Driver Fitting

3 Key Specifications of Driver Fitting

Posted by on Jan 27, 2012 in Driver Fitting, Tips | 19 comments

Tweet What golfer doesn’t dream of owning that “magic driver” which enables them to hit the ball consistently solid and in play?  Tip number one; the very best driver for every golfer is never selected by its brand or model name or model number.  It is chosen by its custom clubfitting specifications and how those individual factors are matched to the golfer’s size, strength, athletic ability and most of all, to their swing characteristics.  Below, are 3 key specifications for proper Driver fitting, and a couple more for good measure. Driver Length It’s time to be blunt.  The...

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3 Critical Keys to Increasing Driver Distance

Posted by on Jan 24, 2012 in Clubfitting, Driver Fitting, Tips | 98 comments

Tweet What golfer isn’t impressed by the driver distance of tour players? But what about us mere mortals with our 60 to 90-something mph swing speeds? The number one thing that keeps all of us from hitting the ball farther is the physics of impact, otherwise translated to mean “if you don’t have the swing speed, you can’t hit the ball to the screen at the end of the practice range.” But there are three things in a driver which, if matched and custom fit accurately to your swing, can bring about a good bit more distance.   Critical Key #1 The LENGTH of your driver is critical....

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