• Available in Bright Satin Chrome plating or Dark Nickel Platinum plating finish options.
  • Unique 2-piece design construction allows game improvement wide sole with traditional head profile at normal headweights.
  • The wide sole is designed with very low bounce – the perfect match of sole angle and width for game improvement.  If you put the traditional amount of bounce on a wide sole, the leading edge will be too far up in the air and can cause bladed shots.
  • Ideal wide sole designed for game improvement – perfect for golfers who have struggled to get the ball out of the sand or hit consistently from tall grass around the green.
  • CNC Milled Face combines with Wishon Golf’s unique Micro-Groove™ scorelines to offer the highest level of backspin available in a wedge design.
  • Micro-Groove™ scorelines are more narrow and closer together than traditional scorelines – the Micro-Groove design allows the edges of 5 lines to contact the ball at impact while traditional lines only allow 3.  This is one more key to the enhanced spin design of the PCF Micro Wide Sole wedges.
  • Designed in RH 55° sand wedge.

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The sole angle is 5 degree’s. Does the wide sole make this play like a higher sole angle club say like a club that has 12-degree sole angle?

Tom Wishon

PHIL All wide sole wedges play with an effective bounce higher than what it is measured because of the wide sole’s effect on raising the leading edge more off the ground. There is no exact degree equivalent for the effect of the wider sole. The only parallel that can be made between a wide sole wedge with lower actual measured bounce and a normal width sole with higher actual measured bounce is done by comparing the distance the leading edge is off the ground when the wedges are both fixtured in a specs measurement gauge. From memory only I can… Read more »


tom, are your wedges as soft as Mizuino clubs ?

Tom Wishon

I have no idea because I never look at or have anything to do with any other golf clubs besides my own. I’m not interested in what any other companies do because it has no bearing on what I do in my own work. So I can’t tell you anything about the hardness or any other characteristics of any other companies’ club models, I am sorry.


I have had Mizuno wedges. Mizuno makes great golf clubs, but their wedges are very different than Wishon wedges. Wishon wedges are much higher performing around the green than Mizuno. They are softer, spin more aggressively and last longer. I hope this is helpful.


The spec sheet says the soul width and this wide sole wedge is only 19mm. Is that correct? That seems to be the same as the pcf tour version

Tom Wishon

Sole width on the Wide Sole PCF is 34mm at the very center of the sole. Sorry about any miss print mistakes. It’s easy to overlook something with all the technical data we try to provide in the catalog and website and we just miss a few things from time to time.


Hi Tom,
This wide sole wedge is intriguing as I am not the best sand player. How would this do in Colorado where our sand is more granular versus the nice soft fluffy sand?..and how would it compare to the SW that comes with the sterlings? I am getting sterlings, so wondering if I should get the matched SW or one of these….or would it be beneficial to have both? Thanks again.

Tom Wishon

KEVIN I live in SW Colorado and have played all over the state so I can tell you that not every CO golf course has coarse sand in its bunkers. But at any rate, the Wide Sole PCF wedge is helpful to golfers who tend to hit a LITTLE BIT too much behind the ball. If the golfer hits WAY behind the ball and leaves the ball in the sand a lot, this wedge won’t help. That golfer needs a lesson or two to learn how to not be so steep into the ball with the wedge. If the golfer… Read more »


Hi Tom. Sterlings on the way! Loved them when hitting them with my clubfitter! I encourage all players to try them. Try them!
I am interested in a 60 WS wedge to round out the set. My question is if you can speak to the heel relief on this wedge. I like a wide sole, but I am concerned about being able to open up the face for those (albeit rare) instances when this is needed. A true “flop” shot. I like the HM heel relief, but like a wide sole too! I’m interested in your reply.
PS great books too!


Follow-up…if I was not clear, my clubfitter did not have a wedge on hand, so I have never seen them “in person”. Thanks again.

Tom Wishon

Our PCF Wide Sole 55 wedge does not have the zero bounce heel grind that I did on the PCF Micro Tour and the HM Series wedge models. Mainly because I designed the PCF Wide Sole before I though of doing the zero bounce heel on the other successive models. But because this is a wide sole wedge, I did not put as much bounce on the sole. But it still does have the same bounce from heel to toe.

