incredible, and they have performed well in many different weather conditions. I’ve done countless tests against the top manufacturers of irons, and I can simply say these perform and look better than most. Thank you for creating such a beautiful club.


I absolutely love the feel of these irons. I built an MOI matched set of 4-PW in CB, AW in MB with N.S. Pro 1050 GH shafts and Wishon cord grips. My wrist to floor measurement is 37″, so +0.5″ is more comfortable for me in the shorter irons. However, I built 9-AW 0.5″ long, then used 3/8″ length increments for the longer irons. As a result, the 5 iron is standard 38″ long. This really helps with consistent center contact on the longer irons. Definitely something to consider with your clubfitter.

Bob goodwin

I would say that the Club masters associated with Wishon clubs are very professional and at the top of there craft. Thanks for the 565 series, I had them fit for me in 2017 (Musselman’s Golf) with the 919 woods. I’m very interested in the 519 and the 575 series
Thank you

Keith Johnson

Good day. I’m struggling to find a fitter/builder in the Austin Texas area. I’m really interested in getting a set of your irons fit and built for me but can’t seem to find anyone. Any insight would be great.

Jim Garten

Keith at Precision Fit Golf in Kerrville is great. Visited Jan 15, 2020. I took up the hobby of making my own clubs several years ago with mixed results, but had fun while learning. For me the learning process was more important than the potential to save money. You will NOT come out money ahead making your own clubs. Just go get fit properly. If you are in South Texas or the Hill Country, Keith is the man. After several learning experiences, pleased with my most recently assembled 575MMC irons. Keith was kind enough to check the MOI matching on… Read more »

Mike Burns

Why are these 2 7 irons different?


Hi Tom, I’ve had 560mc irons and 555 irons. Loved them both, and I still have Wishon wedges in the bag. I’m now considering a set of 575 irons. Would the DG AMT white shaft be a viable option in these?. I’m not sure if the AMT shaft ‘effect’ (marketing gimmick or worthwhile?) of More penetrating flight in the shorter irons is something you have already thought about when you designed the weight distribution in the heads. And therefore, a standard set of Wishon stepless steel shafts Might be absolutely fine. Thanks.


Hi Tom,

I’m still really enjoying my MB, CB combo set that I’ve had nearly 2 years.

I only go up to the 4iron in the CB. Is there a way to get a 5 iron trajectory with a 3 iron carry distance?


jeffery cayo

Would like to say thank-you for designing a beautiful club. Grew up with my fathers old clubs, 1977 Staff Tour blades and Macgregor Tourney M85 irons. I have a set of 565 and my gamers are the 575. both play and feel like the old clubs with more forgiveness with the ability to move the ball left and right. Have built a few sets for friends that hit mine and they love them. Also love the 775 hybrid, built one to 5 wood length to fill in gaps, a cannon. Keep up the great work and thank for you dedication… Read more »


Hi tom, i acquired a set of pre-owned 575mmc 4-pw, i love them, aesthetically they plesse my eye when standing over them, i play off of 19 and was told they were not for me, i didnt listen. I feel very confident whipping a ball out of any lie with the compact non bulky club head. My question is, where can i get a 575 gap wedge in ireland? Or can i get it sent to me?

Tom Wishon

MARK As long as you really like the clubs and as long as you feel you are playing to the best of your ability and having fun in the game, go with your gut and forget the “armchair clubfitters” and what they say. Golfer confidence is really as important to more important than whatever is written on paper for what different golfers should or should not be playing with. Best thing I can tell you is to call Diamond Golf International in the UK and ask them if they can give you the names of any clubmakers within a reasonable… Read more »

Hi Tom, huge fan been playing and making your clubs for over 15 years. I never got a chance to get a full set of 550 blades (possibly the most beautiful golf clubs ever made). I was on a hiatus from golfing and building when they were phased out, and I only have a partial set now. Any chance you still have a set sitting around?
Thanks for everything

Tom Wishon

Aaron Thanks very much for your kind complements. That’s very nice of you to say that and I appreciate it very much. Sorry to say that none of the 550C or M are around as that model was discontinued in the later 2000s to make way for their successor, the 555’s. 555’s to me were better than the 550’s because the 555’s had a better sole grind with more front to back radius than the 550’s. At any rate the 555’s were dropped to make way for the current 575’s which debuted some 5-6 yrs ago I think so there… Read more »


