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  • Please scroll down to read comments about the 730CL set.
  • Designed with a thinner face expressly for golfers with a swing speed of 80mph or lower to increase ball velocity.  Golfers with a swing speed of 90mph or higher are NOT to use this driver.
  • The 730CL driver is designed with a High Launch loft of 16° to match correctly with swing speeds lower than 80mph to generate the proper launch angle for maximizing distance.
  • The 730CL Long and High Fairway woods are 20° and 26° loft respectively, and are perfect lofts for a golfer with a sub-80mph swing speed to use to get the ball up easily off the fairway and generate proper distance in between the two woods.

730CL Hybrid Irons


  • The 730CL hybrids are designed with 6° loft increments because golfers with a sub-80mph wood swing speed do not achieve a useable distance difference between clubs made with less of a loft difference.
  • Sub-80mph golfers who sweep the ball off the ground or who have difficulty hitting the ball high enough with conventional irons should opt for the all hybrid irons in the 730CL set.


730CL PW and DW Wedges


  • A perfect match and complement to the 730CL set for the <80mph swing speed player are the PW (48°) and DW (54°).
  • DW is a Dual Wedge, designed with the right balance of bounce sole angle for use in the sand or in tall grass around the greens.
  • 730CL wedges are designed with a taller heel profile and more level topline slope angle, to better “frame” the ball on all shots.  From the sand, the higher heel profile of the DW does help push more sand out behind the ball to assist the slower swinger in getting the ball out of the sand more consistently.
  • Both PW and DW are designed with a 0.370″ bore to accept the matching 730CL wedge shafts.

A 360º view of the 730CL Woods.

A 360º view of the 730CL Irons and 730CL Hybrids.

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730CL, 3.9 out of 5 based on 17 ratings


  1. I live in Iceland. Started golf a few years ago for my retirement which has started. Progress is slow. The more I read and watch DVD about golf the more I get confused. Went for a golf fitting done by, Mr. Björnsson Birgir with a flightScope technic.
    He recommended your product for me, Wishon 730CL . Driver not longer than 44”.
    Now using a 45,25” long with a 12 loft.
    730CL fairwoods, 1 long with with 20 loft and a high 26 loft. 730CL Hybrids, 5,6/7 and 8/9. And 730CL wedges PW and DW.
    My question is where can I order and buy these in or near Orlando FL.
    Can you give me app. price.

    • Mr. Hafstein

      Thank you very much for taking your time to come out website and post your question. You absolutely did the right thing to go see Biggi and to work with him for your fitting needs. I have known him for many years now through our technical correspondence. Biggi would write to me with his technical questions and I would answer to help him increase his knowledge. At this point I can tell from the depth of our discussions that he really is one of the 10 or 20 best clubfitters that I know in the world. I would strongly recommend that you buy the clubs from him that he has fit for you and to not try to hunt around for someone who would be cheaper than him and possibly not build the clubs with the right specifications.

      For your information, we do not have anything to do with what any of the clubmakers charge for the clubs they may fit and build using my designs. All of the clubmakers are independent business people. They are not tied to Wishon Golf in anyway, nor are they tied to any other company in any type of contractual relationship. As independent business people, they are free to determine their services and prices that they offer and charge to golfers. We can have nothing to do with that. As a result, the prices that the clubmakers charge will vary depending on many factors – the clubmaker’s overhead, the time the clubmaker spends in the fitting, the level of knowledge and experience of the clubmaker are all factors that are involved in each clubmaker’s pricing decisions.

      Thank you very much for your interest and I do so very much hope that you work with Biggi for your final purchase. He really is good and you would be sure that not only would you be getting the best set of golf clubs you have ever bought, but it will be made right and if you need any follow up help or services, Biggi would be there to do that for you.


  2. I would like to know if the 730cl driver is bendable? Would like my club fitter to lower the loft to 14 or 14.5 degrees. I hit this club well, however I hit it so high that I believe I could get a bit more distance with a bit lower loft and get more roll.