Great Point Toby. I would love to see this happen. I have ground some of the bounce off mine. Love the wedges

Malcolm Lewis

Hi Tom – What is the correct way to play these out of the sand? Standard teaching seems to be upright shaft vs. forward shaft lean (to encourage shallow angle of attack) and open clubface to increase loft and hit 1-2″ behind the ball in normal sand. Do all those apply with this wedge design? In particular, do I need to open my clubface with this wedge? I’m personally more confident with a straight clubface vs. open but maybe just need practice to build confidence.

Tom Wishon

MALCOLM; There is no difference in set up, ball position, swing technique for using any type of SW design. Just because this has a wide sole, that requires no change in the technique. Of course when we talk technique, we are assuming the golfers know that they can’t swing down too steep with a sand shot and they have to swing all the way through the sand. And the position of the face is another point of technique and not anything to do with the design of the head itself. Open facefor higher shorter shots, square for lower longer shots… Read more »

Mike Baker

May ’16
Just put the 55 and 60 degree wedges in the bag the beginning of this season. My consistency of getting the ball closer to the pin has improved quite a bit with these wedges. Whether in heavy grass or short grass, I am able to control the trajectory and spin. Love them for sure.

What is the sole width on these heads? A different company has some that are 1.62 inches. Yours look almost that wide. Yours look better as well.
I just played a course with heavy, wet, thick, soft rough right up to the fringe. It was way too easy to stub the wedge into a hidden tuft and barely get the ball on the green if that. These should help a lot. Thanks.

Tom Wishon

BOB: Let me tell you, 1.62″ of sole width is MASSIVE, HUGE, UNBELIEVABLY WIDE. I design in millimeters because all the top clubhead production factories prefer tooling in metric dimensions. 1.62″ is 41mm. In an iron a sole width of 25mm is considered to be wide. Even most sand wedges do not approach 25mm in sole width. The Sterling irons have a more conventional sole width, but with my usual face to back sole radius and rounded leading edge to try to offer a little less chance of a “fat” or “stubbed” shot. Now there is no question, if the… Read more »

Christopher DeSana

Are they available online?

Tom Wishon

First off, my sincere apology for the big delay in responding. The notification feature for posts and comments was not working so we haven’t seen the posts being made here for us to respond. That’s a big Ooops. Sorry about that.
The Sterling single length irons will be available on line through http://www.sterlingirons.com. expectations are for the site to launch with availability for the irons in early April. You can go to the site now to register so when the site launches and irons are available, you will be notified.
Thanks for your interest,


is the bore .370 or .335? Thanks. I continue to improve and use Wishon products. My driver, and fairway woods. I am looking for a wedge to help my game.

Tom Wishon

Bore diameter for the PCF Micro wedges, as well as for all of our other wedge models and iron models, is 0.370″ parallel. Thanks much for your interest and for your support by having been fit into the driver and woods too !!

Jeff Fones

Tom, I have lately been struggling with wedges, and just ordered 55* and 60* pcf wide sole wedges. I have tried the Cleveland Smart Sole, but it acts so differently from a ‘normal’ wedge that except for very steep situations, it was hard to control. I am hopng that the ws and hollow body will allow me to use the 55* as a go to sgi wedge with the 60* for steep lies. I have played since I was 17, but at 71, things work out differently. Any suggestions on using the 55* for most lies? BTW, I really found… Read more »

Tom Wishon

JEFF: Thanks very much for your interest. We’re always happy to help with the best information possible to help you get the most from your game. The primary function of the wide sole design on the PCF WS wedges is to help reduce the depth that the sole could dig either in to the sand or into the ground under the ball when the golfer starts to get a little too steep with his angle of attack into the ball. However, in sand, if the golfer is VERY STEEP, there is no wedge design that will prevent the problem of… Read more »


Hello Tom !
I would be grateful if you could advise the most appropiate utilisation from the bunker of the WS60° as opposed to the WS55°.
It may be be that this is an obvious query for a good player, but I am a beginner.
With many thanks and kind regards.
Sergio Lorenzi

Tom Wishon

Sergio: A 60* wedge can be used from a sand bunker for the following reasons and situations:” 1) the bunkers are more deep and the shot has to get up in the air very quickly and higher to be able to get comfortably out of the bunker and on the green. 2) Anytime the green is well above the ball you need to be able to get the ball up in the air quickly. 3) If the greens are designed with different “shelfs” so that there is not a lot of area around the hole before the green slopes steeply… Read more »


You say this has a unique two piece construction design, which allows for a wide sole and traditional head weight. Does this mean there is a cavity hidden in the wedge?

