A classic players’ shape with CG position designed to shape the ball with more precision…

Finished in all black oxide with cool matte black crown.



The widest possible range in driver fitting options…

The 919THI is Wishon’s most popular, and flexible driver design ever. With a Variable Thickness Face and High MOI, the 919THI delivers the best off centre hit performance in the game.

919THI Drivers are available in both conventional and black oxide satin finishes.


Fairway DRIVER

A perfect fitting option for more control on tight holes and more distance for long second shots…

A “mini-driver”, 260cc volume design for use off the tee on tight tee shot holes where control and accuracy is critical.


Fairway WOODS

Semi-Shallow Face, High COR designfor distance with superb shot consistency

Ideal for golfers who play off tight, close-mown fairways and for golfers who need more confidence in getting the ball well up to fly, the 929HS is a semi-shallow face design with HS300 high strength steel for increased ball speed.


Fairway WOODS

A progressive fairway wood profile design…

The most versatile fairway wood design ever created. Head size and shape progresses gradually from traditional fairway wood all the way up to semi-broad hybrid.

With proprietary 420THC Steel construction to deliver the highest smash factor in an all investment cast woodhead design.