775HS Hybrid Irons

A Unique Hybrid Design with Thin Face, High COR Performance and a Unique Soft Stainless Steel Hosel for a Wide Range of Lie and Face Angle Fitting Options


  • Thin, High COR, High Strength HS350 Steel Alloy Face offers higher ball speed for more distance in a hybrid head design.  Few companies can offer a high COR design in a hybrid.
  • Unique 304 Stainless Steel Hosel allows for much greater ease in bending lie and face angle to broaden custom fitting options (±4°).
  • Split Level, Narrowed Sole Width to reduce sole to turf contact for more solid shotmaking from fairway or rough conditions.
  • 775HS Face Progression is in between that of an Iron and Fairway Wood to enable golfers to play the 775HS with the same ball position and swing motion as an iron of the same loft.
  • Available in RH in #2, 3, 4, 5, 6,  LH in #3.

A 360º view of the 775HS Clubhead.

Tom Wishon talks about the 775 HS Hybrid.

Ratings and Reviews

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775HS, 4.7 out of 5 based on 39 ratings


  1. The Wishon 775 hybrids are the greatest hybrids since sliced bread! The ability to get one custom fitted to an individuals swing makes them the best money can buy! They have a hosel that is designed using a 304 stainless steel that allows a club builder the opportunity to bend that club anywhere from a standard lie to 4 degrees upright or to to a 4 degrees flat lie. I have had the opportunity of looking at the ball speed coming off the face of the hybrid at impact using a Trackman Launch monitor and have witnessed the ball speed increase from 4-8 MPH when the lie has been fitted properly and the golfer is hitting the ball in the middle of the club face. Understanding that every MPH increase is worth 3 yards of distance, a correctly fitted hybrid will fly an additional 12 to 24 yards after being adjusted to the golfers specs!! The feel of the golf ball coming off this head is second to none!!
    I recommend all who would like to very much take advantage of technology, to find a club fitter in their area who can sell and bend this hybrid !!

  2. Unos hibridos fáciles y potentes que son el complemento ideal para el driver 919THI y las maderas 929HS

  3. Awesome! Simply awesome. Looks great at set up. Sounds nice on solid contact. Hits it long. Has weight and lie flexibility.

  4. This is my go to hybrid for fitting. Looks great at setup, has a hot face and has the versatility in weighting so that I can fit nearly every golfer that comes to me. And with the hosel adjustable for lie and face angle it is very easy to fit. A sure winner!

  5. I’m not totally in love with the look of these at address, but everything else about this hybrid is perfect. The feel & sound are second to none and remind me of the 949MC & 929HS fairways. The forgiveness is fantastic. There are 2 hosel weight ports and the hosel allows for easier bending. I don’t think anything was overlooked with this head. It seems a bit expensive until you realize what you’re getting and then it’s clearly a bargain. I prefer the look of the 331H (also a great hybrid), but that’s just me.

  6. I just love these! I have the 3 through 6 hybrid, much easier to hit than irons. I’m a 4 handicapper but I’ve built a bunch of these for every level of golfer. Great looking, solid clubs!

  7. Hi Tom,

    I am playing a Titleist AP1 714 5 to PW and a Burner Superfast 2.0 hybrid (4 with 21º).

    The irons 4 and 3 of the AP1 are 23º and 20º respectively and length of 38,5’’ and 39’’.

    If I want to use 2 hybrids to substitute these two clubs, do they have to have same loft and length?

    Modern hybrids have a stronger loft and are longer…

    What of your heads do you recommend? I am middle handicap but improving fast! 

    Thank you very much and regards

    • Luis

      I’ve never designed a hybrid to be anything but the same length and the same general loft as the iron it is replacing – because I firmly believe the purpose of a hybrid is to hit the ball the same distance as a perfectly hit shot with the iron(s) being replaced, but be a club that is easier to hit the ball consistently well for those distances.

      I really have been against the way the big golf companies design and make their hybrid clubs. With virtually every other company, their hybrids are designed to be much longer in length than any iron of the same loft. the reason? Because these companies try so hard to make clubs that only do one thing – hit the ball longer so golfers will be impressed and buy them with little thought.

      If you had a 20 and 23* loft hybrids that were both 40 and 40.5″ in length, you would end up with an inordinate distance gap between your 5 iron and the 23* hybrid – with no club to fill that in. You also would find that you would hit the 20* hybrid about the same distance as your 5 wood, so you would end up with a duplication of a club for that distance.

