560MC Forged

560MC Forged Carbon Steel Irons

Full game improvement in a true forged carbon steel iron from a fully CNC milled back cavity.


  • Please scroll down to read comments about the 560MC Forged.
  • True Forged from 1035 Carbon Steel bar.
  • The 560MC were the first iron to employ CNC machining to cut the entire deep cavity design of the back of the model to create the highest possible MOI in a true forged carbon steel iron.
  • 560MC represent the best of both worlds of iron design – soft, forged carbon steel with the high MOI forgiveness previously only possible in an investment cast iron.
  • Slightly wider, game improvement sole is custom ground with front/back sole radius and rounded leading edge to reduce incidence of “fat” shots.
  • Brushed Satin Nickel Chrome Electroplated Finish.
  • Available in RH in #3 – 9, PW, AW.
  • Produced with post-2010 new USGA scorelines.

A 360º view of the 560MC Iron Clubhead.

Tom Wishon talks about the 560 MC Forged Irons.

Ratings and Reviews

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560MC Forged, 4.0 out of 5 based on 131 ratings


  1. Tom,

    This comment is more of a thank you, first let me say I was lucky enough to find and purchase a set of your 560mc Limited heads, set #55. Let me compliment you, these iron heads look terrific. I would love to throw some shafts on them and take them to the course but they are far to pristine to play. Are you aware of anybody playing this model? Any chance you have a set of heads with the satin finish in your workshop? I am almost a complete Wishon convert, I game your sterling irons, 4-LW, and a 919 driver. My back-up set are your 771s. I have been a Ping player all my life, happy to say my last set of Pings have been sold on e-bay. Your clubs, in my opinion, exceed the designs of any OEM. Just wanted to express my gratitude for your work, enjoy “semi” retirement.

    • BOBBY

      How nice to hear from you about this very special set ! It’s been a few years since I did that limited edition model and fortunately I kept a set for my own memory sake. Thanks very much for your kind words about that set. I used to do a limited edition model about once every 5 years so I think it was around 2010 or so when we did the 560’s. The 560MC were one of our best selling most popular iron models in the history of the company. In its normal catalog offering version it was done with a satin chrome finish as standard. The dark nickel plating finish on the Ltd Ed sets was just done for that one release only. I played a set of the 560s from day one of their existence in 2008 up until spring 2016 when I “accidentally” came to like the Sterling single length irons and made the switch. Among conventional incremental length iron sets, I still think of the 560s as the best overall iron I ever designed. And it was the first forged iron to ever use CNC machining to create the entire back cavity on the heads. With forging it is just not possible to make a back cavity be that deep so the only way to really push the MOI and off center hit forgiveness up there high on a forging was to make the whole back cavity by literally carving out the steel with a milling machine.

      Thanks so much for taking your time to stop by and the very best to you in this great game,

  2. Long story short: bought back my 560MCs back from friend who wanted them but now is moving to a new set of irons. Great to have em back! Kicked Speedbladez out of the bag quickly . Still amazed how a club that looks & feel like a “playa’s” club is still so easy to hit even with my back problems & growing age. Lol.
    Now for the big question I can’t find on the site.. How to get a Wishon golf shirt? :^D

    • DARREN

      Thanks for letting us know that the old 560s made their way back into the first string lineup !! I still have a lot of warm memories about that model because I played the final pre production set in my own bag for 8 years running. I have to beg your forgiveness on the logo’d stuff for right now. Ever since I semi retired last October and Diamond Golf International took over the full distribution of my product line, they wanted to re do all the bags and clothing so we ran out the inventory in those items last October. They have not done anything with that yet and they need to what with spring coming soon! So if you would not mind, drop them an email telling them they need to get on the ball and get the bags and clothing items re-established !!! ( send to their Daren who owns the company at darentreacy@diamondgolf.co.uk )

      Thanks very much and the very best to you in this great game !!

  3. Thanks for the very quick reply Tom, appreciated. I had a 560MC made up and love the head, but not the shaft (KBS Tour 90 X). I really like the lines of the 560 in addition to the feel, and the toe has the same lines as the Mizuno MP30. Is the toe of the 565MC more rounded? Know it is just looks, but it is a bit of a drive to see a head in person. Thanks and have a good weekend.

  4. Hi Tom,
    It sounds like the MC560 is going away. I looked at the pics. Do the replacement, 565, have a more rounded toe and thicker topline? How much longer are the 560MC available? Thank you, Brian

    • Bbrian:

      The 560MC have gone away. We announced this to all of our customers in February in advance of the arrival of the new 565MC iron model. At that time we put the remaining inventory of the 560MC on sale to the customers and the heads went quickly. So we have no inventory and all that is left are the nice memories of what was a really good, pioneering model since it was the very first time anyone had ever designed and made a forging with a full CNC machined back cavity to push the MOI up higher than was ever thought to be possible in a forged iron.

      The 565MC has been out for several weeks now and early reports are very good – it is in essence the same off center hit forgiveness as the 560 but with a little more solid on center feel from the increased mass behind the middle of the face. Topline width is the same on the 565 as on the 560. Same very low non offset design. Yes, the sole has a little more face to back radius on the 565, which is good. Makes the model play with more versatility for those who may be steeper or who play in the south on Bermuda/Paspalum type grasses.

      thanks much for your interest,

  5. tried many irons, but these are by far the best, really gives you that confidence in the iron shots. the crispness in the shots are simply amazing. well done tom.

    • Thank you so much !!! VERY glad to hear you like them !

  6. thanks tom for the advice regarding the 771’s vs the 560mc’s.. i am playing with my friend eddie in the morning so i will discuss it with him on the golf course. happy golfing, keep up the good work michael donohoe..

    • hi tom-having discussed and looked at your iron sets with my friend/golf fitter eddie we went for the 575mmc-5 to pw,beautiful irons.ihave played twice with them and have to say they are superb.thank you very much,michael donohoe,dublin,ireland.

    • Thank you Micheal for letting us know you made a decision and like the results !!! It’s a real honor to know that one of my designs is getting to play over there in Ireland in your hands !!!!

      TOM :>)

    • hi tom- just writing to let you know i got my first hole in one with my 575mmc 6 iron recently- needless to say i was thrilled- they are without doubt the best irons i have ever played with in my 27 years of golf.thanks again for these masterpieces. michael donohoe

    • Michael:

      ABSOLUTELY SUPERB TO HEAR !! Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing your accomplishment with us ! I want you to know that no matter how much fun it is for me to create the head and shaft designs in my work, none of that is as enjoyable for me as being able to hear news like you shared with us today! That really makes me feel good that something I created is out there helping you to have a little more fun in this greatest of all games ! Thanks much and may there be more and more stellar shots in store for you with the new sticks !

      Take care,

  7. hello tom -am the owner of 2 of your wedges built by my friend and custom fitter eddie meaney in dublin ireland.these are superb- looks/feel/spin.i play with snake eyes viper irons and recently lost 2.1 shots off my handicap to now play off 11.0. i would like your advice-i am considering changing to either 771’s or 560mc’s as i would love to get to single figures- any help would be appreciated.i play generally twice a week throughout the year on a links course- the island- close to dublin airport..yours sincerely michael donohoe

    • Michael:
      thanks very much for your note and for letting us know the wedges are behaving themselves for you !! That’s great to hear and thank you very much for the attention and the support. The decision between the 771 and the 560 really comes down to how much the player wants/needs more distance with the irons than what he has experienced before. The 771 are a high COR face design so the ball speed and distance is at least one club longer than the same number head in the 560 set. Players who don;t have that high of a clubhead speed or who may be losing some speed from age or injury find the 771 to be the best way to get back some of that distance while not having to struggle with very low lofts on each head.

