915F/H Fairway Hybrids915fh-front

915F/H Allows Custom Fitting for Fairway Wood or Hybrid Iron Lengths


  • 915F/H Offers Two Weight Bores to enable assembly within a 3” difference to achieve fairway wood or hybrid club lengths.
  • Full Forward Face Progression design offers the option of a hybrid club that sets up with the look of a fairway wood.
  • Reduced Sole Width Design allows less contact between sole and turf for more consistency from fairway or rough conditions.
  • Semi-Shallow 33mm Face Height is matched perfectly to the head shape for lower CG and ease of play from any lie condition.
  • Available  16° (4-wood or #1 hybrid iron), 18.5° (5-wood or #2 hybrid iron), 21° (7-wood or #3 hybrid iron), and 24.5° (9-wood or #4 hybrid iron).

A 360º view of the 915F/H Clubhead.

Ratings and Reviews

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915F/H, 4.4 out of 5 based on 25 ratings

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  1. The 915F took three strokes off an 8 handicap. My client, a senior golfer who was losing a little distance off the tea, needed a substitute for his 3-iron that would give him more distance and a higher launch angle. He also wanted a design that would work as well out of the rough as out of the fairway. The 915F worked so well for him that he came back and tossed his 4-iron in favor of another 915F. Result: He was able to continue playing off the regular tees with confidence that his 915F’s would help him hit those long par 4’s—and he did, lowering his hadicap to a 5. Rod_CCCGOLFUSA

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