Wedge Fitting

Will Wedge Shafts Improve My Game?

Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Shaft Fitting, Wedge Fitting | 39 comments

Tweet It’s been a number of years ago since a few of the shaft companies began to offer shafts specifically designed for wedges. Anyone remember the name “Spinner” as an example of a wedge specific shaft? The concept behind most wedge specific shafts is to try to use the shaft as a way to increase the backspin on a wedge shot. The idea involves designing the shaft with a little softer flex than what would be normal when an iron shaft is tip trimmed its normal amount for use in a wedge. The belief is if the wedge shaft is a little more flexible, it will cause the dynamic loft of...

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Wedge Backspin – Create Backspin with Micro-Groove Wedge

Posted by on May 2, 2012 in Tips, Wedge Fitting | 17 comments

Tweet Who isn’t amazed at the ability of the men and women tour players to stop the ball on the green? Without question, elite players can generate more backspin first, because of their swing technique. When a slight downward angle of attack, when the face is dead square to the swing path, when the wrist cock angle is unhinged very late and when the clubface able to contacts the ball first before driving into the turf, more friction is generated between the ball and the clubface and more backspin will occur. Unfortunately, not all of us can master these very precise, simultaneous swing...

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The Wedge – The Scoring Weapon of Tour Players

Posted by on Feb 1, 2012 in Clubfitting, Wedge Fitting | 10 comments

Tweet Next to the putter, wedges are the second most important group of clubs in the bag to consider having custom fit when it comes to the number at the bottom of your scorecard.  There is no better proof than a quick look at the statistics of the European Tour and PGA Tour.  The average Tour player hits 11 to 12 greens in regulation per round yet still shoots par or better.  How?  By getting the ball close enough to the hole with their wedges to make the putts for par to save their round. When being custom fit for the best wedges for your game, specifications such as wedge loft, lie,...

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