      Both models are going to be very forgiving for off center hits, though I think you have to give a slight advantage in that to the 771’s variable thickness design face. Not that much more, but it is a tad bit more noticeable than the high MOI design of the 560. 560 also is for the player who has that thing in the back of his head that says “I need to play a forged carbon steel head (for whatever reason !!) but I know I still need a lot of off center hit forgiveness.”

      Last point of differentiation is that the 771 #4, 5, 6 have a slight bit more hosel offset than the #4, 5, 6 of the 560MC. The 7 to wedges are very close to the same in both models in terms of off set because I did the 771’s as a progressive offset from a little bit more on the low loft irons to low offset on the high number heads. 560 is low offset on all heads in the set.

      So those are the main things to think about in making a decision between 560 and 771. Hope this helps and thanks again !!!

  8. Tom:

    Thanks for the reply and explanation. I like my 560MC very much so I’m hesitant to make a switch. I like the look of the 771’s and would like to try them and find the the reward for off centre hits appealing. Since you have tried both models is their a big difference in how they feel considering one is forged and the other cast. I don’t like to change the lofts on my clubs I like them to be what they are and to pay attention to what number club others are hitting.

    • KEN
      I hazard a guess to say I think I know the performance of both these iron models as well or better than anyone !! I am still playing with the very first set of 560MC heads ever made. Over the past year since I turned (cough) 65, I have lost about a half a club in my iron clubhead speed. So I have been thinking about whether it might be time to think about moving into the 771’s. In spending some time hitting the 771’s again, I can tell you that while there is no question the high COR face makes them definitely longer, the off center hit performance from the variable thickness face is really not that perceptibly better than the high MOI design of the 560s. I can still count numerous times I have caught a shot toward the toe with my 560s and still saw the ball fly to the green. Distance wise I personally dislike bending irons stronger because I just happen to not like the way a lower loft bend curves the bottom of the hosel backward. So if I get to the point that my loss of distance from age bothers me, I will shift over to the 771’s. But anyway, for now, I feel the off center hit forgiveness of the 560s is plenty good enough for me. Feel wise, I most certainly can detect a difference in on center impact between the two. No question about that because with a thin high COR face vs a forged one piece iron, that’s as different as can be in terms of how impact vibrations are handled in two different heads. But me personally, I have zero concern about this difference. I don’t place any importance on that and have no preference for one over the other at all. I understand others do and that’s fine. But I am not one of those who worries about that in anyway. For those who do have a big preference for this, then they do have to put that down as a priority in any decision about a new model.



  9. Tom Wishon

    I have a set of 560MC irons which i really like and have been the most forgiving forged irons i have ever played I noticed that the 770 CSI irons which are a newer model than mine have stronger lofts which in theory should go farther. It seems like most of the newer irons have stronger lofts, has the technology changed so they can make the lofts stronger. My brother was hitting the ball further with his irons so I did some research and found that his irons were 3-4 stronger than mine.

    • KEN:

      I am well aware of the trend over the past 30 yrs for companies to lower lofts on their irons. I am also well aware of the appeal this has for most golfers – everyone loves to hit the ball longer with the same number of iron head even if they are aware of how this is being done through loft shrinkage. No one wants to admit or live with the reality that when they hit a 7 iron today for a shot that they used to hit an older 6 or even 5 iron of the past because the new 7 iron has the same loft of their old 6 or 5 iron, they don’t care. In their minds they forget about that and focus on the fact of how far they can hit their 7 iron farther.

      Now being 65 with 30+ yrs of clubhead design experience in my career, I have lived all through this era and watched it happen, degree by degree. and no matter whether I may have the belief this has just been a cheap and tacky way for companies to fool more golfers into spending their money to buy new sets, it is what it is and I can’t/won’t change it and I shall just accept it. Because if you don’t accept it as a designer, you soon won’t sell any of your clubhead designs because in the end, distance sells more clubs than any other feature and golfers don’t care how it comes about to achieve that.

      Anyway, enough of the old “soap box”. The 771 CSI irons only have 1* less loft per head than the 560’s. Yes, no question that the 771’s high COR face design will add a “real” distance increase beyond that tiny loft decrease when you compare the 771 face to the 560 conventional face. So with a 771 set you probably would definitely be one full club shorter into greens than you are now with the 560s. Because the 771’s are made with a carbon steel body, if you wanted the lofts to be even lower, that can easily be adjusted into the 771 heads by bending. I would though recommend that be kept at not more than a 2* bend lower in loft only because of the effect of a loft reduction on the amount of offset on the heads and on the reduction of the bounce sole angle on the soles.

      So if you do that 2* bend lower, you would end up with a 3* lower loft in total per iron vs the 560s, and then with the high COR face of the 771’s, you should be around 1 3/4 clubs shorter for shots hit into the greens. Hope this helps and THANKS SO MUCH for your interest,

  10. Greetings from Cape Town South Africa,

    yep even the golfers in South Africa have heard of Wishon Golf, I was advised to have a club fit, at that stage I was a 22 handicap with a 10 handicap swing in May 2015.

    I was advised to use the 560MC clubs with a KBS tour shaft 120g, it took a round or two to make a difference. I also reshafted my driver and 3 wood Accra DM MT-60 M3 and the F/w shaft identical to suit 3 wood.

    it has a great feel off the face and I love the sole width, I can shape my shots quite nicely although not trying that on the course to much.

    I was shooting 95/96 course rating 68-69 the odd 90-92

    the clubfitter spaced my irons and wedge a little more equally compared to my AP 1’s.

    I shot 4 rounds sub 90 ie. 87-88 and then about 10 days ago bang 1 over after nine with a double bogey and a bogey, my back nine was 7 over which I would still be happy with, shot 80 that day.

    my putting was good but approaches and irons were fantastic, the feel, sound and the result really give me confidence, love these irons, I am now sitting at 17 handicap with a 6 week period where I don’t play due to working away from home.

  11. 2 months ago i visited Thomas Rosenberg for my first clubfitting. From the start i was very amazed by his profesionalism, we tried quite a few different setup combinations.At the end of the session The choice for me was simple the 560´s with the S2S Superlite steel shaft is the right one for me. The “feeling” i have with these iron is what ive been wanting for a very long time. Ive been playing with the set for about a month now, and im very pleased, with these irons im looking forward to my next golfshot regardless of it is the 4 iron or the pw im going toplay, i feel confident about the next golfshot and that feeling is very important to me, it gives me much more confidence in my game, which makes me enjoy the game a lot more.
    I have had another session with Mr. Rosenberg where i got fitted for the 919thi driver and the 775hs hybrid iron, these need more testing before i can make serious comments.
    Based on my experience with my new irons, I decided to get the Micro groove HM wedges and the feel of those is excellent, have to play some more to learn the exact distances, but around green and in bunkers the feeling is just great
    Im very impressed by the work he has done, he is very competent, some time soon i will have a session where i will be fitted for the 950hc fairway wood, and also get the right weights in the wedges and a minor change on the hybrid iron.
    Im very pleased with the products, and the craftmanship Mr. Rosenberg is performing.
    (Im not beeing paid by Rosenberg for writing this, it is my very honest personal view 🙂 ).

  12. i have recently purchased a set of your 560 mc irons. I am happy with the clubs and I have been hitting them good. I am wondering if these clubs have conventional lofts on them. I hit my 9 iron from 148 and flew it 155 from the fairway a week ago. Then yesterday from the tee on a par 3 I did the same thing. On both of these shots I had out 8 but didn’t want to go long. I am use to hitting my 9 about 135. My 8 150.

    • WILLIAM:

      The spec design lofts of the 560MC forged irons from the 3i to the AW in order are, 21, 24, 27, 31, 35, 39, 43, 47, 51. Since there is no standard whatsoever for loft in the golf industry, each company is free to choose whatever lofts they want for whichever head models they make. It is true that among most forged carbon steel iron models, the lofts are pretty close to these we choose for the 560’s. But there are forged iron models out there with lofts that are 1* lower than these and some with lofts that are 1* higher than these of the 560s.