      What makes so much more sense is to be fit for your hybrids so they would have the same loft and same length as the irons being replaced – meaning 20* and 39″ and then 23* and 38 1/2″. then your transition to the 5 iron is more smooth in terms of distance gap, and you also get the other benefit that with these hybrids being 39 and 38 1/2 in length, they’ll be easier to hit more consistently well than if they were longer.

      If your needs are imminent, I would recommend the 775HS hybrids. But if you can wait until the spring, I would recommend the new 335HL hybrids that we will introduce in March 2014. Information on the 775HS is available on our website now under DESIGNS. Information for the new 335HL hybrids is not yet completed to be up on the website yet – probably early January for that. If you need help finding a clubfitter with whom you can work to be properly fit, you can either use the FIND A CLUBFITTER locator on the middle of our home page. Or you can email us at contact@wishongolf.com with the name of the town/city in which you live, and we would be glad to check and respond with a recommendation of someone in your area.

      Thanks so much for your interest and the very best wishes to you in this great game,

  8. Hi Tom,

    Thank you very much for your answer. I really appreciate it.

    I think I will wait until march and give a look to the new 335HL! I am actually curious about the new desing!

    Best regards,


  9. Hi Tom,

    Would you be manufacturing the 335HL hybrids for left handed golfers ?


    • yes, we will have both the #3 and 4 hybrids in left hand in the new upcoming 335HL hybrid head design.


    • Thanks a lot Tom for taking care of left handed golfers as well! Really appreciate it. I just can’t wait to get my hand on these. Was about to place my order for the current model with Tim (NJ) till I saw your comment above. Will be getting a TRUE 4 hybrid, as the one I have now says 22, but when measured is a degree stronger and its about 3 inches longer as well. It created a distance gap in the set.
      Totally love your idea about building hybrids as iron replacements with the key intention of making it easier to hit.

      Have to be the first one trying these!

      Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  10. Hi Tom,

    I dont really undertand the tip of this hybrids (335 or 370). What is the implication of this?

    I have seen that your S2S shafts does come with the right tim, but have happen if I whished to use a different shaft? It is just curiosity and desire to know.

    Thank you very much in advance

    • Luis:

      By using a 0.335″ diameter for the tip section of our hybrid shafts, it becomes a easier for us to design these shafts so that they allow golfers to get the ball up in the air to fly higher, more easily than if the shafts are designed with the larger 0.370″ tip diameter. So I always design all of our hybrid shafts with a 0.335 tip section diameter, and from that, when I design our hybrid heads, I always design their bore diameter to match to the 0.335 tip diameter of the hybrid shafts. We do occasionally have clubmakers who ask us to bore out our hybrid heads for them to be able to use some other 0.370″ tip diameter hybrid shaft model. We can do that reaming of the hosel bore to 0.370″ for any of our hybrid models, should anyone want that. But we are and always have been VERY PLEASED with the performance of our hybrid shafts with their 0.335 tip diameter. And now that we have the S2S White, Black, Ruby Lite and Red all in hybrid shaft designs, we do very much have a different hybrid shaft for just about any golfer swing type.


  11. Thank you very much Tom!

    I asked because a clubmaker has told me that he does not have any stock of the S2S Red and that it would imply a delay in sending the clubs to me.

    After your explanation I think it is worth to wait until he receive the shafts so I can have the club you designed and no something diferent.

    I am going ot order the hybrid 4, 23º and 38,5 inches with the S2S Red! Can wait to put mi hands on it!

    Thanks again! It is a pleasure to have the chance to solve my doubts here! Apreciate it a lot!

    KR from Spain

  12. Dear Tom,

    I really appreciate all your responses to our queries. I am going to get a 775 4 hybrid (24º) but I am not sure about what shaft should I buy.

    My Speed Swing with a Driver is 95 MPH and with a 6 iron with a 95 grams shaft is 85 MPH.

    More info with the 6 iron:
    Attack Ang.: -2,1
    Club path: 3,1
    Face Ang.: 1,6
    Face to path: -1,6
    Height: 30 metros
    Spin rate: 6973
    Dyn. Loft: 26,4
    Spin Axis: -1,0
    Launch Ang.: 20,2

    What of your shafts and in what flex do you recommend me? The one you say is the one I am getting! 

    Thank you very much in advance

    • LUIS
      Happy to help but I need to ask you to respond to these questions which will tell us additionally what we need to know beyond the launch monitor outputs you listed. For convenience, you can respond to contact@wishongolf.com with these answers.