Tom Wishon

KYLE Yes, there is. The two pieces are the hosel + body + upper half of the sole, and then the other piece is the lower part of the sole which is welded to the upper part on the body to complete the design. So the “cavity” is just the fact that the bulk of the sole as you look at it, is hollow inside. This has no effect whatsoever on performance or even on the CG. In a very, very slight manner, the MOI of the wedge is higher than on wedges with a completely solid metal construction, but… Read more »


Thanks Tom
Never doubted it for a minute.
By the way have I mentioned that these are great wedges


Hi Tom,
The wedges are performing brilliantly.
Due to the roughness of the face I have been asked if they are legal and conform to all current legislation?
I have no doubts about this but could you please put my mind at rest.

Tom Wishon

Yes the PCF wedges are legal. There is of course a +/- tolerance on all specs in the production of every clubhead ever made. So it is possible that your wedge is on the plus side of the tolerance for the milling of the face in terms of the peak to trough spec in the milling lines. But the PCF are legal so you don’t have to worry.

Peter hilton

Hi Tom,
I have taken delivery today of a 56* & 60* Wide Sole fitted to White shafts.
I have hit, only, about 20 balls with each out of wet thick/ cut grass around our practice green in very cold wet conditions.
WOW the spin created was a huge improvement over my Cleveland 588 raw wedges.
I will have to spend quite some time practising to discover how close to land the ball to the hole. It is amazing how quickly the ball stopped even with grass on the club face.
The heads look great from above as good as most blades.
Thanks Tom brilliant clubs

Tom Wishon

Thanks very much for taking the time to let us know that the PCF Wide Sole wedges are behaving themselves so well for you! We’re pleased to hear that you like the way they can spin and stop the ball. Sort of like having a new toy you want to play with all the time!
Thanks much and the very best to you in this great game,


Hi Tom,
Will the sole design of the WS wedges react in the same manner as a SGI sand iron or lob wedge and “bounce” through soft grass and sand?
Is the best policy to keep the face square to target?
Is the feel of the face similar to the other wedges that you produce.
I am thinking of having two of these bent to 54 & 58* to add to a set of 771’s to keep the loft gaps the same through the set. Am I thinking along the sensible lines?

Tom Wishon

PETER The wide sole design of the WS wedge is very rounded and radiused and it is made so the bounce sole angle will not raise the leading edge too far up off the ground. If you use a wide sole AND you put a lot of bounce on the sole, this combination will cause the leading edge to be raised well up off the ground so that when using the wedge for shots from normal grass lies, it could be more difficult to hit the shot solidly. There has to be a balance between the width of a wide… Read more »

Fred Meyer

I hit a number of shots (20) in the sand as you suggested. Then hit maybe another 20 full shots. Much improvement. The new balls had a few very minor scuffs that I could not see, only feel. Another 20 shots in the sand should take care of the concern. I am confident that all is well with this incredible club.

Tom Wishon

Good to hear that the workout in the sand helped to mute the sharpness of the grooves or the milling. You’re right that a few more shots from the sand will soften the edges a little more. Great to know that you like the wedge!!!

Fred Meyer

Thanks for the quick reply. I will hit about 20 shots in the sand trap as you suggested and let you know how it works out. Again the stopping power is awesome. Looking forward to reading the comments on the WS.

fred Meyer

Where are the 37 ratings and reviews, I would like to read them. I cannot find them. You have the reviews on the other wedges

Tom Wishon

I see what you mean on that PCF Wide Sole page. I just asked our web man to look into this to see what happened to those 37 comments and to get them visible. Give us a day to dig into that and then if you would please check back, they should be there.
Thanks for letting us know these things were missing.

Fred Meyer

Just came home from buying my PFC Micro WS and hit 24 full shots with it, 12 out to the fairway and 12 back onto the green, fantastic. Hit about another 24 chips around the green, again, fantastic — not happy with the roughing up of the ball. Hit 6 new Bridgestone’s. All had some shave marks on them. Any thoughts ?? Very expensive to ruin new balls with shave marks.

Tom Wishon

FRED It’s very common with heads that have face milling and engraved scorelines (not stamped or cast) for some of the heads to come out of production with a little bit sharper edging on the milling and or the scorelines. This can happen to every company’s production once in a while for machined, engraved face lines and milling. I recommend that you simply take 10-15 balls into a practice sand trap and hit full swing practice sand shots. Getting the sand between the ball and the face will soften the sharper edges and should start to reduce this chance of… Read more »