      Then you also have the factor of +/- tolerance in the production of EVERY head ever made and ever to be made. Typical +/- tolerance for loft from the very best production head making factories in the world is +/-1 degree. So within the stated loft specs of EVERY head ever made, it is possible for a head or heads in any set to come out of production a little higher or a little lower than the designed spec for the loft, within this +/-1 deg tolerance.

      If you wish to have the distances of the 560’s be exactly the same as what you are used to, then you would have to take your previous irons and the 560s to a COMPETENT CLUBMAKER who has the proper equipment to ACCURATELY measure the lofts to have each clubhead’s loft measured. Then from that you could know how the lofts of the 560’s would need to be increased to decrease the distances down to what you are used to. BUt also at play in this can be the other fitting specs of the clubs that affect distance such as the lengths, the shaft, the weighting. If any of those things are different in the two sets, they too will act to contribute to the distance difference.

      Hope this helps and glad to hear you like the irons overall. I’ve played the 560’s in my own personal set since day one of their existence and I still find no need to change – even though in my position I could play any of the models I design (HA!!).


  13. Hi, i’m going to be fitted for a set of irons at Brejan, Stockholm Sweden now in April and considering 560 or 575 based on looks only… We’ll se what will suit me best at the actual fitting. Today i’m playing KZG Evolution. i’ve had them for 10 years and it’s time to put them at my summer house and purshase something new.
    When i look at the specs i see that 560 has weaker lofts compared too 575 and wonder why? When i look at the design it should be the other way around? I’m sure there is a perfect explanation – but i’m curious…

    Another thing. Do you know anything about Smart Balance fitting that Brejan has invented? What’t your thougts about that?

    • LEIF
      Thanks very much for your message and for having decided to work with Breit at Brejans for your custom fitting needs. Breit is without question, one of the very best and very most experienced clubfitter/clubmakers in the world and he will most definitely do a very, very good job in your fitting analysis and in making your new clubs perform as well as possible for you.

      The matter of the loft specs on the 560’s vs the 575’s is really one of being forced to stay with the trend in the industry over the past 30 yrs to set the loft specs similar to other companies’ loft specs for specific model types so that your models do not hit the ball shorter than other companies’ models. I hate that personally. But I also know full well that the vast majority of golfers who hit two different companies’ head models will choose to buy the one that hits the ball longer. And when it comes to irons, lower loft tends to always hit the ball longer than higher loft. In the case of the 560’s, we introduced that model several years ago at a time when most all forged iron models had lofts which were as I made them on the 560’s when I designed them. But then as time went on, by the time I was designing the 575 irons, there were some companies that had moved the lofts down 1 degree per head number on their forged iron sets. So in order to be sure that the 575’s did not hit the ball shorter than other forged irons introduced at the same time, I felt compelled to drop the loft specs on the 575’s by 1 deg compared to the 560’s. Again, I really dislike this trend of companies continuing to gradually lower the lofts of their irons. I wish there were an actual rule in the USGA/R&A which specifically set the lofts per each head number to prevent this. BUt that is not going to happen so I do have to be aware of keeping our loft specs within the norm of the industry so that there can’t be a case where a golfer hits our iron and another iron and chooses the other one simply because he hit the ball a little longer.

      Breit’s Smart Balance system of club weighting is a practice that he came up with based on his own research into various ways to weight the clubs so as to help golfer’s improve shot consistency and to try to make the clubs offer the same swing feel through the set. I have read some of his work in this area and I think that Breit has done a good job with this.


  14. Picked up my set of Wishon 560MC’s in October last year. It has been a long tough slog with these. I made some drastic changes to my swing (playing a fade to a draw) a week or two before my fitting.

    Now with some further tinkering I am really hoping to maximise my game for the coming season. My pure strikes are far better than anything I have ever hit. Consistency is the key.

    I got a 5I – PW. Struggling to gap the irons though.

    High handicapper hybrids? From reading about the 335HL and the 775HS I am unsure of which would offer the best solution. Will hopefully get some time to sample both when I go for another fitting.

    Next stop Wishon hybrids, and then Wishon wedges! Fully converted. Also a very keen watcher of your videos. Seeing more and more in golfing mags here in the UK where Wishon is being quote.

  15. First, thanks for offering the 771 model in LH. If it were not for the offset, I would have ordered these by now. Just an observation I have made over the past fifty five years I have played this incredible game we call golf, but why in the world do manufacturers continue to put more than 1 mm of offset in clubs designed for players with handicaps under 10? It makes no sense to increase offset for players who’s miss is a hook. I do not ever remember playing with a single handicapper who sliced their irons…EVER! They may have played a fade, but it was on purpose and with a low offset iron. We lefties can get irons with high offset anywhere, but what we want, what we need, is a slightly oversized forged or cast head with little to no offset. That club only exists with OEMs for $125 per club. Half the time I order these, the heads are on back order because somebody did not realize the demand was there. No disrespect to you Tom, I love the product line and the information you share with us all. Thank you for that, but I just had to mention my frustration.

    • MARK:
      Thanks very much for offering your comments. I did design the 771CSI irons to be a super game improvement iron, and not to be a player’s iron. Of course I am aware that any golfer regardless of hdcp can play any iron he/she wishes. But since the golf industry likes to categorize head design styles, it is a fact that when you design an iron with a high COR and then do the face in a variable thickness construction to increase off center hit distance, those elements do put the design into the super game improvement category. Which then distances it from what most lower hdcp players want to see or use. And in fact when the 771’s got their Hot List award, they were put into GD’s super game improvement iron category.

      Offset wise, a true “non-offset” iron is accepted by most designers to not have less than 2mm of measured offset. The reason is because when you go less than that, an optical illusion created by both eyes focusing on the leading edge makes it appear that the leading edge is in front of the hosel. I’m not a big fan of much offset myself – that’s why when I do a super game improvement iron, I never use more than 6mm, I only do that on the lowest loft iron in the set, and I always progress the offset to be gradually less and less down through the set. Actual offset on the 771 starts at 6mm on the 4 iron and then graduates down to 3mm on the 9, P, A. A heavily offset game improvement design in the industry typically is at 9-10mm for ALL the irons in the set.

      From my design experience and research, iron offset is not done for slice/fade reduction but is done more to try to encourage the hands to lead the clubhead to help encourage learning to hit down on the ball more – hence the reason offset is included in most game improvement irons. But in reality, it is far more of an appearance thing than a performance thing. And since heavily offset irons have been a mainstay in the game improvement category since the 70s, there now are a lot of golfers out there who are used to seeing it and who would think it odd to play an iron with low offset.

      Experience tells me that if I were to design a very low offset iron with a high COR face, good players still are not going to buy it because most good players don’t see a need for a high COR face, nor do many very good players like the impact feel of a high COR iron. The 870Ti irons that we just discontinued were a high COR, variable thickness face with 2mm offset on all the irons. During the years we had that model, feedback from the clubmakers told us that very few if any good players were attracted to that model because it was to them a super game improvement design.

      I am sorry that we just cannot offer any of the forged iron models in left hand. I really am. Tooling dies to make a #3-AW set would cost well over $50,000 – tooling costs for an inv cast set run 1/10 of that. And then the minimum qty requirement for production of a forging is even more than $50K. Over 29 yrs in design, I have designed over 350 different set models, around 50 of those in left hand. Not once has a left hand model sold more than 8% of the units it will in the RH version. So for us as a small,specialty engineering and fitting oriented company, I apologize that the numbers just do not add up to allow us to do a left hand forging. And anytime I have tried to do a left hand players club that was cast to keep the tooling costs more reasonable, it never sold well because there is this stigma among many good players about casting being “deficient” in some ways to forging.

