979SS Irons

Game improvement investment cast stainless steel iron design with progressive blade height, and a semi-wide sole iron


  • Progressive blade height design graduates through the set from semi-shallow on the long irons to conventional blade height on the short irons  to position the CG low on the lower loft irons but conventional on the higher loft irons
  • Semi-wide, symmetrical width sole design with face-to-back sole radius and blunt leading edge achieves clean, solid contact through all grass/turf conditions
  • Undercut back cavity combines with semi-wide sole to keep CG lower for more game improvement launch angle assistance
  • Twin Weight Bores allow for a maximum headweight addition of 15g to satisfy any combination of custom length and shaft weight fitting considerations
  • Precision investment cast from 431 stainless steel for ease in loft/lie bending, finished in a bright satin finish with attractive cosmetic highlights. Available in RH in #4-PW, AW, SW and in LH in #4-PW

A 360º view of the 979SS Iron Clubhead.

Ratings and Reviews

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979SS, 3.9 out of 5 based on 80 ratings


  1. Hi Tom,

    I recently went through a fitting process and was recommended either the 979ss or the 771csi clubheads. They’re both nearly identical in numbers when fitted with the proper shaft. I am a 10 handicap and left handed so these are the only two models I could use of yours. Do you have any specific reasons as to choose one over the other?

    Thank you for your help and contributions to golf.



      First of all let me say I am sorry that I have not been able to tool up anymore of my models in left hand than what we offer. It’s a hard, cold fact of life in this industry that in all the years I have been designing clubheads that never has there been a time when a left hand model had more than 8% of the demand of its right hand version. So that slaps the handcuffs on for which I am very sorry.

      I am a little surprised that the “numbers” for ball speed and distance with the 771 were not higher than those for the 979. The 771 is designed with a thin, high strength steel face that most certainly shows in every measurement we have done to generate a higher ball speed and higher smash factor than any of the one piece investment cast stainless models such as the 979. Also the variable thickness face of the 771 has always shown better off center hit distance than any iron made with a conventional single thickness cast stainless face so that aspect of the 771 should be higher than the 979. But in the end a huge part of any club decision has to be whether you like the look of one behind the ball more than another. So if the performance is really close for you then go with the one that generates the most confidence when you set the head down behind the ball.

      Thanks so much for your kind words and for your support of what we’ve always tried to do in our work and our sharing of information,


  2. Left handed versions available yet ?

    • James

      Yes for sure. Both the 979 and 771 irons in our iron design line have been available in left hand for quite a while. I can’t do them all in left hand for which I apologize because of the handcuffing matter of demand v. supply but the 979s are for sure available in LH. Thanks so much for your interest,

  3. Hi Tom
    I am owner of a new set of your irons 979ss
    I play since 60 days….hp 36 of course
    It is right for me?
    Thanks marco from Italy

    • MARCO

      Thanks very much for taking your time to both own a set made with one of our models and to contact us for information. We are always happy to help !!

      As a new golfer, you are learning the game and you are working hard to learn the proper swing movements that will make you a better player. We wish you the very best in this adventure as you work hard to get better ! The 979SS is an iron design that is very much a good model for a beginning golfer or a golfer with less experience to use. The 979SS has a wider sole than most irons. A wider sole will lower the center of gravity of the heads which is a small way to help the golfer get the ball up in the air to fly and carry. The 979 is also an iron that is made with a deep cavity on the back of the head. This is done to put more weight AROUND the perimeter of the clubhead. When you put more weight around the perimeter of the head, you will increase the Moment of Inertia of the head. And when you increase the MOI of a clubhead, it makes the head so when you do hit a shot off center, there is not quite as much loss of distance compared to a head with a lower MOI in its design. So all in all, the head you have chosen is a good clubhead model for your level of ability in the game right now.

      The important thing now is to work very hard to find a GOOD swing coach who can help you and encourage you to learn the swing fundamentals and practice them so you can continue to improve and make your handicap lower ! Good luck to you in this great game !!

    • Thanks Tom
      I will keep you update on my improvements.
      Ciao and thanks again

    • Hi Tom here again after one year of golf
      My hp now is 18, good improvement I think ,
      In any case yout irons work wery well.
      I,m using Calloway woods ( used ) with stiff shafts.
      When do you think that to be the right time to change my clubset ?
      Thanks for your answer
      Ciao marco

    • MARCO
      I am pleased to hear that your first year of golf has been successful enough that you are enjoying the game. Please understand that it is really not possible for me to offer a recommendation for what clubs you should play with at this time without me knowing a lot more about your game, how you play, your clubhead speed, your accuracy tendencies, what your bad shots look like and what you feel that you do well in the game so far and where you feel you need the most improvement. Any information I might offer from what you have told me in your comment is just not going to be as helpful as it could be if I know a lot more about your game at the current point.


  4. Will you be making an AW in your 979ss irons for left handlers in the near future?
    I love these irons and I wish I had an AW to complete my set.

    • TERRY

      Wish I could give you happy news, but it is not likely that we’ll be making the tooling to produce an AW for the 979SS set of irons. Sadly at times one just has to look at the demand side of a club model to see if the door is open to additions or changes in the model. The 979 sits 5th on the list of iron sales demand for the company so that is the telling fact that prevents thought about additions to the model. Hate to say that, because with clubhead design I wish it were just about playing and fun, but shoot, business does get in the way sometimes !!

      Thanks very much for your support and the very best to you in this great game,

    • Tom,

      Thanks for your reply. Is there an AW available on any of your irons for a left hander?

    • TERRY

      Only in the Sterling single length left hand model is there an actual AW as part of the set. We do have a left hand gap wedge in the PCF Micro Tour wedge family which is a standalone wedge model in our design line. I am sorry about that, this is just one of those distasteful things that I as a designer have to accept in terms of the business side of what I do. With left hand golfers being only 8% of the total market, that affects what I can and cannot do in terms of the set makeups for doing a left hand version of a model. Unfortunately AW’s are ordered in far less quantity overall in iron sets and when you pare that down to the much smaller percentage of left hand demand, it just means the cost of the tooling dies and inventory minimums don’t add up for an AW as part of a left hand set.


  5. Hi Tom,
    I am the happy owner of a 979SS set for 2 years, and I am now 13 Hcp.
    I am 44 and pretty strong, do you see any need to change for the 565 or maybe 771?
    Xmas is coming!

    • Nicolas
      Yes, Christmas is coming and if we put a “Saint” in front of your name, you could be one of the jolly old man’s helpers from which he might bestow a set of new irons upon you !! HA ! OK – if you ever are at a point with your iron game in which you want or need more distance without having to lower the loft angles, then that would be a reason to look at the 771’s. Their high COR face most certainly would make them about 3/4 to a full club longer per number than the 979’s. And the variable thickness face of the 771’s is the best off center hit forgiveness performance of any iron in our design line. The 565’s are an iron that if you love forgings, and if you know you do not need or want more distance with the irons than what you are getting now, but you realize as a 13 you need to have good off center hit forgiveness, then that is a reason to think of the 565’s.

      That’s the scoop on it and thanks SO MUCH for your interest and continued support of what we do ! Happy Holidays to you !

    • Ho ho ho, but no, I am not Santa!
      Thank you for your answer, I’ll see André from Golf N’Swing in a couple weeks 🙂
      Happy holidays!

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