Forged Carbon Steel CNC Machined Deep Back Cavity, for the highest MOI in a true forged iron design…


    • Wishon Golf’s 2nd generation 560 Series forged iron adds a more solid on-center feel to the best offcenter forgiveness in a forged carbon steel iron

    • New center cavity half-moon weighting increases on-center impact feel while offering a very slight increase in shot trajectory

    • Low-offset design also features a slightly thinner top line than the original 560MC

    • Completely CNC machined back cavity ensures precise CG position for each head number with a beautiful cosmetic appearance

    • Fully radiused tour grind type sole design – this is a model for scratch to middle handicap players

    • Double nickel chrome pearl plated finish with glass bead blast highlights – CNC machined scorelines within 2010 USGA rule guidelines

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Jack Dermody

Hi Tom, Hope you are keeping safe. I am here in the West of Ireland and I am working with Kevin Cunniffe in Golftek. I have a set of Taylormade RSI1 which I got 5 years ago and since I have reduced my handicap from 28 to 17. Would have been lower but an addition to household can take up ones time. I have a driver swing about 101mph and my short game is what mainly keeps be back (no time to practice but this year is different, oh wait COVID). With the lockdown and self reflection(buddies started buying clubs… Read more »


Hi Tom, some more advise please. Would the playing characteristics of a White 610-IR-S with a tip trim of 1″ be similar to a TT Dynalite 105 gm steel shaft? And of a Blue 607-WD-S with a tip trim of 1″ with a Aldila NV Green 65? (Except for their respective weights, of course). Thanks and with best regards. Pavan


Hi Tom, I’m considering buying a set of irons and have a couple of questions – (1) what is the major difference between 565 and 575 irons and why would one choose one over the other (2) most wedges have little or no offset but your wedges have a 2mm offset..any advantages or reason (3) some forged irons are made of DT-4 steel…what would the difference be between clubs made of this material and say 1035 or 1025 carbon steel. Thanks. Pavan.

Mark Blair

Hi Tom, would you recommend the 565 for an 18 handicap player or should I go for the 771?

Michael Thim

Hi Tom, are you planning on more options for left handers, like 565/575?

Hi Tom, We recently spoke regarding my 550c irons. I did increase the lofts -2 and raised my lie 2 degrees and picked up the few yards I had lost so now my yardage’s are back to normal in my mind. I love the 550c. But they are also wearing and I am thinking about the 565 irons. My question….are the 565c irons a similar length to the 550c? One of the things l like best is the length and forgiveness of the 550 while maintaining workability. I don’t like the shorter head “players” clubs on the market. Are the… Read more »


Hello: this may seem like a dumb question: are the 565s and 575s one solid piece of metal? i’m confused by all of the clubs calling themselves ‘forged’ but they are two pieces of forged metal welded together. then usually injected with foam

Tom Wishon

Richard Not a dumb question all all because you really need to see the forging process to better understand how it works. On that here’s a link to a video that shows the actual process of forging to take a hot bar of steel to a raw forging ready for all the machining steps to turn it into a clubhead – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUfvAjAbxfI The 565 and 575 are forged from one piece of steel, just like what is in the video I pasted the link for. One round bar of carbon steel is heated to soften it and then hit/hammered (forged)… Read more »

George Pennock

Hi Tom: I hope retirement is treating you well. I just switched back to Wishon after a detour I should have never taken to try Cobra. My game completely fell apart and I instantly regained strike and flight control once switching back to Wishon. (I’ll not make that mistake again). The 565’s (5-PW standard lie/loft and length w Recoil 807 regular shafts) are my favorite. Thank you for putting together such great products. Your legacy is being well maintained at Diamond!!! Just out of curiosity, which hybrids might you recommend? My biggest concern are the paint chips and durability on… Read more »

Tom Wishon

GEORGE Thanks very much for the kind greetings. As long as the prefix “semi-” is ahead of the word retirement, I am fine! Staying as busy as I want with the new design and product development projects. If and when the semi- disappears, then I might be in trouble !! HA! Nice to hear that the 565’s were able to ‘rescue’ you from temptation that you were subjected to !! I was clearing out a few things last week and stumbled across an unused set of the 565 heads in my workshop and it did prompt me to stop and… Read more »

George Pennock

Semi incredible or semi engaged you are most certainly not. You possess both in spades. Grateful for your feedback. Thanks for being so awesome!!!


