730CL Driver

Expressly Designed for Golfers with a Clubhead Speed of 80mph and Lower to Generate More Distance

  • The 730CL titanium driver is designed with 16° loft to match perfectly with clubhead speeds of 80mph and lower to deliver the best launch angle for more distance
  • Designed as a 400cc volume driver with a slight, semi-offset hosel and 1° closed face angle to offer accuracy improvement for golfers who fade the ball
  • 730CL face is designed thinner than normal to increase face deflection and ball speed for golfers with an 80mph clubhead speed and lower
  • Available in RH only, finished in a striking deep burgundy gloss ‘see-though’ finish

Ratings and Reviews

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730CL, 4.0 out of 5 based on 59 ratings


  1. Tom,
    I just purchased a set (less driver) form Gale Nash at CMC Golf Clubs. Gale worked with me and I am really findng out the value of custom clubs. I am currently using a Callaway X2-Hot drive set at 14.5 (13.5 adj hosel) cut to 44″. It is a good driver but inconsistent. My driver swing speed is between 65-75. Does the 730CL driver have your CRT face and would it work better than the X2-Hot.
    Your thoughts?

    • JEFF
      Rather than spend the money yet for an all new driver, I would first suggest that you work with Gale to cut the X2 down to 43″ and to be sure to add weight back to the head to get the head weight feel so that it does not feel too light to you when you swing it. Play with that for a little bit to see if this helps improve the consistency over where it is at now at 44″ and with whatever headweight you left it with at that 44″ length. If when you cut it to 44, you did not add any weight back to the head, start there by using some lead tape on the head to get more head feel. If that doesn’t do it, then go down to 43″ and work on head weight addition from there.

  2. So just the same with ball position? Trying the usual “hitting up” with the 730, I’m getting lots of height but no roll out. Otherwise I’m really pleased with the set

    • IAN

      No special difference in hitting up on the ball at all. In fact if you try that, it will go too high and just sit when it lands. Just your normal swing, normal ball position, not any extra effort to get the ball up. The loft does that automatically.


  3. With the 16* loft, what changes, if any, do you make in tee height and ball position.

    • IAN:

      None. You tee the ball the same height you always have teed the ball for your swing to hit the ball either in the very center of the face or within 1/2″ above the very center of the face. some people tee the ball so that half of the ball extends above the top edge of the face while others tee the ball so more than half of the ball extends above the top of the face. Whatever tee height has been comfortable for you is the tee height to use with any new driver that you have been fit into.


  4. To5m; Any danger of the face caving in on a 730cl driver with a 85 mph head speed?

    • JIM
      No, because we do build in a tolerance factor on this. So at 85 and even 90, it will be just fine. But if the element of the 730CL driver that you wish to have is the 16* loft with 1 closed face angle, we certainly can meet those specs on our 919THI High Launch Plus model driver. But if what draws you to the 730CL is its slightly smaller 400cc size/volume, then at 85-90mph it would be ok.


  5. I’m a 80 year old senior still playing golf every week I would like more infrmation and price os the 730CL Driver.

      Thanks very much for your post and for your interest! Our design models are available custom fit for golfers through independent custom clubmakers. We believe so strongly in the benefits of full specifications professional clubfitting so our designs are never pre built to standard specifications like all other golf clubs that are sold off the rack in retail golf stores. Every golfer has a little different combination of size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics and to offer golfers clubs that will let them play to the best of their individual ability, professional custom fitting is the only way that can happen.

      To find a clubfitter with whom you may meet to be properly fit into any of our designs, please take a moment to visit our website at wishongolf.com and right in the center of the home page you will see the FIND A CLUBFITTER locator tool. Click on it and then type in your town/city to see if there is a certified custom clubfitter in reasonable proximity to where you live. If not, please do then send us an email at contact@wishongolf.com and we will do our best to help you directly.

      Thanks very much !!


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