Thanks Tom, I haven’t seen a Wishon club yet that hasn’t played brilliantly as intended. I made a set of 575 blades for my brother and they are indeed excellent. Also I made batches of 752TCs back in the day, they were my go to model for beginners and intermediates. Excellent golf clubs. In retrospect I just found the 550 blade to be the most aesthetic design of a blade ever, and I’m a blade purist, in that that I enjoy the challenge of hitting a long iron blade properly, almost as much as scoring. Alas I am a tiny… Read more »

Jared Gentry

I just ordered the 575s with the 5&6 in the cavity and the 7-PW in the MB. My thought process in doing this was to have a little forgiveness with the longer irons. I guess my question would be is this common and what are the pros and cons?
My club maker is Terry Sloan from Hazel Green, AL and is a firm believer in your products. This is my second set as I am laying down my 752tc irons and upgrading. Thank you for making great top of the line products.

Tom Wishon

JARED My sincere thanks for your interest in what we have tried to do all through my years as a club designer over the years. I’ve had three chances to design for one of the big companies which was an honor that they would try to come after me but I have always stayed in the custom clubfitting side of the industry because I believe so strongly that the best clubs anyone will play will come from a solid custom fitting analysis that will result in the clubs being built from scratch by a competent custom clubmaker like Terry. I… Read more »

Jared Gentry

Thank you for your quick response. That is exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely tell Terry hello. Thanks again.


I love m 575’s. I was also able to pick a few 585HI (3, 4 and 5) but I haven’t seen much written about them. ‘d appreciate it if you could provide some background on them.
Thanks in advance for your time ad consideration.

Tom Wishon

JIM The 585HI was a driving iron design, made in a #2, 3, 4 and 5 iron configuration. They were introduced in around 2007 if memory serves me well and stayed in the line until 2010. The were investment cast from 431 stainless that we heat treated to make the alloy a little more bendable for loft/lie fitting changes. They were not a high COR design. That came much later in the driving iron I designed in 2015 called the 590DIH. The 585 were a wide sole design with a little bit more shallow face height than most 2, 3,… Read more »

Jim Garten

The 575’s are great irons. Manufacturing quality and finish is second to none. After a couple months of play down to 2 or less chunked or thin strikes per round. Confident with 4 iron over a fairway wood. Also have 919 Driver and S2R putter. Can’t go wrong with a Wishon product!

Tom Wishon

Thanks very much Jim for your kind words in your comments about the 575’s, 919 driver and S2R putter! That really makes us feel good that you were able to find us and take the leap of faith to see that we do take this work very seriously and we’re not too bad at it after this many years ! Thanks again and the very best to you in this great game!


Oh, also why 1035 instead of the mainstream 1025 or even S20C for the forged irons for softer feel? Simply cost or other concerns involved in the designing process?

Tom Wishon

Carbon steels softer than 1035 tend to ding and mark up much easier than do those of the 30 level and higher. Processing of the 1035 in the forging dies tends to be more consistent in our experience than with softer steels. In the end it is an absolute myth that the 20 series carbon steels are better in anyway for making a forged iron. There just is no advantage whatsoever to using the 20 series steels in iron head production.


Happy 2019, Tom. I am thinking about using 575mmc heads on my daughter’s current junior graphite shafts. Questions arise as such: 1.) With 5 iron 36 inches long at play, for example, would the additional club head weight of about 13 grams require us to tip the shaft by 0.5 or even 1 inch in order to maintain the same flex and bend profile? Or, it will be “softer” with the additional weight? For reference, My daughter’s current 8 iron club head weighs 261 grams compared to 575’s 274 grams. 2.) Can the weight bore design in the hosel be… Read more »

Tom Wishon

WILSON If your daughter’s 8 iron head weighs 261g then it is a head specially made for use by junior golfers and not by adults. The 575s certainly could be played by any golfer but only should be used if the player is able to play with adult swingweights and at lengths that are within +/-1″ of adult lengths. In addition because it is a shallow cavity back design it is not the best iron model to be used by a player who is not at least a 12 handicap or better. Unless she is definitely able to retain her… Read more »


First of all, thanks so much for the comments and expertise, Tom. It is so cool, having the original club designer to try to talk me out of purchasing a brand-new set of club heads he designed. This is the true passion and spirit of golf, much appreciated. I did not quite describe the situation that we are facing for my daughter in detail. We lengthened her junior driver by two inches last week and the swing weight increased to B1 (she can maintain her tempo and posture still and is ok with that). As a result, the irons and… Read more »