Dear sir im a ex tour player and have recently started getting serious again , i have noticed that i play very well with light heads and stiff shafts , im now taking over the teaching shoo and range at a famous golf course in Spain and would like too know if you have a club fitter who could do a demo day and also fit me up with the correct set
regards Dave

Tom Wishon

DAVE There is only one sure way to get what you want in terms of a light head feel with stiff shafts. You’d need to have at least one or two of the clubs that have the correct head weight to shaft flex feel to be disassembled to note exactly what the length, the head weight, and the shaft’s stiffness measurements are. From that it would be easy to determine if the head weight specs of the 565MC irons could be used to get you what you want and a reference could be made to current shafts to find one… Read more »

Björn Egertz

Hi Tom
I live in Sweden.
Do you know any really good club fitters in Sweden that you will recommend? And can I get the 565 in Sweden?
Best regards
Björn Egertz

Tom Wishon

BJORN Thank you very much for your interest. Please go to wishongolf.com one more time and click on the link for FIND A CLUBFITTER. You’ll find this link at the top of the home page. Input Stockholm for the City and Sweden for the State and all the clubfitters within 400 miles of Stockholm will be displayed with their contact information. Of these I personally know and recommend Tee View, Brejans and David Leet Golf. Hopefully one of these will be within close proximity to where you live in Sweden. Thank you again and the very best to you in… Read more »

Pete B

Dear Tom
Thanks for your prompt reply – really impressive!
I would agree that focus and practice required more than anything- may swap my four iron for hybrid but need Richard to check loft and lie first. I have often said he is a victim of his own expertise as the initial fitting was so good! Best wishes

Pete B

Dear Tom Greetings from the UK! Still love my 550c/m set (split at 7, rifles at ~5.3) made for me by Richard Kempton. After 10yrs wondering if I should consider a change. What difference might I notice with the 565s? Also, as I reach 50, would you advise that it may be worth me looking at some of the larger cavity backs eg 755PC or 771CSI. Playing off 13, coming back from shoulder surgery. Hit a high ball and distance not an issue? Finally, what are your views on dropping the 4 iron for a hybrid – already did this… Read more »

Peter B

Hi Tom Greetings from the UK I still love my 550MC set (split at 7 iron) made for me by Richard Kempton. Just thinking about a change after 10yrs or so. what difference should I expect with the 565s? Given that I am reaching my half century (!) would you suggest I took a look at one of the more pronounce cavities eg 755PC or 771CSI? Off to see Richard this week and will of course be taking his advice but still interested in your thought? Playing off 13 and getting back to golf following shoulder surgery. Swing pretty much… Read more »

Tom Wishon

PETER First bit of advice. . . listen to Richard. I still consider him to be the #1 fitter in the world and I mean that. Yes there are about 10 others around the world who are super good and 100 behind them who will always send a golfer away with the best fit he has ever had, but Richard is in a class up there by himself in my opinion. You know the “problem” with being properly fit is that really, unless the golfer experiences a physical change such as a 10mph change in clubhead speed or a new… Read more »

Jon Nowaczyk

I am currently playing the Bridgestone J15CB..hit them well, but think that I could hit them better. Going to a fitting at Golfers Advantage this saturday and I am excited to see what he will say. Currently at a 4-6 but looking to drop lower soon. Any recommendations?