      Thanks for your comments for sure so I could have the chance to offer some information to possibly help,

  16. We do tool the left hand model 771 in a #4 to PW.


  17. A friend of my has the 560MC clubs. He loves them. His game has improved greatly and he does nothing but praises these clubs.
    A problem I see with the 560MC clubs, you can’t get them for left handed players.
    How can the game keep on growing when consumers cannot purchase the products. Nice growth and the game.
    One concern left-handed player

    • LARRY

      I hear you loud and clear and as a designer with 29 yrs of experience, every year I lament the facts of life concerning left hand development costs vs the potential for left hand head demand. With investment cast clubheads, we can with our more popular cast models invest in left hand tooling dies and invest in the inventory to offer them. BUt in forged carbon steel iron heads, that’s really difficult because sadly the numbers just do not add up for us as a smaller, niche design and technology company. Forging dies cost around $6,000 per head number, so creating a set of #3 to AW starts out with a tooling investment of $54,000 or so. Cast tooling runs $600 per head number as a contrast so we’re talking ten times the development cost to do a forged iron vs a cast iron.

      Then you have the minimum production run quantity required by the forging factory for them to even agree to do a production run. That’s even more than the tooling die costs. Against this you have the set in stone statistic that no left hand iron has ever sold more than 8% of the units that the right hand version sells – because here in the USA, left hand players are 6% of the market, in Canada they are 14% so the blended avg for demand is only 8%. If we were a big company selling tons of units off the rack in big golf stores, we might be able to do that. But we are a niche company in the much smaller custom clubfitting side of the industry which means the numbers are sadly not there to justify this type of investment to extend the forged irons into left hand. I’m sorry but those are the cold hard facts that I hate to have to live with in my work. But I very much do thank you for your interest,


  18. Does the 560 forged iron set come in for left hand players?

    • LARRY
      I am very sorry to tell you that we do not offer the 560MC or any of our other forged iron models in left hand. We’re a small company and we do all of our own design work from scratch and the cost of the production forging dies is just greater than the volume we could possibly sell to make that investment to do the forgings in left hand. Production forging dies cost $6,000 per head number so to manufacture a set of 3-AW in left hand would represent an investment up front of $54,000. Minimum production runs for a forged iron would then require an additional $52,000. Sadly, in my 29 yrs of designing over 350 different clubhead models, never have I seen a left hand version of a model sell more than 8% of the quantity it will in the RH version. And as a smaller, niche company in the custom design business, that 8% just doesn’t work vs those expenses. So as much as I would like to offer our forged models to the left hand players, it just can’t happen and I am so sorry to have to admit that. But if nothing else, you know the facts and I sincerely appreciate your interest.


  19. Tom,

    I’ve read much of your design philosophy and that you prefer 4 degree loft spacing for irons. Why did you choose to use 4.5 spacing on the 9-pW-aw irons in the 560MC’s?

    • ED:

      The loft of the short irons and PW/AW all have to correspond to the loft of the sand wedge so as to try to make sure there won;t be an odd distance gap between any of the irons leading into the sand wedge. Since most sand wedges are 56* loft with a few at 55*, that pretty much locks in the loft of the sand wedge for most players. Thus when you work backwards from there to the lofts of the AW, PW, 9 iron and into the rest of the short irons, you do then need to be cognizant of making sure you don;t get the loft gap to be either too much or too little. Thus it can be necessary to adjust the normal 4* loft spacing to sometimes be 4.5 or even 5 so that all the distance gaps of the short irons through the wedges leading up to the sand wedge can be more consistent.


  20. Tom,

    Here is a bit of feedbak on Fred and Tony from Perfect Lies in upstate NY from someone based on Sydney Australia of all things.

    The 560mc with the KBS Tour shaft are working a treat.


    Having only started playing golf this year with an old set of cheap knock off clone clubs, I thought if I was going to play for the next 30+ years, I should get a fitting so I went to a trackman based fitter here in Sydney, Australia. The fitting itself was excellent, improved my distance and accuracy beyond my expectations. However, it was only when I got to the end and they mentioned the cost that I felt uneasy as it was going to cost a lot more than I was expecting to pay for just a set of irons / wedges. Fortunately I went with my gut and left without purchasing and did some more research. Sure enough, I had been “gold plated” into a set of clubs, when being new to golf and a mid-high 20’s handicap, it was just not needed. That led me to find out about Tom Wishon and his views on club fitting and the golf industry generally. Sure enough, whilst the accuracy was improved in my fitting, all the distance gains were solely attributable to a 4 degree strengthening of loft!

    I was due to travel on holiday to the US in a couple of months, so kept doing more research. Out of all of the club fitters I contacted via the Wishon website, many took a little while to reply and a couple not at all. However, Fred at Perfect Lies responded almost immediately and over the course of the next couple of months, we corresponded regularly. He gave me his views on a range of issues as it relates to golf clubs and club fitting. When I finally got to the US, we organised to meet and do a club fitting. As he was out of state NY, he went to the trouble of driving an hour to pick me up from a mutually convenient train station. I ended up having two sessions with him and Tony. The first we spent about 6 hours going through many head and shaft combinations until we found ones that felt the best (KBS Tour and Wishon 560MC). The second was to try out and learn about my new clubs. Both sessions included a great amount of coaching and discussion with Fred and Tony about my swing and what I should focus on to improve based on their their years of experience in golf. The cost also ended up being a fraction of the other set, for what I would argue was a better quality head and more appropriate shaft for my age and experience level.

    I must admit, when I got home, the first few rounds I struggled. Not with the clubs per se, but my scores were at best the same as before I left over about 11 rounds in 3 months after my returning to Australia. However since that point I have hit a run of form that has seen my drop my handicap 2.5 strokes in the space of 7 rounds in 3 weeks and about 5-10 strokes off the stick. I won my club competition 3 weeks in a row as well as a 6th and a 3rd which should have been wins if I could putt! How much of that is attributable to practice and playing more vs how much is due to the clubs is hard to say. However, there can be no doubt that the quality of the fitting process, KBS shafts, Wishon 560mc heads and Fred’s expertise in club making all have played a significant part in my improvement.

    If you want an honest and forthright opinion about golf equipment, club fitting and more importantly what you need for where you are in your game, I cannot recommend Fred and Tony from Perfect Lies enough. Can’t thank them enough for their work and will return for my next set when I get below 10 and am looking for a set of blades (here’s hoping anyway).

    • BRETT:

      I had heard from Fred that you had corresponded with him to let him know how his fitting work for you had come along since you got home and were using the clubs. But thanks so much for letting us know here on our site that your work with Fred was pleasing in terms of the performance results!!! Keep it up because there are few things more enjoyable than being able to play this great game a little better than before !!