Tom Wishon

WILSON IT is always my pleasure to be able to respond personally to help you. I really like this part of my work to be able to have personal contact with people who are interested in club technology and in my design work. I appreciate that very much. Thanks for taking the time to explain more clearly what you are asking. Yes, for sure, it is completely ok to build any of my models with the weight bore empty. It only exists to provide a way to increase the headweight whenever the clubs need to be made to a higher… Read more »


Thanks, Tom, for the kind words. My daughter started at age 5 and she loves the game, even in cold rainy days (but that is kind of training already). The 575s are conforming to USGA and R&A rules, correct? We certainly do not want being reported in international tournaments in the coming years. One last question, why did you design the iron club heads 4 grams lighter than all others in the first place? Simply to be more flexible in adjusting swing weights? Once again, you love what you do and people like that a lot! Much appreciated, sir!

Tom Wishon

Wilson Yes, the 575 forged irons are all conforming to the USGA/R&A rules of golf. I have never thought of the head weights I choose for my iron designs as being lighter. These weights are what I have used for my iron models for a very long time. If you refer to big company irons which are only designed to be built to one series of standard specifications, it may be that the irons you have seen which are 4g heavier were made that way to specifically end up with a standard swingweight when built with a slightly lighter shaft… Read more »

Brock Stefura

Tom—I’ve had my 575s since 2014 and they’ve been great. Gary Pickle fitted me in TX. Since then, my swing has changed a bit and I’ve gotten a bit older, but my handicap and distance is the same. My longer irons in the set (5,6,7) are feeling heavy and are really inconsistent. I’ve actually taken to choking down on them by about an inch or inch and a half because it feels like I have to heave them a bit from the top to get them to the ball. Would you recommend having someone look at them again for me… Read more »

Tom Wishon

BROCK First off you did good by working with Gary. Not only is he very knowledgeable in his fitting work but he is as entertaining of a guy as you can meet! He’s moved his shop and life down to the Lake of the Ozarks these days though so the Dallas area is certainly missing him now I think. From what you say it sounds like you need to reshaft the irons with a lighter weight shaft and possibly also drop the swingweight. But first off the lighter shaft will drop the total weight of the irons which is what… Read more »

Brock Stefura

Thanks very much, Tom. Gary was fantastic. I’ve described his fitting process to a lot of golfers and they’re all blown away. He was fantastic and a great guy like you said. I’ll give the reshaft test a shot. Appreciate the help!

Jim Garten

I am an engineer that relishes knowledge captured from fixing, building, and tinkering. Recently discovered your videos and writings. Great information and enjoy the detail you share. Age has slowed my swing speed and steel shafts transmit too much discomfort. Assembled a couple sets of irons with graphite shafts for myself and a friend based on my fitted set over 15 years old. Although I improved more than 10 strokes, noticing some “feel” issues. Have to think too much about the right swing mechanics for each club. Thinking it is time to try MOI matched irons. Going to try my… Read more »

Tom Wishon

JIM Thanks much for your interest and your enjoyment of what we try to do with the information. Much appreciated. Send me an email at tww@wishongolf.com and ask me to send you a copy of the Excel spreadsheet we have for calculation of the MOI of any golf club. It’ll make the job a whole lot easier than doing it with the 3/8″ increment and 1/2 swingweight progression that some advise in lieu of having the proper equipment or information. You can still do the lengths in 3/8″ increments with the spreadsheet but it just makes it all much more… Read more »

Craig Mcmahon

Hi Tom,
I had my irons MOI matched a few years ago and really loved them and would like to have it done again with my current irons (575 MMC). The club fitter I know at my club (not Wishon certified) says the shafts need to be parallel tips to do it properly. I wasn’t aware of this. Is this correct or false information? Grateful for any info. Craig

Tom Wishon

CRAIG MOI matching can be done with any shaft regardless of weight, flex, bend profile or tip size. Now if the clubmaker is trying to do both MOI matching AND frequency matching at the same time, that becomes more of a pain in the neck with taper tip shafts vs parallel tip shafts, but it can still be done. But for MOI matching on its own, that can be done with parallel or taper tip version of a shaft with no problems. The tip configuration of a shaft has nothing to do with the club’s MOI. MOI is all about… Read more »

Name *Patricio Rojas

Hi I am 10 handicap and have been playing with an snake eyes 600 XC. How soft are this Irons? thanks

Tom Wishon

Most likely that iron is forged by Virage Tech Industrial which means the steel is a 1030 carbon steel which when finished should have a hardness on the Rockwell scale of HRB 85. That’s pretty typical for hardness when compared to just about every other forged carbon steel iron on the market today because, 1) there are so few forging companies around these days, 2) they all tend to use 1020/1030 carbon steel alloys which all end up being very close to the same hardness.