Tom Wishon

JON Sorry this was a little late. I like to do all the answers here and I was out of town for a few days and just got back today to catch up. I am afraid in addition to being late with a response, I can’t help you as much as you would like. What you ask requires me or any fitting expert to know a LOT more about YOU and your swing characteristics, your ball flight/shot tendencies in specifics, and a lot about your ability before being able to offer a coherent recommendation. As a 4-6 you have to… Read more »

Rafael Negron

Are these clubs in the same category as the Ping I200s (in terms of player irons?). Aside from custom fitting, what other advantages do these offer over the Pings? I’m a big fan of Ping, but had a Wishon 919 driver built for my by Tim Mosel in Denville, NJ and no longer use my G10 driver. The 919 is PERFECT and I am having tremendous success with it. I’m about a 10 to 12 handicap and have been playing G5s for years, but I think it’s time to upgrade. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Tom Wishon

RAFAEL Thanks very much for your interest and we’re very pleased to hear that your 919 is performing very well for you. I must say a BIG part of that performance is because Tim is one of the very best fitters on the planet so I am very happy to hear that you work with him for your fitting needs. I wish we had 500 more just like him around the world !!! The 565s are a forged cavity back low offset design so I would say they would be in the same general category as the I200s. I would… Read more »


Hi Tom,
If I order these irons through my preferred club maker, I need them to have a 1 degree upright lie angle. He told me that Diamond performs this service before shipping: can you tell me if they measure each club to be exactly one degree upright from the spec sheet? I know there are tolerances in production, I just wondered if Diamond will adjust to exact specifications based of your design specs? Thank you.

Tom Wishon

Ben If you ask for the iron heads to be adjusted to 1* upright, they will all be adjusted so they are +1* higher than the listed lie specifications for the model. Or you can specify actual lie number for each iron such as “I want the #4 iron to be 59*, the 5 iron to be 60*. . . ” and so on. All iron heads made by every quality clubhead production factory on the planet are made to a +/-1* tolerance. When Diamond does bends, they measure the heads’ lofts BEFORE the bend to know their starting point… Read more »


Still love my original 560MC irons which retired my old 550c irons. It is amazing how well the clubs have held up this long and still the best irons I have ever played.

Tom Wishon

Thanks very much for the comment on the 560MC irons. You know it really is too bad that the huge companies have programmed golfers into believing that new clubhead technology always progresses upward and better every so many years. In reality iron design in terms of forged iron design stopped progressing a long time ago because there is simply nothing more that can be done in the technology of a forged clubhead to make anything better. When we figured out we could carve the entire back of a raw forging out to create a deep cavity with a high MOI… Read more »


Thought you would appreciate this. I have been playing a set of 560’s for 6 years – built by Tim Mosel of Denville, NJ. I have a “want” for new irons – so I went to a demo night and hit a number of club and shaft combos – with stronger lofts, mixed materials, anti-twist technologies, etc. When all was said and done, fitter said keep your irons – I can’t help you – no reason to change – your ball speed is good, spin is right and peak height is where you need it. Other than the deception of… Read more »

Tom Wishon

MIKE I know what you mean when it comes to having the 560s in your bag for a long time – for me it was from day one of the final pre production test sets until early last year when by accident I ended up on a vacation with a set of the Sterling single length irons in my bag. Not being able to exactly head home to switch, I played three rounds with the Sterlings and son of a gun they ended up staying in the bag and ending an 8 yr run of the 560s being in there.… Read more »

Michael Davis

Tom, Happy New Year. I currently am still on the 560’s (4-PW) and still very much in love with them I was wondering if you have any plans for upgrading the 565 to 3d generation this 2018 year or are the 565’s around for another year or two? I had just got the 560’s put together with my fitter when the 565’s were announced so my timing was off but not at all disappointed. I am a big fan of your designs and tell everyone about my “babies in the bag” when they ask “what the heck are you playing… Read more »

Tom Wishon

Michael Not likely for any changes to the 565’s for a long time. Whenever we do a new forging, the cost of the forging dies is so expensive that we really need the model to stick around for more than 5-6 yrs. And with respect to the 565’s, I quite honestly cannot improve upon that progression from 560 to 565. All I could do at the best would be to make it a different shape or back weight cavity shape which would not change anything in performance from what the 565 offers. But I will tell you that I had… Read more »

Peter Hilton

Hi Tom,
I play, and would endorse to anyone that asked, the Sterling Single Length Irons.
Previously to this I played the 771’s. I actually thought these were the best irons I had ever played. That was until I had the Sterlings Custom Fitted.
A friend of mine has had a set of 565’s Custom Fitted but appears to have lost between 10-15 yards per club.
His swing speed could only be classed as moderate.
Could this be put down to the soft forged faces of the 565’s. They have been fitted with White Wishon Shafts.

