"Always Custom. Never Standard Off the Rack."

Tom Wishon Golf Technology is the leader in professional custom clubfitting design and technology.

Why Professional Clubfitting?

Wishon Golf welcomes all golfers to take just 2 minutes to learn why professional custom fitting can help golfers achieve measureable shot and score improvement. If you’ve been one of the millions who has always bought golf clubs off the rack in a retail golf store, pro shop or online and wondered why you did […]

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Find a Clubfitter

Wishon Golf custom fit golf clubs are available through professional custom clubmakers around the USA and the world.  We have established a list of experienced custom clubmakers who we have personally screened to ensure each golfer will enjoy the custom fitting experience and walk away with custom fit golf clubs that will enable the golfer […]

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12 Myths…

by Tom Wishon, 12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game is a 32-page booklet of key excerpts from Tom Wishon’s award winning and best selling book, The Search for the Perfect Golf Club. Intended as a teaser for the full Search book or as a means for busy golfers with a short attention span […]

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