555M Forged

555M Forged Carbon Steel Irons

Discontinued Model

Traditional muscleback forged carbon steel design with TWGT custom grind sole


  • A traditional forged muscleback design with a true tour grind sole design similar to how Tom Wishon designed Payne Stewart’s forged irons in 1999.
  • Full face to back sole radius with heavily rounded leading edge to deliver more shotmaking consistency from lies in the fairway and rough.
  • Thin topline, low offset and classic players’ shape make the 555M a design admired by all discerning golfers.
  • True forged from 1035 soft carbon steel through a 5-step forging process which affords greater production shape/grind consistency.
  • 555C and 555M are designed to match perfectly with each other for true custom mix and match set makeup between cavity back and muscleback.
  • Bright satin nickel chrome plating finish with glass bead blast highlights.
  • Available in RH in #3-9, PW, AW, SW.
  • Produced with post-2010 new USGA scorelines.

A 360º view of the 555M Iron Clubhead.

Tom Wishon talks about the 555C and 555M Forged Irons.

Ratings and Reviews

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555M Forged, 4.6 out of 5 based on 20 ratings


  1. Just played first round with these irons, never hit so many tight shots in my life and I am 60 and have played since I was 12. Best iron I have ever hit.

    • Robert

      Thanks very much for taking the time to stop in and share your experience with the 555M’s. That’s great to hear that you liked the model. Do be aware that the head itself on its own cannot automatically change the dispersion of your shots. The combination of the length, lie, shaft, weighting, grip all have a huge bearing on how well a golf hits any club model. But if the looks of the head behind the ball are what you prefer coupled with the impact feel being positive for your sense of preferred feel, that all helps a lot as well. I did keep the tooling dies for this design and every once in a while I think about a re introduction of these along with their cavity back match, the 555C.

      Thanks again and the best to you in this great game.

  2. Hi Tom,

    I just wanted to say thanks for designing and producing the best irons in the game. I’m really bummed because the irons I had made by the wonderfully talented Gene Bonk, in San Marcos, CA were stolen out of my vehicle a few weeks back. I had a combo set of 555’s and from the moment I found the sweet spot I knew these were something special. I played Mizuno MP-14’s for years then moved over to Titlist 735’s. I’ve been playing your 555’s since 2011 and whittled my index down to 1.4. Also won my golf leagues US and British Opens in 2015 which earned Player of the Year honors as well.

    I can say, without hesitation, the purity and continuity of each iron through the bag is as good as it gets and leaves all competition fighting for a distant second.

    Do you still stock the 555’s or am I going to have get fitted for a newer model? Gene Bonk is my club maker/fitter, and it’s bcuz of him that I decided to try your irons. Also wanted to know if you do any custom heads with no branding, just the # on the sole and my initials stamped on the hosel (or back) of each iron.

    Thanks again for putting out the best iron in the game. Looking forward to starting the process of rebuilding a new set of clubs, with your product, of course.

    Cheers and Best Wishes!

    San Diego, CA

  3. Are the muscle back irons still available?
    If so, how would one go about getting them? Heads only.

    • JOHN:
      Thanks very much for your interest. I am sorry but we discontinued the 555C and 555M forged irons in 2012 to make room for the new forged 575MMC in both cavity and muscleback forms. At that time we liquidated all remaining inventory for the 555’s in both versions so we do not have any of those heads around, nor have we for a long time. All I can tell you is to either hunt on Ebay, or register to post on the two biggest golf equipment forums (Golf WRX and MyGolfSpy) and ask people there if they have a set they can part with.

      Thanks again

  4. What kind of grooves do these irons have?

    • Tannen
      The 555C and 555M irons were originally introduced before the 2010 scoreline rule change of the USGA. so all of these irons bought before Jan 1, 2010 did have the old grooves and are conforming under the grandfathering clause of the 2010 rule change until 2024. But then in 2009 with the new rule coming, we did change the grooves on the 555C and 555M to be conforming under the new 2010 rule so that all of these iron heads sold after Jan 1, 2010 were conforming to the new groove rule. Difference in the models can be seen because all of the post 2010 555’s with the new conforming grooves were made with the letters NS engraved on the hosel – for ‘new scoreline’ . As such if you look at the USGA’s on line list of conforming irons, you will see the 555C and 555M listed.

      In terms of actual groove shape, both the pre 2010 and post 2010 grooves are U shaped grooves and as I said, conforming. There was a lot of confusion when the 2010 groove rule came out with a lot of people mistakenly thinking that the new rule dictating that the grooves have to be V shaped. That was not true. The grooves could be V or U shaped as you wish as long as they conformed to the two edicts in the 2010 rule – the top edge radius had to be more rounded and the area of the groove had to be a little smaller.