  3. I have always only played with irons vs hybrids. Your 730CL ruby light AA flex hybrids were sold to me as I was told to update my clubs. I have never had trouble hitting my irons. Will it take me awhile to get used to them as I was a bit discouraged my first time at the driving range. Should I have stayed with irons or will I get used to these hybrids? Thus, hitting the ball further?
    Thank you for your response.

    • PATTIE
      Give it 2 to 3 ball striking or playing sessions/days with the new clubs and if things are not up to your satisfaction, then get back in contact with the clubfitter/clubmaker who fit you and built the clubs and tell him or her what’s going on, what specifically you are doing and not doing with the clubs vs the way you hit your former clubs. Things like this are always a matter of the fitting – the combination of specifications the clubs were made to have to try to fit you and your swing. ALL of the clubmakers are independent business people so this part is a matter between you and the fitter because the 730CL model has been in our product line for 8 yrs with a lot of happy golfers using them – but only when the fit is done right to match the playing characteristics of the golfer. So you need to be working with the clubmaker to get these things re evaluated so you can feel the best about your new clubs. If that cannot be done to your satisfaction, then let us know through contact@wishongolf.com and we’ll try to do our best from afar to help you.


  4. Thanks Tom for the technical answer. In my mind I have always thought that hybrids in a similar loft (say 19 or 20 degrees) would be more accurate than a fairway wood in the same loft. At least that has been my experience. So I am one of those guys that jump from the driver to a 19 degree 3 hybrid. I received my 730cl 5, 6/7 and 8/9 hybrids from Ray Richards today. Looking forward to hitting more greens in the future with those clubs. I do however like the idea of your two 730cl woods as if those would work for me as well as my current lower lofted hybrids I could possibly delete 2 clubs from my bag. Ray is going to put together a test club for me of the 730cl long fairway wood, which will give me an idea how that might work for me.


    • Tom: It sure is helpful to be able to change the lie on your clubs. I have had the 730 cl hybrids now for a week that Ray put together for me. I checked the lie on those clubs in my yard using a net and impact tape and a marking pen. Found that all the lines were going toward the toe, so the lies were a bit too upright for me. I have long arms relative to my height. Any way Ray bent them -2 degrees and after checking the lies again I found that all the marking pen lines on the club face were straight up an down. I had a couple of irons in my original Adams set that I could not hit straight, with balls always going off to the right. I always thought I was not getting the club face closed, but now know that it was the lie angles. They were too upright for me. Since finding that out I recently check my PW and SW of that set and found the same thing, so I am having Ray make me a PW and SW in you 979ss line with the Ruby lite shafts. I went with those because I like cavity backs. The way I figure it, I can make bad shots all on my own and I do not need the club to help me make bad shots with incorrect lie angles.

  5. Tom: I am curious to know why you went with a 20 and 26 degree fairway woods with this set and not hybrids with similar lofts? Just wonder what your thinking was and or what your data showed.



    • JERRY

      Sure thing. A few reasons for that decision, some which are technical in nature and the others which are more “esoteric” or let’s say, dictated by the usual buying trends of the market of golfers.

      Technically, fairway woods almost always have a lower and a more rear located center of gravity than will hybrids. This is because the typical head shape of a fwy wood is less tall and definitely more broad from front to back than a hybrid. With the lower lofts associated with fwy woods, that lower and more rear located CG can help get the ball up better than could be possible with a hybrid head shape.

      The other technical point is that shafts for woods actually bend physically more than do shafts designed for use with hybrids and irons. This is just a fact of shaft design that has been around forever. The longer length of wood shafts coupled with the smaller tip diamter means the physical amount of bending is greater with a wood shaft. And that can also help get the ball up a little bit more.

