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  • Please scroll down to read comments about the 730CL set.
  • Designed with a thinner face expressly for golfers with a swing speed of 80mph or lower to increase ball velocity.  Golfers with a swing speed of 90mph or higher are NOT to use this driver.
  • The 730CL driver is designed with a High Launch loft of 16° to match correctly with swing speeds lower than 80mph to generate the proper launch angle for maximizing distance.
  • The 730CL Long and High Fairway woods are 20° and 26° loft respectively, and are perfect lofts for a golfer with a sub-80mph swing speed to use to get the ball up easily off the fairway and generate proper distance in between the two woods.

730CL Hybrid Irons


  • The 730CL hybrids are designed with 6° loft increments because golfers with a sub-80mph wood swing speed do not achieve a useable distance difference between clubs made with less of a loft difference.
  • Sub-80mph golfers who sweep the ball off the ground or who have difficulty hitting the ball high enough with conventional irons should opt for the all hybrid irons in the 730CL set.


730CL PW and DW Wedges


  • A perfect match and complement to the 730CL set for the <80mph swing speed player are the PW (48°) and DW (54°).
  • DW is a Dual Wedge, designed with the right balance of bounce sole angle for use in the sand or in tall grass around the greens.
  • 730CL wedges are designed with a taller heel profile and more level topline slope angle, to better “frame” the ball on all shots.  From the sand, the higher heel profile of the DW does help push more sand out behind the ball to assist the slower swinger in getting the ball out of the sand more consistently.
  • Both PW and DW are designed with a 0.370″ bore to accept the matching 730CL wedge shafts.

A 360º view of the 730CL Woods.

A 360º view of the 730CL Irons and 730CL Hybrids.

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730CL, 4.0 out of 5 based on 21 ratings


  1. As I advance in my seasoned citizen years, shorter length clubs are much easier for me go hit then longer clubs. I’d like to shorten the 5h and both fairway woods to the same length as the 6/7h. The clubs all have A flex ruby light shafts. How much will this effect the swing weight of the clubs?

    • Joseph

      The rule of thumb you can use is that a golf club loses 3 swingweight points for each half inch that is removed when the club is made shorter. You did not say what the length of your clubs is so you’ll have to determine that and then use this guideline to do the math to know. In general when you shorten existing clubs by an inch or more, you do not usually need to try to add weight back to the head to achieve the exact previous swingweight. But you do need to add weight back to the head to at least bring the swingweight up to be 2/3’s of the difference between what it was and what it is after the length cut. So for example if the club’s previous swingweight was C9 before the length cut and B9 after the shortening, you would at least want to get the swingweight up to around C6 to C7 for the shorter club so you have enough head feel in the club to not screw up your swing tempo.

      Hope this helps,

  2. HI Tom, is the ferrule for the 730CL hybrid iron “any .335 WD STD ferrule (12.3mm)” p24 or “ferrule 121- HY-IR (13.8mm) p78. Thanks

    • GARTH
      The 730CL hybrids use any ferrule that is made for use with any of our fairway woods such as the 121-WD-STD. That would be a ferrule with a bottom OD of 12.3mm and an ID for a 0.335″ shaft.


  3. HI Tom, does the second weight bore just use a hosel bore weight? does the medallion snap on and off or should I buy the replacement medallions?

    • GARTH
      There is no weight bore chamber under the TW medallion on the toe end of the sole of our driver models. This includes the 730CL as well as the 919THI. It is there for cosmetic purposes only. At one time years ago I did try to put a weight bore there on my driver models but testing proved that the presence of the weight bore cylinder extending down inside the head changed the sound of impact badly – it made impact sound too loud so I dropped the idea of ever having a sole located weight bore on any of my drivers. Instead I just left the oval shaped recess to put a cosmetic TW logo medallion in there with no weight bore under it. So do not pry that medallion off. If the medallion somehow happens to fall out, you would just see a flat surface in an oval shape and you’d need to order a new medallion to stick in there to fill that little recess shallow cavity. Hope this helps,


  4. HI Tom, re the ferrule for a 730CL iron hybrid. The 2018 TW Catalog on p24 says to use any .335 WD STD ferrule (12.3mm) yet on p78 it mentions ferrule 121- HY-IR (13.8mm).

    Please clarify which is the correct ferrule . Thanks

    • GARTH

      Sorry for the confusion in the catalog. All of my drivers are made with a 13.0mm diameter for the top of the hosel. So every one of my drivers is to use the Ti ferrules which are 13.0mm for the diameter of the bottom of the ferrule – 121-Ti for the plain black ferrule for 0.335″ tip shafts for all my titanium driver heads.


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