** NEW 939AHT

939aht-glam939AHT Drivers

Unique Adjustable Hosel Driver Design


  • An all new “top down” locking mechanism for the adjustable hosel device that allows not only faster changing of the lie and face angle specs, but allows for a weight bore to be located at the bottom of the device for custom swingweight (MOI) assembly purposes.
  • Allows changing the lie from 56* to 60* and face angle from 2* open to 2.5* closed, when the 939AHT is traditionally soled in the address position.
  • Alternately, when the 939AHT is held in a 0* square face position at address, the lie can be changed from 56* to 60* and the loft changed from 9* to 13*.
  • Single rear weight screw can be altered from 2.5g to 16g to slightly customize launch angle, or to achieve final swingweight (MOI).
  • Available in RH in 9.5* and 11* loft, as per when the 939AHT is soled in the address position.
  • Do not forget to order a weight screw to go with each 939AHT.  Weight screws available in 2.5, 6.5, 9, 13 and 16 gram weights.  (page 82)

939AHT Instruction Brochure

Images & Specifications

A 360º view of the 939AHT Driver Clubhead.

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** NEW 939AHT, 4.1 out of 5 based on 51 ratings


  1. Hi Tom
    A few queries:
    1. Is this a 460 cc head size?
    2. Is it a high MOI design like 919? What is the MOI?
    3. The spec. sheet is very confusing and hard to fathom for a lay person like me, with references to address position and 0 degrees position! To my uneducated eye, the driver seems to offer more fine tuning in open positions, which seems suited to a better player. But most of us ordinary golfers hit a bit of a fade and it seems from the specs that when you go to the closed positions, the hook angle and lofts crank up a lot, rather than in small increments. Is that right or have I completely misunderstood?
    4. I would like a driver with about 10.5 loft and 1 degree closed face angle. Can this driver achieve more subtle variations such as this?
    Thanks, Robert.

    • Robert:

      The 939AHT is 54mm face height, 110mm face width and 109 face to back breadth so the head is considered up there at the 450-460cc volume. MOI is 4920 g-cm2 for the head so that’s very similar to the 919. I realize it is a little different for us to list the specifications based on two different ways to address the ball. But this is how adjustable hosel drivers work. You can either set the head down to rest on its sole when you address the ball or you could hold the face manually in a 0 square position behind the ball just like you do with an iron. So that is the reason we list two sets of specifications depending on how you address the ball with the clubhead.

      Just because you see more positions that happened to end up open for the face angle when you set the club down to rest and sit on its sole does NOT mean this is aimed more at the better player. There are still closed face positions from 1.75* hook to 2.75* hook for any golfer who fades to slices the ball.

      If you want a driver with precisely 10.5 loft and precisely 1 closed face angle then you should order the 919THI in the 11 loft model and request for HAND SELECT SERVICE for us to hand select the head to have 10.5 loft and a 1 hook face angle. We have had the HAND SELECT service in the company for a very long time to be able to offer clubmakers more specific, more precise specs when they need them for a golfer.


  2. Hi Tom,

    Specification says loft can be adjusted and face angle is still 0*. Is this for real? as I remember reading your research on adjustable hosel that loft changing will effect face angle.

    Secondly, will you recommend using this head for fitting since face angle stay square on every possible loft and lie angle won’t matter when hitting off the tee?

    • NAVIN
      This is a VERY confusing part of the adjustable hosel drivers so please bear with me as I try to explain more clearly. Almost forever and ever, we golfers have been taught to use our driver and woods by setting them down on the ground first to rest flat on the sole. we sole the woods when we look at them in a golf shop and we tend to sole the woods on the ground resting flat on the sole when we start to grip the club to hit a shot.

      When you do that, the adjustable hosel device in EVERY adjustable driver only changes the lie and the face angle. The loft is always what it is in the actual head design. And as long as you always sole the driver head on the ground before hitting a shot, any change in the position of the adjustable hosel device will only change the lie and the face angle, and will NEVER change the loft.

      However, there are some golfers who for whatever reason, make it a habit to TURN THE CLUB IN THEIR HANDS to hold the club behind the ball always in a 0 square face position. Sometimes a golfer does this when he soles a driver, sees that the face is closed or open, does not like that, and so he then manually turns the grip in his hands until the face now is square. When you manually turn the face to be square behind the ball, in this case when you make the adjustable hosel position change, it will change the lie and the loft. it doesn’t change the face angle because you are manually holding the face in the square position.

      So with the 939AHT, all we are saying is that you can have two different ways to use the driver to get different specifications. If you always sole the driver head to rest flat on the ground on its sole, the change of the hosel sleeve will change the lie and face angle, and NOT change the loft. But if you are a golfer who always turns the grip in your hands so the face looks square always behind the ball, then in that case the hosel sleeve will change the lie and loft, and NOT change the face angle because you are holding the face always at the square position.


  3. Hello Tom,
    It is very interesting to read from previous comments that golfers can find you sheet confusing, whereas, to me, it is just the opposite : it makes the whole thing very clear. I think this is due to the fact that the OEM publicity about their own addjustable hosel never explains properly what really happens when one tweaks those hosels.