      Esoterically, most golfers are very used to buying a set that includes fairway woods. To present a set to a player that jumps from a driver straight to hybrid clubs would make a fair number of golfers believe that either something is wrong or that their set is missing some clubs they should have. Traditional mental things like this exist in several different ways with golfers regarding their equipment and it is a definite fact that any company engaged in the sales of golf clubs had better know these things and respect them. There is no question more golfers will prefer this 730CL set to have fairway woods to bridge between the driver and the all hybrid irons than there would be who would be comfortable jumping straight from a driver to hybrids.


  6. Tom: I have a question about the 730cl hybrids. Is the steel in the face of these hybrids a different kind of steel that has more spring to it? The reason I ask is that a club fitter in the Melbourne, FL area (Ray Richards) made me a test club of the 730cl 6/7 with the Ruby lite A shaft. I have never hit a 36 degree lofted club as far as I do this club. I have played several rounds with this club and have really hit the ball straight, high and with great accuracy. I really like the design of these, especially the offset seems get the ball high in the sky.

    Also have a question about the 730cl fairway woods. Is the steel in the face of those the same as the hybrids of that line?

    I ordered a set of the 730cls hybrids #5, 6/7 and 8/9 from Ray last week.

    Thanks for your time.

    Vero Beach, FL

    • JERRY
      No, the 730CL heads are a standard investment cast 2 piece construction made from 431 stainless steel. It is not a spring face, higher COR design. It is the same steel used in the 730 fairway woods as well as our 335HL hybrid heads. I’m guessing a reason you note a little better performance is chiefly because of how well Ray was able to choose the fitting specs of the clubs to better match your swing characteristics. That coupled with the design of the heads to put the center of gravity a little lower in relation to the ball than what you perhaps had with your previous clubs would be my assessment for what’s going on. At any rate, we’re very pleased to hear that you like the clubs and you’re enjoying the game a little more !!


  7. Tom: What’s the standard length you recommend for the 730CL driver?

    • JOE:
      We are strictly a custom fitting company in everything we do so there is no such thing as a standard length for anything we design. However, because we do have to design a spec head weight for every model, that does mean we have to choose a basic length that allows the club to come out within a normal range of swing weight within a reasonable range of shaft weight and grip weight. Based on that premise, the 205g spec head weight of the 730CL driver head when built with a 60-65g shaft and a 46g avg grip weight at a length of 43″ will start at a swingweight of C5-C6, since the model is designed for slower swing speeds. All heads do have our hosel weight bore so up to a 9 gram weight plug can be added there during the assembly process which could get the swingweight up to C9-D0 at 43″ with these other grip weight and shaft weights in my example.

      Hope this helps

  8. Tom,

    I have been a self taught club maker for many years, and while I will put my knowledge level up against many, I will quickly admit that many know more, and that in all situations, I would be more than happy to listen to what you have to say. I pretty much agree with you that custom club fitting is the way to go, although, like anyone, occasionally I will come across a club that has nothing in common with specs that should be right for me and I find myself striping it every time. The problem then becomes constancy and feel between clubs in a set. Anyway, I’ve noticed that you have chosen a .335 tip for your hybrids rather than a .370 tip like other component companies that I also respect. Could you explain your rational for that decision?

    • Sure thing. it was back in the summer of 2002 when I was finalizing all the head designs for our first year in business in 2003. In the testing for our first hybrid model 321Li, I had anticipated designing the head with a 0.370 bore so that one could use any iron shaft in the assembly. After all, I saw hybrids as iron replacements so I was designing mine to be built to iron lengths and with the same iron shafts the player would use in his conventional irons. But in testing, it just seemed that the ball flight from these hybrids with the iron shafts was not as high as what I wanted and overall it just wasn’t what I wanted. So I got the idea to develop special hybrid shafts with a 0.335 tip section because the smaller diameter tip section would make it easier for the lower part of the shaft to bend forward more at impact, thus increasing dynamic loft to increase trajectory. At the same time, I did not want these smaller tip shafts to feel too whippy so I began to experiment with different combinations of butt to tip stiffness to try to get to a point that the tip section would bend forward more to increase dynamic loft but to not do it in a way that transmitted a whippy feel to the golfer. That took some different iterations in the shaft design, but I did get it done. Even the earliest feedback on these 335 tip hybrid shafts was fantastic so I knew I was on to something better. And as such I have done several different hybrid head designs since then, but every one has always been created to go with our family of 0.335 tip hybrid shaft designs.