  21. Hi Tom
    This review is long overdue. I’ll try and keep it as concise as possible.
    I bought the 560MC irons in 2011 and they are absolutely terrible.
    It’s ok, I’m kidding.
    Not unlike many golfers, I seem to get a two or three year “itch” which makes me want to buy new clubs even if I am fairly happy with what I have. Fortunately, I have always been suspicious of the BS that the OEMs feed us, and have avoided them for the most part. Instead, I have always been attracted to more obscure brands.
    In about 2008, I ended up buying a set of custom made Golfsmith G40+ irons, which I absolutely loved. Players profile but forgiving and sweet. However, the clubmaker also stocked your clubs, which got me interested. After a few years, the itch started to itch again, and I looked into the 560MC’s.
    I viewed them on the website and they looked so pretty, but I assumed that they would be players clubs. As a 12 or so handicap, I didn’t think I would be able to hit them well enough. I was of course surprised to read that they are full game improvement clubs. I just knew that I had to have a set, although at the same time knew that I was being very impulsive. To cut a quite long story a bit shorter, I found a clubmaker in the US (I live in Cape Town, South Africa) – Ronnie Barnett (AKA RJ the Clubmaker). He was (is) outstanding. I sent him all my swing metrics, he came up with the specs, made up the clubs and shipped them over. As a side note, I have since bought a full set of 870 irons for my wife and a driver for my friend. Ronnie is a true pro and you should be proud of the way he represents your brand.
    When I got them I was like a kid on Christmas day. Very excited but still slightly nervous that it was a bit of an impulse purchase. After having hit them, I was blown away. They were everything that I hoped for and more.
    At the time I was playing to about a 10-12 handicap, and only occasionally broke 80. Since I got the 560’s, I steadily improved, which culminated in Jan 2012 when I shot level par, and then in Dec 2012 shot my first (and so far only) sub par round of 71. This got me to a 6 handicap, my lowest ever.
    I can’t give all the credit to the 560’s. I also have a 919TH driver which is BY FAR the best I have ever hit, but that’s another story.
    In summary, the 560MC’s are in my opinion, THE best irons out there. Stunning looks, sweet as a nut on good strikes and very forgiving on off centre hits. Whilst I am not a bad player, my ball striking isn’t, and never will be, that of a really low handicapper. I have tried players clubs and can’t hit them consistently. But the 560MC’s give the best of both worlds. I have never liked the aesthetics of a typical GI club (too bulky), so I love the thin top line and low offset of the 560’s. It makes me feel like I am using player’s clubs, but I know that there is lots of forgiveness there too. Plus the buttery feel of a forged club.
    I didn’t think I would improve upon the G40+ irons, but I have. Or should I say that you have, Tom.
    For anyone with a handicap between scratch and 15, maybe even higher, then the 560MC’s are the best irons you can get. A truly outstanding set of golf clubs. Great Job Tom.

  22. Mr. Wishon

    I just wanted to Thank You for the best club purchasing experience of my life! Saw the 771 review in Golf Digest, went to your site, read up on the 771, loved the looks of the 560, used your locator to find a local club fitter and arranged a time with Ken Alterwitz. He showed up with both heads, a multitude of shafts, and state of the art swing analysis equipment. He did an excellent job of assessing the swing data, I made my choice of head, shaft, and grip, and a week later had my 560’s in hand. Loved the 771 action as well, but have played forged for years and the feedback from the 560’s was overpowering! I love the technology, design, and thought process that went into this club. Couple that with a real pro club maker like Ken, multiple options on shafts and grips, in retrospect makes the decision to just buy “off the rack” seem insane. The 560 is everything that was touted, A players club with all the attributes of game improvement. I can work the ball left and right easily, the miss hits do not seem to lose considerable distance, and the feedback on those mishits is minimal at best. When hit correctly feels like I am striking a marshmallow!! Needless to say…I am in Love with my clubs!!

    Thanks Again!

    • BILL:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with the new 560MC set you were fit for by Ken. That’s more than great for us to be able to hear your reaction to the clubs and the smile on your face shines bright through your words! It’s great that you chose to work with Ken for your fitting needs because he is a very good example of what a good, professional clubfitter/clubmaker can be to help golfers find the right clubs for their game.


  23. built a pendulum balanced set of 560MC’s for myself (MOI/SW = constant throughout the set). Pendulum balanced sets require the same offset throughout the set; the 560mc’s nearly fit that criteria. Used it once and noted how much more accurate they were over all my previous sets. Loaned them to my cousin and haven’t seen them since. His GIR’s have nearly tripled; looks like I’ll have to build another set for myself

    • Rocco:
      That’s very interesting for sure. If you don;t mind, I would have a few questions if you would not mind answering to contact@wishongolf.com. If not, I understand.

      Did you use our old pendulum period counter piece of equipment that we developed for the first entree into MOI matching back in 2003-2004? Because to my knowledge that was about the only commercially available pendulum period counter available to do something like this. It’s totally OK to do that, I’m just curious if that’s what you used to do the pendulum period part of this.

      Also, I assume that you achieved the equal MOI to equal swingweight for each club by putting weights at specific locations in the shaft? Were you able to pre calculate this or did you have to do it in a trial and experimentation basis with different weights in different positions within the shaft of each club?

      As I said, just curious because I am pretty much totally into anything and everything related to the science of golf clubs.

  24. Dear Tom

    Ian Worsley made a true custom fitting and recommended the 560-irons to me. Last sunday I played my first round with the new set and I have just one comment: The Feeling ist absolutely fantastic. Thanks a lot Tom. Thank you Ian.

    Greetings form Switzerland

    • Christian:
      thanks so very much for taking the time to let us know how your fitting with the new 560MC irons has been! We’re so pleased to hear that you like the feel and that you are enjoying the game a little more as a result! And to let you know, I still play the very first set of the 560 irons ever made and they still after all these years are my own personal favorite for my own game!


  25. Tom,

    In my process to TOMWISHONING (after the 919THI and the 775 hybrid) I am looking to at a set of irons. These 560 MC seem just amazing! The thing is that I am not sure if they are too difficult for me… I am 30 years old guy and started playing 3 years ago. My handicap is 25 but I am playing at a level below 20 and improving (3 lessons per month and lot of range sessions). My goal by the end of 2014 is to be under 18 and my PRO says it is almost sure I will make it.

    I currently play AP1 714 with NSPro 950. I really like the shaft so my idea would be to replace the heads (if possible).

    Do you think I can play these irons and get the best out of them? Please say yes because I already love them (unconditionally). 

    Best regards,


    • Luis

      Because the 560MC irons are made with a very deep cavity on the back, they are a design that most certainly could be played by a 20 something handicap player who is improving. No other forged iron has this deep of a cavity, so that means the MOI of the 560 is as high or higher than the MOI on many of the stainless steel cast irons that are always thought to be more of a game improvement model. The 560 is very much a game improvement iron design because of that deep machined back cavity. There would not be anything in any of the cast stainless game improvement iron models that would be better for a 20 something handicap player. So if you like the look, just be sure the fit for the length, lie, shaft, weighting and grip is right for your swing and you will be fine with this model.


  26. Wow! IS the only thing I can say, having recently joined the Wishon family of fitters, my reaction to this head is “Amazing results” I have put two of our clients in these heads in the past three weeks. The results are nothing but unbelievable. The performance of these heads is shocking to say the least, both clients have dropped there scores on average in 2 weeks of use no less than 6 strokes due to the accuracy and controllable feel.

    This may seem unbelievable, however the one customer who drove over 400 miles twice for us to fit him (Irons first then woods and hybrids) had never shot below 42. He was a 12 handicap, in his regular league. The results of his first round in the league with these clubs ………………. He shot a 36! Go Mark!

    Both of my customers had amazing results and are absolutely ecstatic over the change. We have to say that we are amazed at the performance of these heads and as a result of there performance we have dropped two lines of heads from our collection as the Wishon heads completely outperformed and are better suited to a wider variety of golfers.

    Tom your designs are uncompromised in performance, these heads are an incredibly versatile example of an across the board fitters head for golfers seeking true Game improvement qualities with the ability to have the feeling and performance for a wide variety golfers and swing characteristics. 10 stars on a scale of 1-5!



  27. Tom,

    I finally found a Club Fitter, Fred Scahper from Tomkins Cove, NY that did a superb job of fitting me into a set of your Irons. Fred worked with me for 2 1/2 hrs patiently giving me over 30 different Head and Shaft combinations. The results could not be better and to my surprise further from what I expected. Last year I went to a Top 100 Fitter and was told I needed a Senior Flex with Hybrids as low as possible. The problem ( and reason I didn’t buy any clubs from him) was everything he put into my hands felt like a wet noodle. Confusion being the obvious result.