  5. Anyone know of a Wishon clubfitter in the NE Ohio (Akron) area? Thanks.

    • DON

      In NE Ohio, the closest clubmaker with good experience we can recommend would be Ray Tomaszewski in Lorain. That’a about 43 miles from Akron so that’s not too far. Ray’s contact information is as follows:

      Ray Tomaszewski
      1731 West 22nd St
      Lorain, OH 44052
      440-246-6006 or 440-396-5375

      Thanks much for your interest and the very best wishes to you in this great game.

  6. Tom – I am looking for a heavy-ish set of classical MB design like these. My question is what does a standard 3 iron, built with x100 DG shaft, weigh in ounces? Thx

    • Also, can you recommend matching Driver/FW woods that would meet my heavy weight requirement? Thx

    • For drivers and fwy woods, if you are searching for a much heavier weight FEEL you can do that in a couple of different ways. for one of course you can put a steel wood shaft in the area of 120g into the driver and woods and get the total weight well up there higher. Only problem with that is that based on modern driver and fwy wood headweights, you would not be able to get the length of the driver much longer than 43.5″ without the swingweight being very high to go with that. but if a shorter length is also something that would help you in your fitting, then that’s not that much of a problem.

      The other option is of course to build the driver and woods to have a high swingweight, but with a graphite shaft of say 85 to 95 grams in the woods. When it comes to a club feeling more heavy to help control a faster more forceful tempo, a heavy weight feel can also be achieved by using a much higher swingweight with a not too heavy shaft. If in fact trying to go heavier in feel to help slow down a too quick tempo is the goal, this definitely is possible to do by using a much higher swingweight too.


    • A typical 3 iron build with a DG X100 with a normal size rubber grip to a normal swingweight would weigh in the area of 14 to 14.1 oz usually.


  7. play the 4,5,6i 555c 7-PW 555m. Custom fit they are awesome. Ball pops off the face. very consistant feel. 9-11 hdcp usually….1st round with these shot 74. 235 4iron at 6000ft elevation. putter next.

    • GARY

      Great to hear that your mixed 555 set is behaving itself in your bag!!! 235 #4 irons? We’re at 6500 elevation here in Durango, CO and so we know very well the effect of that type of altitude such that we can say WOW to a 235 yd #4 iron!!!! For some of us, a 4 iron here is “only” 200-205 !!!

      TOM ;>)

  8. I recently had a set of these irons built by my friend, Tom Miller, at AA Golf Clubs in Raleigh, NC. Mr. Miller was meticulous when he put these clubs together and I am incredibly impressed with his precision and with how quickly he had them constructed and in my bag. Many thanks to Mr. Miller for his work.

    These irons are gorgeous and play even better than they look. I really appreciate the classic look with minimal stampings and the “brushed” finish. The ball feels great coming off the face of these clubs and I like the way they interact with the turf. I would highly recommend these irons for the single-digit handicap players out there.

  9. I have to be the luckiest bloke on earth at the moment. A very rich man wants to sell his 7-sw 555’s at less then half the price he bought them for. These are a classy looking blade with a great finish and great feel off the head. But these are only as good as the fitting from your custom club fitter , and my thanks goes to Geoffrey Cowley of Chesterfield Custom Golf Fit in the UK for his time, patients and expert knowledge of customisation in which I learnt a great deal and to Tom Wishon for his designs he’s created throughout the years.


  10. I live in Sydney .Australia
    Can I get the muscle back irons?
    Also can I get my name ( Crev )
    on the club or hosel?

    • Simon

      Thanks very much for your post and your interest!! In the Sydney area, we recommend you go see Grant James at his custom clubmaking and fitting business – contact for Grant is found at http://www.golfdoctor.biz/ .

      As to the name on the hosel, unfortunately this is just not possible to do. All forged muscleback irons are chrome plated over the carbon steel because without that plating, the carbon steel will rust. were you to take the irons to a jewelry engraver to have the name engraved on the head somewhere, the engraving process would cut through the plating and cause rust to form around the letters in time. To get the heads personally engraved before they are plating is just not an option because the clubhead production factories will not do that on a personal, one set at a time basis. Sorry about that, but on the positive side, if you contact Grant James and go see him to be custom fit, you’ll be in for a good experience.


  11. Great irons! Although designed for the better player, they are more forgiving than expected of a forged blade. Fitted with the appropriate shaft these beauties will put excitement and fun back in your game. Wishon has once again created a beautiful club that is well suited for low to mid-handicappers.

  12. These are true “players” blades. Better players appreciate the feel and great feedback from this club. Long and accurate with excellent workability is what I hear from my customers. If you are looking for blades, look no further.

  13. The 555’s are a sight to behold. Tom has spared none of his genius in this design. Manufactured to the highest degree these blades stack up against any forging on the market. Pure sweet striking and feel make these a must for your bag.

    Damian Donnelly

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