Hi Tom,
Can you speak to the difference between the Center of Gravity in the 2 575 MMC models?
Or are the CGs virtually the same and the chief difference just being the MOI of the clubhead?
Thank you!

Mr. Wishon, I just finished your book, The New Search for the Perfect Golf Swing! I have read several books on golf over the years and I think it ranks right up there with Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons and Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book! I have a couple questions I am hoping you can help me with. First, what do you believe is the ultimate deciding factors on choosing a set of 575 MMC clubs? What are the realistic advantages and disadvantages of choosing the muscle back set, a combo set, or the cavity back set? What do you know… Read more »

Tom Wishon

Mr. Cobb: Thanks so much for your very kind comment about the first Search book! I truly appreciate that and since I had the privelege to get to know Harvey very well back in 1994 when I designed the line of clubs that carried his name, I am very honored you would put the Search book up there with Harvey’s Red book. That’s really nice. Years ago when people asked my opinion about whether a tour player should be playing musclebacks or cavity backs, I would always say that if the pro was into self punishment, play the MB. But… Read more »

Dennis Harrold

Excellent clubs – I recently put 6 thru P 575CB’s in my bag. They make a great combo with a stash of TT GS 75 R300steel shafts I found. At 86 grams and soft-tipped 1″ they are about an A flex and perfect for a 74 year old. I’ve picked up a few yards and they are straight but workable. Only tweak is filing the leading edge a bit in case I stick my pick. Counterpoint – how does a FAT topline inspire confidence? For me its the opposite, like how do you work a club that looks like a… Read more »

Tom Wishon

DENNIS Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and share your experience with the 575 cavitys. That’s great to hear and I am pleased to hear you like the combination of the lighter shaft with this forged cavity iron design. You’ll fine me as a designer who just refuses to design any iron with a top line wider than 5mm. I personally cannot stand the look and from a pure technical standpoint, there is zero reason to have a wider topline on an iron. Adding more mass up at the top of the head raises the center… Read more »

Felix Mak

Is 575MMC reached the end of lifespan? I’ve ordered 5-A through my fitter. 6-A came pretty quickly in couple of weeks. But the 5i was out of stock and had been waiting for nearly a month now.
Understand 575MMC being on the market for 5+ years, it might be a good time for a replacement now.

Tom Wishon

Felix We’re talking about whether it could be time to move on to a new design in the forged traditional iron category. But as of now, no definite decisions have been made and are not close to being made. One thing you may not be aware of in how I have managed the clubhead designs I have created is that I/we don’t think like a usual OEM big brand company. We are not compelled to have to create something brand new every year just so we have a new model to present. Some models over the course of our company’s… Read more »


Some players irons have tungsten weights in the toe. How much does that help on off centre hits and do such clubs “pay a price” for this “weight” in the toe?

Tom Wishon

PAUL There are two things that can be accomplished in a clubhead when you add tungsten to the toe side of the blade. How much it may do that depends of course on how much the tungsten weighs. And that’s impossible to know without cutting the head up into pieces or unless you know someone who works in the design dept for the company that made the head. Believe me, there are a number of player’s irons on which the tunsten weight is minimal and there chiefly as a marketing story. Keep in mind that every iron head has to… Read more »

Jeremy Morris

Tom, et all, is there any way I can get the specs for the original 550c/m irons?

Tom Wishon

Jeremy Sure thing, I still remember them without having to dig up an old catalog or specs sheet. 550C – 2i = 18*/58*; 3i = 21*/59*; 4i = 24*/60*; 5i = 28*/61*; 6i = 32*/61.5*; 7i = 36*/62*; 8i = 40*/63*; 9i = 44*/64*; PW = 48*/64*; SW = 55*/64*. The 550M’s were the same for everything except the loft of the PW was 49* and the loft of the SW was 56*. There was no gap wedge in the original 550 model but I did add one later when we turned the 550’s into the 555’s. TOM

Jeremy Morris

Thank you, Tom. Do the 550 irons, by chance, accept .355 taper tip shafts?

Tom Wishon

The 550 irons have always and only been created with a 0.370 parallel bore. If you wish to install 0.355 taper tip shafts you will have to CAREFULLY shim the hosel to take up the space between 0.370 and 0.355 so the epoxy bond can properly keep the shaft secure. This can be done but it usually is a job that requires a pretty experienced clubmaker to do it right so the shafts stay put in the heads.