S2S SuperLite Steel Shafts

 S2S SuperLite Steel Shafts

TWGT S2S SuperLite Steel Shafts are Designed for Golfers who Prefer the Impact Feel of Steel but Need a Lighter Total Weight in their Irons


  • Please scroll down to read comments about the S2S Superlite steel shafts.
  • The S2S SuperLite Steel iron shafts are designed to be slightly more butt and tip flexible than the Series 5 LightWeight Steel irons for less aggressive swinging golfers.
  • Sub-100 gram weight of the SuperLite Steel iron shaft offers a lighter total weight but at an economical price.
  • Multiple trimming options described in the shaft trim tables (see speifications) to allow for a wide range of steel shaft fitting options.

S2S Shaft Trim Charts

  • Shaft Trimming Charts

Ratings and Reviews

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S2S SuperLite Steel Shafts, 4.2 out of 5 based on 16 ratings


  1. Best feel of any lightweight steel.

  2. I have recently had these S2S SuperLite Steel shafts fitted by Richard Kempton in the the UK. It is early days and with winter golf it isn’t easy to get the practice in, but initial signs are good. The club head feels more responsive (Wishon 555c heads), as do the shafts compared to my previous Black True Temper stiff ones. My little draw has returned and I am more that happy with these . . lets hope the season brings success and my handicap lowers a little too! Thank you Tom and Richard for all your help.

  3. Hi Tom. My 5 iron speed is in the mid 80’s but I don’t think I want a heavy steel shaft. What are my options, since it seems like this shaft ops out at 80mph? Would I need to look at the Black graphite?


    • MIKE:

      If you wanted a shaft weight higher than the 85g weight of the Black graphite iron shaft and around the 95-100g weight of the SuperLite, you can tip trim the Superlite additionally to push the flex up. Each additional half inch of tip trim over the norm for the S flex will raise the swing speed rating by @ 2.5mph. So if you wanted the 95-100g steel of the SuperLite for an 85mph swing speed, you could tip +1″ over the norm for each iron head and be OK. But if you are OK with the graphite, I can tell you that I am right at 83-85mph for my 38″ 5 iron clubhead speed with a later release and I have been playing the Black 85 S with normal tip trim for 3 yrs now and it fits me well. I worked with the swingweight (MOI headweight) to get it where it was enough head weight feel for my tempo and from then on, the 85 g never caused the irons to feel light at all.


  4. Great info Tom, thanks so much!

    • Always our pleasure to help with the best information – because goodness knows there is a lot of poor information out there !!

      TOM ;>)

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