A unique re-design of Wishon’s bestselling wedge model, with the most versatile sole in the game. 


  • Traditional sole, classic round profile shape stands as truly superb overall shape with pleasing set-up behind the ball
  • CNC Milled Face with Wishon Golfs proprietary Micro-Groove™ scorelines to maximise every golfer’s ability to spin the ball. Tests with TrackMan® launch monitor verify a 1000rpm increase in spin rate compared to typical U-groove scorelines on a glass bead blast face
  • Wishon Golf’s proprietary Zero-Bounce heel grind ensures the leading edge of the face remains low to the ground when the face is opened for cut/finesse shots
  • Conforms to 2010 USGA/R&A groove rules
  • PCF Micro Pro wedges are produced in a durable satin nickel/chromium electroplated finish
  • Available in both RH and LH

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Steve Scharnhorst
1 month ago

Hi Tom, since a 771 AW is not available in Left Hand, I was trying to fill in the gap between the 771 PW and a PCF micro pro 56 degree i tried to order the PCF micro pro series 52 degree bent to 51 degrees, but Diamond Golf said they are out of stock and don’t have plans to order anymore. Are these being discontinued. As far as I see there is not any GW/AW available for Left handers. Thanks Steve

4 months ago

Dear Tom – I am slightly confused as to which wedge you would consider your “best” wedge. I had been told it was the PCF Pro but below you say the HM series. I have RTX 4 wedges and am looking for something similar, but custom fit. I’m not sure which wedge that would be. Many thanks indeed. Tom

1 year ago

Tom, i have CX Micro wedges which I need to replace. I like everything about them. What in your current wedges are closest to the CX Micro?

1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Wishon


thanks for your reply. I also have played the HM wedges and I prefer the CX. The turf on which I play tends to be soft. I prefer a full sole, that is, without trailing edge relief as I need to full bounce. Would the PCF Micro Pro fit that description?

Patrick Wilson
1 year ago

My question disappeared, so reposting. I Have a micro pro and a tour to demo. What is the difference.

Patrick Wilson
1 year ago

Play 50, 54, 58 degree wedges. My 58 is showing wear.. it is an original Cleveland 588: my 50 is Rtx 4 and the 54 is rtx 3. Jerry Kibler suggested yours.

1 year ago

Just curious why there is not a forged wedge offering from Wishon golf? Love the spin from the CNC milled faces, but not a huge fan of the feel. A forged version of the of the PCF would be amazing. Would the CNCmilled groves wear out quicker if the wedge was forged? Thanks!

Henry Fey
2 years ago

Tom, after listening to a MGS podcast about wedges and performance in wet conditions. Does your wedges lose spin like most others when wet? According to testers the Ping Glide 3.0 or the Mizuno T20 are the only two that did not lose spin when wet. Unfortunately they did not test yours. It may not be an issue but like their uncovering how inconsistent golf balls are made when cut open we golfers don’t need more inconsistency when playing this challenging game. Thank you for your response, Hank

Gus Gurevitch
2 years ago

I live in the as An Francisco bayarea. Where can I purchase and see these wedges?