  9. Hello

    I am an improving 54 year old 28 handicapper with a relatively slow swing speed. I am off average height (6 foot)and I live in the north of England. Would my best option from your range be the 730cl ?

    I want to go with your designs but the marketing done by the major brands sways me towards them. I have however read your book on searching for the perfect golf club.



    • DOUG

      Thanks very much for taking the time to visit our site and pose your question. We’re always happy to help. The key to having your next equipment purchase result in the best performance possible is going to be first and foremost, to get fit by a clubmaker who really knows the knowledge and has the experience to analyze you and know without question what your best complement of fitting specifications and clubhead and shaft models need to be to best match your swing characteristics.

      There are a number of very good clubfitters in the UK, so if you would be so kind as to email me at contact@wishongolf.com and tell me what town/city you live in and what distance you may be willing to travel to be properly fit, I will be very glad to consult my references and data base to see if there is a very good clubfitter in reasonable proximity to where you live with whom you can meet and work with to find your very best fitting specs.


  10. My wife is 5′ 1/2′ tall and would not likely travel for a club fitting. I think the 730 CL clubs would enhance her enjoyment of the game. What measurements would we need to get her into a full let of 730CL clubs?

    • NED

      The best way we can help to identify all of the proper fitting specifications for your wife is if you can answer the questions in the YOUR FIT Fitting Information Form, as accurately as you can, and then click at the bottom to send the information to us. We’ll analyze everything and respond with a list of the full specs for the 730CL set. we offer this service for golfers who either do not live conveniently to a good clubfitter or who wish us to perform the analysis based on accurate answers to the questions on the form. Here is the link to the form – http://wishongolf.com/clubmakers/twgt-your-fit-custom-fit-questionnaire/ At the top of the form, you can put the account number as YF1000.

      Thanks very much for your interest,

  11. Do you now, or will you make the 730cl clubs in a left hand model? I have a small woman that plays a good bit but other than her driver can’t get balls up well, and these clubs seems ideal for her…but she is a lefty.


    Mike S.

    • Michael

      I am sorry that we do not offer the 730CL in left hand. The demand for left hand in any model has never been greater than 8% of what the right hand version sells and when you consider women’s models in left hand, the average demand from my experience in the industry has been less than 4% of the total demand in right hand for the model. So I am very sorry to say that the demand has just not been there to tool up the 730CL for production in left hand.

      In left hand to help the lady, I would recommend the 919THI LH in 13.5 but to ask for us to hand select it with as much loft as possible. I know we can find 14.5 and maybe just maybe if we look hard enough we might find one at 15. In the woods, we can offer the 929HS in a 19* #5 wood or the 925HL woods in a 5 and 7 in which we could hand select for lofts of 19 and 22 degs among the #5 and 7 heads. Then we can offer the 335 HL hybrid #4 in 25* through a hand select for more loft. From that point, the 979SS irons with their slightly less tall blade height could work for the #6 through the rest of the set because we can offer that in left hand.

      Sorry for the lack of the 730 in LH and thanks so much for your interest,

  12. My husband had a set of series 7 Tom Wishon clubs made for me , several years ago and I really like them! I need new covers for my 5. 7 and 9 fairway woods where can I get them?

  13. Tom,
    The 730CL concept is simply brilliant!
    I built a set for young man who was trying to make his high school golf team. Being small in stature, this set was a the perfect technology.
    He had been playing with his father’s set with which he struggled greatly and was not improving. With the new set, improvement was almost instantaneous .not only is this young man enjoying this great game of golf, he is excelling … Last week he shot even par for nine holes!

