770CFE Computer Face Engineered Irons

Discontinued Model

Variable Thickness, CNC Machined Forged Face Design Increases COR and Delivers Better Off-Center Hit Performance


  • The 770CFE irons represent the first set of irons designed with a ultra-thin, forged high strength steel, CNC machined, variable thickness face design.
  • The 770CFE irons are designed with a thin, variable thickness forged face to deliver a higher COR for much more distance than is possible with a conventional thick face iron design, but also to offer golfers a much better off-center hit forgiveness because of the variable thickness face design.
  • Because irons increase in loft progressively through the set, the actual force of deflection of the face will decrease as loft increases. To help maximize the amount of face deflection as loft increases in the irons, the forged variable thickness face design changes in steel alloy composition and thickness. The #3 through 7-iron faces are forged from Carpenter 455 high strength steel, designed with a variable thickness of 2.4mm/1.9mm.  The #8 through wedge faces are forged from 17-7 stainless steel and machined to a variable thickness of 2.6mm/2.2mm.
  • In addition, as loft increases in a set of irons, the actual position of impact on the face will change. To accommodate this slight change in iron face impact position, the thicker center section of the faces also changes in position on each 770CFE iron through the set to match.
  • The 770CFE irons were individually computer modeled for face thickness dimension, face thickness position, and face material for each iron in the set to offer the best individual performance possible in a full set of irons.
  • All 770CFE faces are CNC machined after forging to ensure precision in the face design. The CNC machining marks can be seen on the back of each face.
  • The sole design of the 770CFE is designed to keep a large amount of mass low, but by beveling the back edge of the sole the sole width is not so wide to ensure proper sole playability from all types of turf and lie conditions.
  • 770CFE irons are finished in a bright satin polish finish, with all faces CNC machined for precision dimensional specifications.
  • Available in both RH and LH versions.  RH in #3 – 9, PW, AW, SW.  LH in #4 – 9, PW.
  • 770CFE irons are produced with post-2010 new USGA scorelines.


  • 770CFE irons were awarded the Golf Tips Magazine’s Top Concept Tech Award for 2005.

Ratings and Reviews

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770CFE, 4.0 out of 5 based on 9 ratings


  1. These are just a fantastic set of irons. Too much offset for my taste, but that’s about the only knock I have against them. I (and others) have always felt that the large OEMs offered more technology in some of their designs than the component companies, but when these irons were introduced I knew Wishon offered just as much technology if not more. The longer irons can feel a bit harsh, but the forgiveness & distance will make you forget that. I think that if you want the best set of irons you can get (with more offset) then you have to give these a look.

  2. Have you theses 770CFE left hand still in stock and if so what is the cost per head?

    • Lenard:

      I am sorry but the right and left hand versions of the 770CFE irons were both discontinued this past year. They were introduced in our design line in 2004 and so they had a very nice run of years before their popularity waned to the point it was time to retire the model.


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