    The best feeling and hitting Heads by far were your 560 MC’s, which I took delivery of yesterday 5-GW+ SW. Fred did a beautiful job of Showcasing your products and spent another 2 hrs with me yesterday making sure every club was satisfactory, unbelievable customer service. The other surprise was the shaft flex, Fred gave me many shafts to blindly try and I stopped at what felt/hit the best. I ended up with just under the CPM of a Stiff shaft.

    Fred told me he was new to the Wishon Family. I do not think he will be a stranger! I drove 400mi round trip, twice. when there are Club Fitters much closer. I would do it again in a Heart Beat for my future needs.

    Thank you for making Great products. Now that I know where to get properly fit, I think the fun maybe back in this game of Golf.

    JoeWillie (Mark Normandin)

    You can contact Fred at:

    TOMKINS COVE, NY 10986
    Phone: (845) 444-2873
    Email: perfectliesgolf@gmail.com

    • Wow, Thanks Mark! we didnt even see the comment you left and had posted the one below because we have had such positive reactions with this head and incredible results for our customers. WWe cant thank you enough for the comment’s you wrote about our work!

      The heads speak for themselves, we couldnt be happier with the performance we can give our clients with these heads and glad that fit you and your game well!


  28. Have been playing a set of Snake Eye’s forged blades (MC series from Golfsmith about 14 years ago). I think Tom had a hand in their design. I usually play to a 6 hndcp with 2 shot swings in any given season. Am working with Stan @ Golf Club Hospital in Minnesota for my next set. I REALLY like my Snake Eyes but they are showing age and ready for retirement to Mexico. What to do next? We had our eye on a 555M, but no longer available. I’ve been torn between the 560MC and the 575MMC’s. The comments above are helping me with a decision. Now leaning a bit to the 560MC’s. Reading these comments is helpful. Thank you!

    • RICK:
      Yes I did design the Snake Eyes MC model that you have played with during my time there from 93 to 02. Nice to know they have been working well for you over the years! In all honesty the difference between whether to play with the 560s or the 575’s depends on a couple of things that I am happy to outline and explain so you can make the best decision for your game.

      I tend to be one who believes that the game is tough enough so why not get all the shotmaking help you can get, unless you are good enough, consistently so, that you don’t really need the off center hit benefits of the 560s. Plain and simple, the 560s play like a normal cavity back forging for on center hits, but play like a game improvement cavity back for off center hits. The 575’s play like a normal cavity back forging for on center hits, but do not offer nearly the level of off center hit forgiveness that the 560s do. I’m a 6-7 hdcp myself, sill have an 83mph 5 iron speed, and I have played exclusively with the 560s since day one of their existence. And as you can imagine, I could play ANY of my designs (!!) but I keep with the 560s because they offer everything I want personally in an iron – they’re not offset, they have a thin topline, they feel great for on center hits, and rarely is there a round when I hit a couple of shots off center and watch happily as the ball gets on the green instead of falling short in one of my course’s many deep green hugging bunkers.

      The only exception to this in my recommendation would be if you insist on playing with a much smaller size head. The 575’s are a more compact size forging, even slightly smaller than other companies forged iron models. The 560’s are slightly larger than a blade type forging because they had to be in order to machine that back cavity to create that off center hit forgiveness. But they are not as large as most game improvement castings. So that’s the short story on it and I thank you so much for your interest and wish you the very best in this great game!

  29. These clubs are simply the best… PERIOD! (more about that later).

    First off I totally believe in custom fit clubs and being fit ONLY by a certified PCS Class A Club fitter/ wishon certified fitter. This before I ever bought the above clubs.

    My story: I had a set of Wilson staff muscle backs cause I loved the look and when I did hit the sweet spot you don’t even feel the ball coming off. I got down to a 15 handicap (no range time or lessons) but found I couldn’t improve any further. I could hit some nice shots with all irons below a 5. I just didn’t understand why I couldn’t hit these clubs. Played with a friend who told me to get custom fit (Roy’s golf shop in Orlando who was working with some semi-pros). which I did. I kid you not my handicap dropped to a 8 in something like the next 10 rounds. I for once realized you should be taking a divot the width of your club head. (my off the rack clubs were so short and the lie so flat I was literally taking a divot the width of 2 fingers. No wonder I couldn’t hit my 5-2 irons. I remember thinking after only 13 holes with these custom clubs that the pros weren’t as good as I thought they were. Because simply put when you have a set of clubs that fit you and you have played long enough to have a fairly consistent swing w/o major flaws then it is all about how your clubs fit you. I improved as well because now I could feel faults on my individual swing. Before I just “missed it” and didn’t have a clue why. Oh I forgot to tell you I had to quickly get used to hitting each club 10 yards further (no change in the loft of each club).

    Now to the above clubs. To me golf is about enjoyment, yes I like to score low, but more importantly I want the sweet feel of a nicely hit shot. When you take these above clubs and hit it square it comes off like a rocket. I mean screaming. No cast iron club has ever given me that same feeling even though they hit the ball just as far. If it meant adding 5 strokes to every round I still would prefer the “feel” of forged clubs over cast. As I said I don’t practice or take lessons so I benefit greatly by the added MOI. Now it is a no brainer, these clubs are forgiving and even feel better then the solid shots I’d hit with my previous forged clubs.

    Buy a set of custom clubs. If you think you should wait until you’re better that is exactly the wrong thing to do. The worse you are the more benefit you’ll find (I’m living proof) my game changed the day I used by clubs. no new swing no new ball no new practice just the next 10 rounds on the same course I had always played. My swing became more grooved and consistent because I now had the ability to learn from the feed back my clubs were given me. I still hit some horrendous shots that no club or shaft will save you from (practice might) but the ones I hit well or almost well were more consistent and they felt more solid to boot.

    Sorry to long but in a nut shell:
    1. find yourself a certified PCS Class A Club fitter/ wishon certified fitter by searching Tom’s sight
    2. if you are a 15 or below get these heads period (my fitter talked me out of the 575 forged which I thought I liked because they were muscle backs. I know he was right and unless you’re a really good golfer why not take advantage of the better off hits.

    I promise I don’t work for Tom and never have met him. But I do own woods, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons from him. But don’t forget about how important it is to get a good fitter. I think the major brand name clubs are crap compared to these clubs and believe me I’ve hit them all.

    Thanks Tom for such a great product. I wish you continued success. would never had found out about you unless Roy Beatty in Orlando had told me about them. I tell everyone who will listen but it is hard to fly against the mainstream but keep trying.


    • TODD
      Thanks so much for taking your time to share your experiences with us. We’re very pleased that you found out the benefits of proper fitting through a clubmaker like Roy who very much is one of the best clubfitters in the country. You’re right in saying that professional custom clubfitting does swim upstream against the current of the big companies with the buy it off the rack business model. But slowly but surely professional clubfitting is winning converts because when done by a competent clubmaker, it most definitely is a better “mousetrap” that what the big companies can offer.

      Thanks much and the very best wishes to you in this great game!

  30. Tom I play with a bunch that are REAL seniors. I am the kid at age 64. Mike is the real senior at age 90 & he beats us on a regular basis even though he tees at the ladies tees. He didn’t do that until last year when he turned 90.

    Just my 2 cents worth,

    ps am thinking about a set of these irons but need to find a good fitter first.

    • I think to be able to keep playing the game and enjoying at at the age of 90 has to be a goal for ALL of us! That’s remarkable. We have a man in our area who has been shooting his age on a 6500 yd golf course every single year since he was 64 and he is 78 now. That to me is another superb goal in this great game!