      1. When you start the downswing, is your transition force best described as strong/forceful/aggressive or smooth/gradual/easy or somewhere in between these two?

      2. Would you say your downswing tempo over all is aggressive, smooth or somewhere in between these two? Would you characterize yourself as a “HITTER” or as a “SWINGER” or in between with regard to your downswing tempo?

      3. When do you unhinge your wrist cock angle on the downswing – early, a little before midway, midway, a little later than midway, or very late in the downswing?

      Get us those answers with your return email address and we will be glad to respond with a shaft recommendation.


  13. Hi Tom,

    Just to let you know that I have ordered an 4 hybryd to a Spanish clubmaker! Can’t wait to put my hands on it!

    • Great to hear and we hope that it performs superbly for you when you put it into play!

  14. This hybryd performance is superb!
    I ordered a hybryd 4, 23º and 38,5 inches with the S2S Red shaft and it is amazing!
    The feeling is great and it is just what I was looking for: the perfect replacement for my 4iron that I dont know how to play!
    I am seriosly considering getting a hybryd 3!
    Thanks Tom!

    PS: knitted head cover is just brilliant!

  15. I just built a new Wishon 775HS 5 hybrid (handpicked 28*) with a regular flex red hybrid shaft earlier this week, and I put it right in the bag for 2 nine hole rounds this Easter weekend. During 1st round, I hit a par 5 in two from 190 yards for the first time in a long time. Made the putt for eagle. Next day, I had 185 yards to a front pin on one of our toughest & tightest holes, and I holed out! Before you get too skeptical, I holed out for a par 4 because my first drive was OB :? I will be adding a 24* Wishon 775HS to the bag with the same red hybrid shaft to the bag very soon.

    Thanks for a great hybrid design.

  16. Is it possible to bend the loft of 18° to about 21°?

    • ERIC
      There is a HUGE amount of confusion concerning what clubs you can bend for loft changes and what clubs you cannot. Irons can be bent for a loft change because we golfers ALWAYS address the ball with an iron positioned and held SQUARE behind the ball. But with clubheads such as drivers, woods and hybrids that are designed with a much wider sole than an iron, most golfers have the habit of SOLING the head to let it rest on its sole on the ground as they address the ball. When you sole the head, the same direction of bend on an iron that brings about a loft change will cause a FACE ANGLE change on a driver/wood/hybrid head.

      If you were to always address the ball with the face of the driver/wood/hybrid held or placed square to the ball, then a bend of the hosel could change loft in the driver/wood/hybrid. But if you do this, the sole is no longer parallel to the ground – so if you bent the driver/wood/hybrid hosel to try to lower the loft, when holding the face square to get the loft reduction, the leading edge would be much lower than the trailing edge so the leading edge could dig more into the ground when hitting a shot off the ground. And conversely, if you bent the driver/wood/hybrid hosel to try to increase the loft, when holding the face square to get the loft reduction, the trailing edge would be much lower than the leading edge so the trailing edge could cause the sole to bounce more off the ground when hitting a shot. Only if you designed all drivers/woods/hybrids with as narrow of a sole as is typical on irons could you eliminate this possible digging or bouncing effect from bending a driver/wood/hybrid hosel to try to change loft.

      Drivers/Woods/Hybrids have always been designed to be used by SOLING the head in the address position because these heads are always designed with a much wider sole. As such, because of the effect of raising or lowering the leading edge from a hosel bend for loft, this is why it is never a good idea to try to bend a driver/wood/hybrid hosel to try to change loft – and also why that direction of bend on a driver/wood/hybrid is only done to change the face angle to offer accuracy improvement. And thus when you want/need a different loft in a driver/wood/hybrid you have to get a different head with that loft designed into the head from the get go.

      So in your specific question about bending an 18* hybrid to have 21* loft, here’s what would happen. After the bend if you SOLED the head, it would sit 3* closed for the face angle. Then if you rotated the face back to square behind the ball, you would get the 21* loft but now the trailing edge would be sitting well off the ground as the head would touch the ground on its trailing edge. In fluffy longer grass you could get away with this. But if you had a shot from a tight mown fairway, you’d more than likely fight bouncing the trailing edge off the ground and impacts would tend to always be much lower on the face.

      Hope this helps,

  17. Excellent Hybrid. Custom fit by Tom is very good for me. Also make a very fine club for pitching with around the green.

    • Many thanks Paul for your kind comments about the irons, fwy wood and hybrids in your separate comment posts !!!


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