S2S SuperLite Steel Shafts

 S2S SuperLite Steel Shafts

Wishon S2S SuperLite Steel Shafts are Designed for Golfers who Prefer the Impact Feel of Steel but Need a Lighter Total Weight in their Irons


  • The S2S SuperLite Steel iron shafts are designed to be slightly more butt and tip flexible than the Series 5 LightWeight Steel irons for less aggressive swinging golfers.
  • Sub-100 gram weight of the SuperLite Steel iron shaft offers a lighter total weight but at an economical price.
  • Multiple trimming options described in the shaft trim tables (see speifications) to allow for a wide range of steel shaft fitting options.

S2S Shaft Trim Charts


  • Shaft Trimming Charts


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S2S SuperLite Steel Shafts, 3.9 out of 5 based on 37 ratings


  1. I use the dynalite stiff shafts from golfsmith (about 12 years ago) what shaft do you have the would be similar in weight and kick?

    • DON

      The S2S Superlite Steel iron shaft is the closest to the Dynalite pattern you got 12 yrs ago. The difference between them is in the weight – The Dynalite is around 12-15 grams heavier than the Superlite but the bend profile characteristics for stiffness design over their length is pretty similar. Hope this helps,


  2. Dear Tom,
    I am currently playing a set of GS Tour Cavity Forged irons with the older
    Wishon Superlight shafts made by Precision. Will the new super light shafts play the same. I noticed their step design is somewhat different. Also, which iron head in your current offering would play close to the Tour Cavity Forged?

    • LEE

      Closest iron in my line to the old Tour Cavity forged iron from Golfsmith (if this was pre 2002, it was my design) would be the 565MC. 575MMC cavity would be too small compared to the old GS TC forged. 565 is much closer in all aspects but even a little higher in MOI. I’m 67 and prone to senior moments of memory but I do not recall that I ever had Precision make the Superlite steel shaft. I recall that the Superlite as it is has only been made by Apollo. Current Superlite is a little more tip firm than other 100 gram weight shafts out there these days so if you are a better player with a later release, you will find the bend profile of the Superlite to be just fine, not at all tip flexible.

      Hope this helps,

    • Tom,

      Yes it helped a lot. Love the look of the 565’s. Thinking of updating. I was aware that the Golfsmith T C Forged was your design. Best
      deign I have ever played. Thanks again


    • Lee
      Thanks and much appreciated. The TC forged came about because Scott Verplank, who GS had on contract to play the designs I created, wanted a forging but more forgiveness in his #2, 3, 4 to go with the blade #5 to PW in the Tour Cavity model I had previously done. You can’t just do long irons in a new forging so I did the whole set and Scott played the 2, 3, 4. I recall he won a few events on the tour with that mixed set and played the 2002 Ryder Cup with them too.



  3. Hello Tom,

    I played Taylor Made R7 TP Irons with True Temper Dynamic gold SL R300 (swing speed 85 mph) , what differences with S2S superlight ? What shaft flex Should i use with sterling irons ?

    Thank you


    • Pierre

      Thanks for your interest for some information. We’re always happy to help. The S2S Superlite and Dynamic Gold SL shafts have small differences between them. The Superlite is about 8 grams lighter in weight than the DG SL. But the DG SL is a bit stiffer in the tip section than is the Superlite. If you are a golfer with a late to very late release on the downswing coming into the ball, you might possibly notice that the Superlite feels very slightly softer right when you release the club to hit the shot. But not by a lot. Only a slight bit more tip stiff. You did not say whether your 85mph swing speed is with the driver or with the irons. If this is an iron swing speed, then for sure you would want to be using the Superlite S flex and with about 1/2″ more tip trim than normal for the S flex. But if the 85mph speed you state is with the driver then you would use the R flex but the tip trim would need to be at least 1/2″ less and possibly even 1″ less than what is the normal tip trim for the R flex for each iron.

      Hope this helps, and best wishes to you in this great game,

  4. Hi Tom, I was wondering if the S2S WISHON Superlite steel shafts would for me in a set of the Sterling irons my 7iron swing speed is 75 mph.

    • MIKE:
      Since you did not tell me anything about your swing motion characteristics, I will have to try to answer your question by telling you what swing types the Superlite shaft is designed for. With a raw uncut shaft weight of 100 grams, that means when the shafts are cut and put into a Sterling set at 8 iron length, the shafts will all weigh around 85 grams. That light of a shaft is best for golfers who, 1) are average to below average in strength, 2) have a smooth to passive to just average amount of downswing force in their swing – an aggressive “hitter” type swing would find this shaft too light, 3) have an early to midway release/unhinging of the wrist-hinge angle on the downswing – a player with an aggressive late release would find the Superlite to feel a little too flexible or would hit the ball a little higher than he wants. As to the 75 mph swing speed, if you have average to smooth tempo with that speed, I would recommend the Superlite in the R flex with normal trimming for installation.


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