Tom Wishon

PETER Thank you very much for letting us know how well you like the Sterling single length irons compared to previous models of irons of mine that you have used. Regarding the loss of distance your friend had with the 565MC irons, I feel that this has to be because of the huge discrepancy that exists among all the many different iron models on the market these days. Over the past many years, all of the golf equipment companies have steadly and constantly reduced the loft on their irons. Go back to the 80s and the average 5 iron was… Read more »

Kevin Hayes

Hi Tom – I am undecided on 575 or 565. My club fitter in UK, Clive Crisell, has me trying a 575 #6iron. I love the looks, we have found a shaft specification that feels good, and we have got the grip size right. But I am finding a bit of a wide dispersion in shot length. Getting the shaft and grip right has minimised left and right dispersion but when I hit the 575 ‘pure’ is goes 170yd, with low spin, and when I dont quite get it as good I am down to 150-155yd, with more spin. I… Read more »

Tom Wishon

Kevin The reason you see a bigger change in distance from good shot to poor shot with the 575MMC is because the 575 is a much smaller size head overall. This always is going to drop the level of off center hit forgiveness because all smaller size heads have a lower MOI. For a head to have a high MOI and resist twisting from off center hits, it really has to be a larger size head so that more of the mass of the head can be farther from the center of gravity of the head. 565 will have a… Read more »

Kevin Yarbrough

Tom, I’m currently playing a set of 575CB 5-9 and 575mmc pw. I am having thoughsts of switching to the 565 for a set 5-AW. Life had gotten in the way and my range time has depleted. I LOVE the 575’s but just don’t have the time to practice the way I need to be able to hit them consitenly. Would a move towards the more forgiving 565 be a good move? I have a great club fitter, Tom Miller, here in the Raleigh, NC area. I know you’ve played both, so what’s your opinion? Thanks!

Tom Wishon

KEVIN There is no question that the 565 is going to be more forgiving for off center hits than the 575 because the 565 is larger and has a deeper cavity and thus has a higher MOI. But if your need for off center hit forgiveness is HUGE, then the move to the 771CSI would take the off center hit performance to a FAR grater level than what the 565 can do because of the variable thickness face of the 771. On the other hand, if you wish to keep playing a forged iron, then you would not want to… Read more »

Kevin Yarbrough

Thank you very much for the reply, it answers my question perfectly. I hit the 575’s very good when I’m swinging good. It’d be nice to have a little more forgiveness on those days where it’s not perfect. I love the feel of the 575’s and when they are on, they are deadly, but the edge in forgiveness (less practice time now) and the confidence over a slightly larger (ever so slightly) clubface gives the edge to the 565. Tom Miller is an AWESOME club builder and I would trust few others to build my clubs. Thanks again for the… Read more »

Vince Schiavo

Hi Tom,
I am about to be fitted into a new set of irons by TC of Perfect Lies Golf in NY. We will be trying the 565’s/575′ and the Sterling Single Length irons. I have never hit a shot with your iron heads yet, but, I’m looking forward to the experience of doing so with TC.
I currently game the Hogan Ft. Worth 15 irons and I love their feel, but, I have a few issues that I think may be remedied by getting custom fit.
All the best,

Tom Wishon

I am very pleased to hear that you plan to work with Fred Schaper at Perfect Lies for your fitting needs. You’ll be amazed at how thorough Fred is in his fitting work and how much he cares about getting everything set up as perfect as he can. He’s a really good man and you did right in choosing to work with him. Best wishes to you in this great game and have fun going through the fitting analysis with Fred. And say hello to him for me if you would please !


Hi Tom , I was wondering if you could give me some advice please , I’ve found a set of 560 s for sale but they our a inch shorter in length through the set , my wrist to floor is 32 1/2 inchs , hard question I know but would they still be ok for me …. kind regards jules

Tom Schaefer

I am a high handicapper golfer with a 21 handicap and currently have Nike Covert 2.0 in my bag. I am I looking to replace my set and would love to hear your thoughts.
Thank you in advance