Smoooth Series Model 5 Putter


Smoooth Series Putters

High MOI Semi-Mallet Design…


  • Please scroll down to read comments about the Smoooth Series Model 5 Putter.

  • Steel heel and toe weights with high quality aluminum center offer a very high MOI for off center hit forgiveness

  • Large sole weight cavity can receive three of the 14g tungsten weight disks to increase headweight between 335g to as high as 377g

  • High grade aluminum center body offers a very soft impact feel

A 360º view of the Smoooth-5 Putter.

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Rating: 3.6/5 (90 votes cast)


Smoooth Series Model 5 Putter, 3.6 out of 5 based on 90 ratings


  1. Hi Tom
    Do you have a Smooth Series 5 putter in LH left? I am very interested and have a rep in PA who can order for me…. I am officially all Wishon with sterling irons and all woods…. just received driver Monday from Rick…. love your products. Thank you in advance for your reply…. looking at 33 inch in LH (lefty)

    • Sorry Paul but there are no more of the Smooth series putter heads left in stock. Just before I handed the product line over to Diamond Golf International to take forward, we cleaned out a lot of the models that just did not have enough of a demand to justify keeping them in the product line. Left hand putter heads was one of these areas in which we just did not get enough orders to justify keeping them in stock. Sorry about that, but thanks very much for your interest,


  2. Hi Tom

    Thanks for the reply which has confused me a little. You appear to be saying that the “benefits” which may be offered by a face-balanced putter can be replicated by careful building of a putter specifically for an individual? I live in Sheffield, England and I have been in correspondence with a club builder but for such an important decision I felt it worthwhile to consult the master. If I understand you correctly you seem to be saying that I could choose a head which looks pleasing to me and a builder could then fit that to my stroke, which is largely a straight back and through.

    Thanks for your help.

    Kind Regards


    • DOUG
      There are people in the golf industry who swear that all golfers with a straight back/straight through putting stroke motion need to be using a center shaft putter with face balanced design, and they say that golfers with an arc-ing type putting stroke do better with a heel shafted toe hang type putter. I personally believe these things are so very slight in their effect that they pale in comparison to taking the time to be properly fit for the putter for the best length, lie, weighting, grip type and of course the head model that you like the best for ease of lining up the ball to the target line. Ignore these key fitting elements and there is no way a golfer can putt to the best of his given ability regardness of the position of the shaft in the putter head.


  3. Hello

    I have recently had a putting session where quintec technology was used to assess my stroke. The recommendation was that I need a 35″, face-balanced putter with 0.5/1.0 of loft and a 75 degree lie angle. Which of your line of heads would you recommend please as I don’t know which are and which are not face-balanced.


    • DOUG
      Only our S2R #4 is a face balanced putter because it is designed with the bore in the center of the head from heel to toe. I’m not big on face balancing being much of a critical part of putter fitting to tell you the truth. I AM big on getting the length, lie, weighting, grip size and shape, and shape and alignment of the putter head perfectly matched to the player. I feel if you get these elements really well fit to the golfer, then the aspect of face balanced or not means not that much to the success of the fitting.


  4. Hi Tom,

    Apologies if I was not clear.

    I mean the side of the putter head that is in contact with the grass. I think the right word is the “sole”. Am I right? I can see a photo of the front and the back of the putter, but not of the sole…

    I have to decide between this model and the S2R 5. I have decided that I wanted a 100% Wishon bag and only the 4 wood and the putter are not Wishon clubs!

    It is just a matter of time… hehehe

    All the best and thank you very much for your time Tom.

    • Luis
      I am sorry, we do not have a straight view photo shot of the sole of the putter. It has a large diameter weight chamber on the sole which can receive up to three of the 14g weight disks we offer to use to increase head weight when desired by the golfer. That weight chamber is covered by a round medallion that is attached over the weight bore with strong adhesive.


  5. Hi Tom,

    Would it be possible to see a picture of the downside of the putter?



    • Luis
      can you tell us what you mean when you say “the downside of the putter” ? What view are you referring to in a photo?


  6. I have trouble aiming my putter. Do your fitters offer a putter fitting?
    Also will be purchasing the single length set in march! Looking forward to them.

    • Charlie
      First of all, please accept my apology for the long delay in responding to your question and post, The auto notification feature of the blog that is supposed to tell me/us that posts are waiting for response was “broken” or messed up such that none of us knew that posts were here and waiting. VERY sorry for the Oops on that.

      In the information we get about the clubfitters, we do not know who among them may specialize in putter fitting as the specific topic does not come up in our screening work with them. You’d have to call the clubfitters in your area to inquire specifically about this. Some do but I will be honest to tell you that most do not as they focus more on the other 13 clubs in their fitting work. If you need help in finding fitters in your area, you can go to and click on the FIND A CLUBFITTER search tool right in the middle of the home page. Type in your town/city and if there are fitters in your area, they’ll come up so you can contact them to ask.


  7. Tom
    Could you bore a .370 hole in the Smooth 5 putter half way between the original RH hole and the center of the putter so I can install a straight shaft at approx 90*

    • TOM:
      I don’t really have a good enough fixture to absolutely guarantee zero tolerance precision and accuracy in doing that. But if you wanted me to try, I certainly would do my best.


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