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How Does A Variable Thickness Face Affect Off Center Hits?

Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Clubfitting, Clubhead Design | 2 comments

Tweet In the world of club face design, there is what are called “uniform thickness faces” and there are “variable thickness faces.” A face designed to be uniform in thickness is just that – the face is manufactured so the entire face has the same dimensional thickness. To contrast, a variable thickness face is manufactured so a specific area of the center of the face is slightly thicker than the surrounding area around the center of the face. Below is an illustration of a typical variable thickness face design from one of my driver head designs. In this case, you can see that the...

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How Far Can I Hit the Ball with My Natural Ability?

Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Clubfitting, Clubhead Design, Tips | 4 comments

Tweet Who doesn’t want to hit the ball longer? Shoot, one of the reasons Tiger Woods embarked on some major swing changes in his career was because he became concerned when he dropped out of the top 5 in driving distance on the PGA Tour. Every golfer would love to hit the ball farther, not just with the driver but with all the clubs. But can they? Is there more distance out there to be had for most of us or just a few of us? One thing’s for sure – if you are custom fit by a really GOOD, really EXPERIENCED custom clubfitter, you will end up hitting the ball as far as your natural...

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Clubhead Cup Face and How it Affects Performance

Posted by on May 4, 2012 in Clubhead Design, Golf Club Technology | 21 comments

Tweet All driver heads as well as some fairway wood and hybrid heads are manufactured from a number of separate pieces which are welded together to complete the final construction of the clubhead.  Most common are driver heads which are manufactured from 4 separate pieces, as shown by this illustration below. Of the separate pieces which make up the complete clubhead, one is always the clubface. Within such types of driver, fairway wood and hybrid head construction, the face can be formed to be welded to the body in two different ways, one called an EDGE WELDED face and the other referred...

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Driver Clubhead Size and Performance – Who Wins?

Posted by on Apr 26, 2012 in Clubhead Design, Driver Fitting | 27 comments

Tweet I’m well aware there are a number of golfers who can’t stand looking down at drivers which to them, look so large in size they seem like a “grapefruit on the end of a stick.”  Golf equipment information forums will occasionally have threads in which golfer’s plea for the companies to develop and introduce sub 400cc drivers. Within such comments invariably is the question, “can a smaller size driver perform as well as a larger one, and if so, why haven’t the golf companies offered at least an alternative smaller size driver?” In a nutshell, if they can be sure it will...

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What Does TWGT Have Planned for 2012?

Posted by on Nov 4, 2011 in Clubhead Design | 24 comments

Tweet As much as I hate the fact that November brings the beginning of the end of golf season, it also brings the final pre-production models of all of the new products and designs we have been working all year long to get ready for 2012.  Now in my 26th year of designing golf equipment components, I still get a big kick out of opening the boxes with the final versions of each of the new designs.  It’s really like an early Christmas for a confirmed golf club nut like me! You know, I’ve also always liked sprinkling a little fun in with the serious task of creating new clubhead,...

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Forged Irons from Japan vs US or China – The Facts

Posted by on Sep 12, 2011 in Clubhead Design | 79 comments

Tweet If you’re into golf clubs or spend time reading the various golf equipment internet forums, there are occasional discussions from which you could get the impression that forged carbon steel iron heads made in Japan are superior to those made anywhere else in the world. As a veteran of clubhead design and production with more than 25 yrs of head design experience including a whole lot of forged ironhead designs, I’m here to tell you this buzz about Japanese made forgings is simply not true.  But first, a brief time out – sadly as an American I have to tell you that the...

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