  31. I started last season where my average round was anywhere between 100 and 108. Became tired of shooting 25 strokes more than my buddies. Started practicing in the backyard daily hitting balls into a net and trying to play once a week. At the end of the season my score came down to shooting between 87 and 89. Although, there was really good improvement, I was struggling with consistency on my irons. I decided to get fitted by Dan Wilt in Columbia, TN. It wasn’t until I picked up the 560’s I began to hit the center of the face and get the feel I was looking for. I was only able to play once with the 560’s before the cold weather hit, but the difference in consistency and solid contact was immediate. My playing partners commented on how well I was striking the ball and in awe of the beauty of these clubs. Really great fitting experience and super happy with the irons, just wish I would have seen that hidden pebble before my very first swing with the irons that resulted in a big ding on the toe of my shiny new 8 iron.

    560mc + 775 hybrid (awesome as well)
    KBS Tour 90 shaft
    Pure grips

    • CHRIS

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience in the evolution of your game and for the report on the 560MC irons. Seriously Chris, for you to jump from 100s to high 80s working on your own on your game is fabulous and a real testimony to your commitment and hard work. That’s fantastic to hear and I am sure it has made a huge difference in your having fun playing this great game now. You really did the right thing in working with Dan, as he really is a good man and a very skilled clubmaker/clubfitter. Very pleased to hear the clubs are working well for you and that you are moving on and upward in your game so quickly!


  32. I had bought a set of 560MC/550C combo several years ago, then expanded the 550C to a full set, and then sold them. But I kept the 560s (5, 6 & 7). Which I then brought with me to India where I travel frequently on business, to take to the range when I can find the time. Meanwhile, I have owned damn near everything. It struck me the other day here in India at the range, like that girl who isn’t the most glamorous that all of a sudden you see how really rock solid she is and wham, you’re done.

    This is a really, really fine golf club. When I get back I am going to get a new set built. I think it’s strengths are, it just doesn’t have any weaknesses. Feel, look, forgiveness, sole design are all there. It just came crashing in on me at the range how… comfortable… I was with the club. I am a 8 index, in my early 60’s, and I think my search is done.

    • CHUCK
      Thanks much for your post and for your “realization” !! I have to say of all the models I have designed, I still personally play the 560MC irons because to me strictly as a golfer, they still stand up to offer the best combination of looks, size, low offset, thin topline and both on center solidness with off center forgiveness that is really still amazing to me when I think about it and experience it. Can’t tell you how many times I have hit a shot off center with these and watched the ball still get to the putting surface, upon which I still say to myself, “you got away with another one there Tom.”


  33. Tom,

    Just wanted to say I love these irons. Bruce Tyler made me a set and i love the look and feel that my friends are thinking about having setas made. I had one of your drivers made by Bruce and was hitting it great so my buddy hit it and I’ve havn’t got it back. he easly picked up 20 yards and dosen’t miss a fairway. I look forward to having all Wison clubs in my bag and a golf bag.

    • MIKE

      Thanks so much for taking your time to comment. We really do appreciate that and we’re very pleased to hear that the driver and the irons are performing very well and making the game more enjoyable for you. It’s funny that each year when I finish the new models, I stop for a short moment to think “should I be changing my own clubs to any of these new models.” And yes, occasionally that happens here or there, but in terms of my own driver and my own personal irons, I am still a 919THI driver and 560MC forged iron player because I really just like both these models and can’t find any coherent reason to change. (although since I am getting older, the day that I lose enough clubhead speed to have to hit one more iron into the greens than before might be the day I switch to the 771CSI high COR irons!! HA!)


  34. I’m on my 2nd set of 560MC irons and now that I’m also 56 like Greg above I had my club maker, John Sieber of Siebergolf, put this set together with graphite shafts. A bit of an adjustment, but now a few months in I couldn’t be more pleased. I also like the fact that he lofts on the 560MCs are “standard”. My buddies with their 3 degree stronger irons like to give me the business that they’re a club longer, but they have a difficult time shooting lower scores (I can’t give all the credit to the clubs – I practice quite a bit). Keep up the good work!

    • JOHN

      That’s really great to hear and we are very happy to hear that you are pleased enough with the 560MC irons to be on your second set !!! I still play the 560’s myself, and they are the very final pre production inspection set made before we went into production with the 560 irons several years ago. I still have many times when I manage to put a less than stellar swing on the ball and am amazed to see the shot land on the green. So even though I am definitely a senior player now that I am 63, I really can’t see moving away form the 560s and their more traditional loft specs anytime in the near future.

      Thanks so much and very glad to hear you worked with John Sieber for your fitting needs because he really is one of the best in the field!


  35. These are the best irons I’ve ever hit or owned. The quality is unbelievable especially when you weigh each club head separately or take a closer look at the finish. The feel and general aesthetic appeal of these irons has to be of the best ever produced in golf history. I like many irons on the market but simply will never change from my 560MC’s.

    • MIKE

      Thanks so much for the nice comments about the 560MC irons, and we are so pleased to hear that you like them. I’ll be honest when I was in the design process and had decided to make the 560’s by fully machining the entire back out of the raw forgings to create that deep of a back cavity for the higher MOI, I did wonder if people were going to like the fact that this would be a forged carbon steel iron in which the back cavity was not shallow with gentle curves for the weighting areas, but would be a very machined look around the perimeter with a medallion to cover the flat machined bottom of the cavity. Once it was done though, as you said in your message, I too really liked that “engineering look” of the CNC machining of the back cavity. So we’re really happy to hear that you like the irons and thank you so much for taking your time to write and comment!!


  36. Larry Horton in Florence Kentucky made me a set of the 560MC PW thru 5-iron, 4 & 3 hybrid , a 4 wood and a driver from your collection. Absolutely love the clubs! I have gone from a 13 to a 9 handicap in one season with some lessons. The graphite shafts make for a light weight set for us older guys (56). Thanks Tom!

    • GREG:

      HEY!! At 56 you are no old guy!! I just turned 63 last Friday and while I qualify on the calendar as more of an old guy than you, I can tell you that we’re not old guys!! HA! Thanks so much for your post and we’re so pleased to hear that Larry nailed your fitting specs for the new clubs so well. It is a fact that no matter how much I continue to love the part of my “job” in which I get to do all the design work and research, it is by far a more enjoyable experience when I get to read a message such as yours! Best wishes to you in this great game!!


  37. Perfection! Ok, so I’ve been through 6 different sets of irons within the past 2 years. From Mizuno to Titleist, Taylormade to Nike. I had a set of Mizuno JPX 800 Pro’s made “custom” for me, but never hit them good, consistently. I heard about Tom Wishon’s clubs from Rick Musselman, owner of Golf Services Unlimited. Rick set me up with a set of the 560MC Irons and I couldn’t be happier. The feel and sound is remarkable, these clubs are keepers! Big thanks to Tom Wishon and Rick Musselman!

    • Thank you for your comments Chris and we all at TWGT are very happy to hear that Rick got you sorted out very well with your clubfitting needs for the irons and the driver!!!


  38. Hey Tom!! I appreciate all the responses to all the questions asked, and i have one myself if you dont mind answering…

    1) Can you buy sets straight from your website? or can you recommend a 100% best website to purchase your great irons.
    2) Can you buy irons individually, like lets say a 4 iron?
    3) Not a question but keep up the good work and I really appreciate your love for this game and for the club making for this game!!

    • Michael

      Thanks very much for your interest in our company and our designs. We appreciate that very much!

      Our designs are offered through custom clubmakers that we screen for their knowledge and experience. This is completely unlike other companies’ clubs which are pre built to a series of standard specifications so they can be shipped to retail golf stores to be sold off the shelf to golfers. We believe completely in the benefits of good custom fitting and have set up our company distribution to be able to offer proper custom fitting to golfers through the clubmakers who offer our designs in their work.