    Mario Ramirez

    • MARIO
      Wow, that’s really great to hear! We can only imagine how good the young man felt when he instantly started to hit the ball better. And a really big pat on the back goes to YOU for identifying that the young man needed help with his equipment. Good for you and thanks so much for being there to help the young man!!

      Best to you in this great game!


  14. Dear Mr. Wishon,
    I would like to know if the 730CL series is also a available for left hand players ?
    If not, which other iron series from your catalog would you recommend for a left hander woman (49 years – handicap 32) ?
    A last question: Any clubfitter to recommend in Belgium ?
    Thanks a lot for your reply.
    Best regards,
    Joëlle Joguenne

    • Ms. Joguenne:
      Thank you so much for your interest in our company and our designs and technology. We do appreciate that very much!

      I am sorry but we have not developed the model 730CL clubheads in a left hand version yet. In its place, for the irons I would recommend our model 979SS in the left hand. it is designed with slightly less tall head sizes in the lower loft irons in the set, and all of the 979SS iron heads are designed with a little wider sole to bring the center of gravity a little lower in the head to help get the ball up to fly a little easier.

      I Belgium, I would recommend that you contact one of the following clubmakers, depending on which is more convenient to your location:

      The Golf Fitting Studio
      Sterrebeek, Belgium
      Phone: 497 51 07 53

      Golf Innovation
      Schoten, Belgium
      495 510 721

      Thank you very much and the very best wishes in this great game!!


  15. Tom,

    What shaft do you suggest for the golfer who wants a 730CL conventional iron (8/9), but wasn’t recommended a Ruby Lite shaft by the Shaft Fitting System? The Shaft Fitting System suggested a S2S Green Iron A (tipped .5″) and an S2S White Hybrid AA (not tipped).

    • JASON

      The S2S Ruby Lite iron shaft is a 0.370″ tip diameter so it will not fit into the 0.335 bore of the 730CL iron or 730CL hybrid. The shaft fitting program cannot know what clubhead model a golfer would want to use. And in this case it is a bit unusual because we did design the 730CL irons and hybrids with a 0.335 bore. Fortunately the weight and the bend profile of the Ruby Lite is very close to the S2S Green, so for the 730CL iron, you can use the Ruby Lite A tipped 1/2″ and you will be completely ok with the shaft selection. THanks for bringing this up so we could help.


  16. Yes this set is a winner for all slower swingers. Covers all the bases and easy for the golfer to quickly learn what club to use from what distance. Very uncomplicated and makes for a lightweight bag too.

  17. These are the best clubs for golfers with less than 80 mph swing speeds. I have fit many seniors and lady’s very successfully. The best thing is they rationalize set makeup for slow swinging golfers which gives them proper distance gaps without carrying a bunch of clubs they can’t hit well. And the versatility to fit the mid irons in either a hybrid or regular iron gives me the ability to fit nearly every golfer with a lower swing speed. I’ve had golfers tell me “I was ready to give up golf until you fit me with these clubs”. A true testament to their ability to help slow swinging golfers to keep playing and still enjoy the game.

  18. The Wishon 730 CL set is without a doubt the best componets for Women and seniors with swing speeds below 80 mph. With the choice of conventional irons or hybrid irons covers all golfers of all skills.
    These 730 CL sets when equipped with the ruby lite shafts in A or AA flex have given many golfers a new joy in playing the game with these easy to hit clubs. The 730 CL set is the only choice I recommend for women and older seniors clients.

  19. Todos los juegos que he montado, en la versión hibridos, a jugadores seniors hombres y sobre todo mujeres, han dado como resultado un jugador agradecido, que ha visto como puede volver a disfrutar del juego otra vez cuando pensaba que ya no podría.

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