    • ANDRE

      Many thanks for your understanding of this matter. Yes, it has become very confusing for golfers. This is a situation where it becomes much easier to explain to a golfer if the golfer is standing right next to you, and you have the chance to show these things in person with the adjustable hosel drivers. But then I also know that you are without question one of the smartest people when it comes to golf equipment knowledge so I am sure you will always be able to make the golfers who see you able to understand these things!!!!

      TOM ;>)

  4. Will you be offering the 939 in white?

    • No we will not. The 939 will be offered exclusively in the black impregnation treatment surface finish with black paint and silver paint highlights. From our tracking and analysis, we see this year as likely the last year that WHITE will be popular enough for us to offer it past the summer of 2014 in the 919THI drivers and 929HS fwy woods. The whole industry is seeing a definite move away from white as a woodhead color so while companies that camped on it like Taylor Made will likely keep it as an option all this year and maybe part of 2015, the bet in the industry is that by 2015 while will be dead and gone as a short lived fad that grabbed some attention and then faded out.


  5. Hi Tom.

    I’ve been playing the 919 THI the last 3 years. TOO happy with it. The ball speeds of the face (even off center hits) are amazing. Will the ball speeds be as good with the 939 AHT?

    The reason I am asking is because on the launch monitor the OEM drivers are really inconsistant from one driver to the next (same brand and model). Will we see the same consistency in the new head as with the 919 THI?


    • In all of the robot hit testing with the 939 prototypes, the ball speeds were right there with what we see on the 919 for smash factors right at 1.48-1.49 which is right up on the edge of the limit. The 939 is being manufactured for me by the same foundry that has been making the 739. So since we see consistently high smash factors with the 739, I am confident we will see the same thing when the production of the 939 hits the steps for face forming and finishing. How we can do this on the 919 and our other drivers is mainly because we are so much smaller in size than the big golf companies. Because my orders for production are small, we can have the option of paying a few bucks more to have the foundry do ultrasonic face thickness gauge checks on each driver as it goes through its 5 steps in face forming and face finishing to make sure everything is closer to the design specs for the face. A big company can’t do that, not just because they won’t want to pay the extra $$ to have such checks done, but because even if they wanted to have this done at their foundries, their production quantities per order are SO LARGE that with the extra minutes per head this adds to the production time would multiply out to where they could not get their orders done in the timing for when they need them. This is one area in which it can be more helpful to be small so we can do some of these little extra steps that can make things a little more consistent for us in our production.


  6. Hi Tom,

    I am college golfer and am very interested in purchasing one of your drivers. I discovered your drivers while I was discussing a problem with the lie angle of my Titleist 913 with a friend. I find the lie angle on it, 58 degrees, much too upright for my preferences. He suggested your clubs for their variable lie angles.

    As for background information, I play 4 degree flat irons with X stiff shafts. My driver swing speed is above 110 mph and I average around 300 yards.

    I was hoping you could direct me to which of your clubs would offer the most “flat” look at address, which clubhead is best for a scratch golfer, and what shaft configuration you would recommend.

    Final questions. Would getting the shaft shortened an inch help promote a “flat” look at address? And, would the 919 FD be a viable option as a driver?

    Thanks, feel free to email me, and I look forward to your insight.


    • BEN
      Our model 919THI Drivers are all produced with a bendable hosel which allows us to adjust the lie and the face angle within a +/-4* range from the heads’ original design specs. So since our std lie on the 919THI driver heads is 58*, we can adjust the lie down to as flat as 54* if desired. One should never alter a spec like length just to get a certain “look” for the lie. You should be playing the length that is best for your swing characteristics and then getting the lie to be what you need for your size, stature, and swing. No other company is able to offer this much of a lie change on a driver (of fwy or hybrid since we have bendable hosels on those models too) because all other companies make their driver head body and hosel either from typical 6/4 titanium which cannot be bent, or they are using an adjustable hosel piece that cannot adjust lie as much as you would need and want.

      So if you go to one of the clubfitters on our FIND A CLUBFITTER locator search tool on our home page to be fit for a driver, you would tell him to order the head you need from us with the exact loft, lie and face angle you need for your swing and we will deliver it with each spec right on.


  7. Can I get the Driver with 55gramms on a longer shaft?

    • JOe:

      Yes of course. The 939AHT could be built with any shaft that is designed with a tip diameter of 0.335″. Within our custom design line of shafts, the shaft to meet your requirements would be the S2S Blue 55, but any company’s 55g shaft would work with the head as long as the shaft’s stiffness design were a good match for your swing characteristics. Our designs are custom built for golfers by independent custom clubmakers, so you would need to work with a clubmaker to be fit and have him custom build the driver for you. To find a clubmaker in your area, head to our home page at wishongolf.com and right in the middle of the page you will see a listing for our FIND A CLUBFITTER search tool. Click on that, input your town/city and how many miles you would be willing to travel to be fit, and the certified clubmakers in that area will be displayed with their contact information.

      Thanks very much,

  8. I am currently playing a Macgregor NVG2 driver that has a cup face. It’s about 7-8 years old. Will I see much difference with the 939AHT? I have tried several new OEM drivers but so far I don’t see any reason to change. I even had one fitter tel me that I hit the Mac better because I am more familiar with it and thus more confident. All of my clubs except this driver were fitted. I’m still searching for the right one.

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