      Fitting is something that is best done in person on a one on one basis between the clubfitter and the golfer. It’s just not as possible to offer the most accurate custom fitting service through an on line basis as it is when done face to face with a good clubfitter. This is because proper fitting is all about SEEING the golfer’s swing and typical ball flight tendencies to know what fitting specs are called for to help the golfer get the most from their swing and manner of play.

      So we strongly recommend you click on the FIND A CLUBFITTER locator that is right in the middle of our home page on wishongolf.com. Put in your town/city/zip and select the distance you would be willing to travel to be custom fit, and the locator will list those screened clubfitters who may be within reasonable proximity to where you live.

      Any of the clubfitters would be willing and able to fit and build anything from single clubs like the 4 iron you asked about, all the way up to full custom fit sets.

      Thanks so much again for your interest !!!


  39. Tom, I was curious how the testing on the 771’s are going? Just wondering if you noticed a change in trajectory with the added offset from the 560’s. How do they fit your eye?

    • RAY

      Actually, testing on the 771CSI irons was completed last fall at the end of the development process. They have now been shipping to clubmakers for a couple of weeks (sorry we were a little late with them!) and so we are just now beginning to hear the reports of their performance in the field – which by the way are very positive. Due to the fact we chose to use a carbon steel body to hold the high COR thin face, the sound of impact is more normal like a conventional thicker face, but the distance from the high COR face is definitely there. Visually, they are smaller than the old 770CFE’s and definitely smaller than the 870Ti irons. I did design the body to look more like a traditional forged type head so we could have this as an alternative to the larger much more game improvement size of the 870s. So this way someone looking for a high COR face iron can have a choice between the larger size of the 870 and the more traditional size of the new 771’s.


  40. Just equiped with 560 MC 4-AW bought in Paris. They look and feel great ! The way the iron hits the ball is very smooth,and provides me accuracy.
    Best regards from France.

  41. Just a wonderful club. love the sound off the face on a well struck shot and the launch angle is very nice. enough forgiveness to make up for the shortcomings in my game, while still providing a nice look at address and nice feel. i can’t imagine playing another iron. i may have given up a touch of distance relative to the callaway, but the consistency of strike through the set and the feel of the forging is not worth 5 more yards.

    • Michael

      Happy to hear that the 560s are doing well for you!! I still am playing final sample set #1 of these irons from back when I designed them – and I really cannot imagine switching to another model because I also like the combination of the looks of the head in the playing position along with the off center hit forgiveness (which I tend to need a little more and more each year as my game and my swing start to “age” !!

      (although I will be honest and admit that I might, just might, spend some more personal selfish playing time with the new 771’s when they come into stock here in mid APril. From the hit testing of the 771 last fall (which I always selfishly get myself involved in with the other test hitters) I really did like the feel and sound and of course, was a little swayed by the distance from the high COR face, since my swing is starting to age a little these days !!!!)


  42. I’ve been in the clubmaking business since 1996 and I seemed to always build myself a new set of irons every other year. However, since putting the 560’s in my bag about 7 yrs ago, I see no need to change. They are everything I desire in an iron head…a player’s profile with great forgiveness. 100% satisfaction from customers. Absolute beauties!

  43. Wonderful set. Has the look and feel of traditional forged blades with the forgiveness you can’t get in other forged blades. I’m a 4 handicap but these would work beautifully for a 15 handicapper as well!

  44. I have had a set of the 560MC 5-AW since they came out and I still have not found anything for me that plays better. They feel fantastic and look even better.

  45. Do you offer a 2 iron in this set? I want to rotate out a 2 iron but I don’t want it to be unforgiving to hit

    • Chris

      We do not offer a 2 iron in the 560MC nor any other of our iron models. We used to have one in the 555C forged irons, but there literally was virtually no demand so we had to drop that one 2 iron from our line. These days the demand for even a 3 iron is so small that I can envision the day when companies have to discontinue that lower loft iron as well. In truth, the demand for a 2 iron is so small that what we would sell in one year would not equal the minimum production quantity of the forging foundry with whom we work to manufacture our forged carbon steel iron models.


    • it’s really a pity that iron 2 is not available: I play so easy with iron 3 (over 220 yards average), that iron 2 would be just perfect, mainly for days when the driver is not so good…

      small production for 560 lovers…?


    • I have been playing these irons for a year or so and love them. I was just wondering about the 2 iron conundrum (not that I can hit one – I only play down to a 5 iron, sometimes a 4 iron). Would it be possible to build a 3 iron and bend it so it plays liek a 2 iron? I might be talking rubbish but that woudl seem like a possible option?

    • It is possible to bend the loft lower on a 3 iron to make it have the loft of a 2 iron, but the problem is when you do that, you automatically change the sole angle to make it more of a scoop, or digger type of sole. If the 2 iron is used pretty much exclusively for TEE SHOTS, you can get away with having a little scoop/digger sole. BUt if the bent 2 iron is used a lot from shots off the grass, there you would find you would see a higher incidence of “fat” shots due to the scoop sole.


  46. Once again, my bag holds a custom set of this wonderful iron that surely makes for great game improvement. Easy to swing and it gets the ball flying high.
    I write here of the 560MC forged, carbon steel, irons.
    My set is one issue prior to the current 2013 edition. I am using a step design steel shaft and being custom produced, they are just great. A well hit ball has a distinct click that the hitter can really enjoy. If, however, a miss hit takes place, yardage may be lost but not the ball. It is a handsome club when at address position. The best yet, Tom.

  47. Great to have a forgiving club with the forged feel. My G2’s will not get back in my bag.

  48. Voor de betere golfer is de 560MC forged een ijzer die tot de top behoort. De combinatie van een traditionele vorm, eem goede feedback, maar met een grote mate van vergevingsgezindheid zal u verbazen. dit is een ijzer dat alles uit uw spel zal halen.

  49. The 560,s are in my personal set and I went from low 80,s to low 70,s almost overnite so I can’t see playing anything else. That speaks for itself.

  50. The 560MC design provides the feel of a forged impact in a forgiving iron. They have a thin topline and minimal offset just like a traditional blade, but minimize the penalty when I miss the sweet spot. I just can’t think of a reason why I would ever buy anything else, at least for now.

    • Hi Jeff, can i ask what hcp you are? have been pointed toward these instead of the muscle back/blades.

    • I shoot 75-85 depending on the day and how much practice I’ve had. I just can’t think of a reason why I would want to switch.

    • Acquired a set of 560MC (5 to AW) few months ago at golf´n swing Paris. I agree with Jeff, these irons are just great and provide a perfect balance btw forgiveness and feeling, especially after fiting. I feel so confortable with them that I’m fully convinced they will help me lowering my 11.5 index in the near future. On top they have a good looking !
      A happy customer

    • GERARD

      I am very pleased to hear that you worked with Andre and his staff at Golf N swing to be fit for your 560MC irons. Andre is a truly passionate clubfitter and it has been my pleasure to work closely with him and his staff for several years now. In fact I have also had the chance to start Andre’s training in person when he came to our company some 7 yrs ago, and on subsequent trips I have made to Europe to offer clubfitting seminars to various European PGA educational programs, I have had the chance to visit Andre and do further training for him and his staff. You made the right choice to see ANdre because right now I would put him in the Top Five of all clubfitters in all of Europe.


  51. I’ve been playing these for 3 plus years and I can’t think of a reason to take them out of the bag. I had a less stylish, game improvement head before these, but these have more forgiveness designed in them then the “game improvement clubs”. I have golf academy students playing these to weekend warriors who want a classic look but are smart enough to know they need forgiveness. You can’t go wrong with these irons.

  52. The 560MC Irons are fantastic after club fitting. Fun to play. Have a beautiful look. Five stars.

  53. Great looking irons. These are a pleasure to play with.

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