Professional custom clubfitting involves matching each one of the 12 key clubfitting elements for every club in the bag to each golfer’s combination of size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics.

A colleague of ours in the custom clubmaking industry once made an analogy between custom clubfitting and washing your car that we believe to be very appropriate.

If your car is dirty and trashed out, you can pull it into the driveway, hook up the hose and spray off most of the surface dirt and grime. On the other hand, you can do a better job washing your car by filling a bucket with soapy water and scrub off all of the dirt with a sponge.  Or, you can pull out all of the stops and not only scrub the outside of the car, but wash, wipe, vacuum and detail the inside as well and finish with a wax and buff job.  Yet all of these can be considered to be “washing your car.”

Custom clubfitting is very much the same way. There are different options available in the golf business, all which are termed by some to be a “custom fitting.”  The problem is, since 98% of all golfers really don’t know what constitutes a professional custom fitting, it’s easy to think you’re getting the ‘full detail job’ when you’re really ending up with only a ‘hose job.’

Professional Custom Fitting IS working one on one with a trained custom clubmaker to analyze all of your individual swing characteristics to accurately determine each one of the 12 key clubfitting specifications on ALL 14 golf clubs in the bag.   Professional Custom Fitting IS having all 14 of your golf clubs custom fit and custom built from scratch, in the same manner as a tailor making a custom suit, with every one of the key fitting specifications fit to your size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics .  Professional Custom Fitting IS the domain of the serious, professional clubmaker who ‘lives, eats and breathes’ all of the technical information available which will allow him or her to accurately match each golfer’s swing to the best fit set of golf clubs.  It is NOT the domain of the sales person or club professional in a retail golf store or pro shop.

Golf clubs have been sold off the rack in pro shops and retail golf stores pre-built to a series of standard specifications because this is the only way the big golf companies can sell the volume of clubs they need to sell to achieve the highest level of sales.  Golf is admittedly a difficult game to master, but it is made more difficult when a population of golfers who are anything but standard make the mistake of buying golf clubs which are mass produced to one series of standard specifications.

Don’t make the mistake of buying golf clubs on the basis of the brand name, model name or what pros play that brand.  Don’t believe the myth that custom fit golf clubs only help low handicap golfers.  Professionally custom fit golf clubs are proven to enable golfers of all abilities, and especially those with a handicap between 12 and 25, to be able to play to the best of their ability.

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