PCF Platinum Wedges

PCF Platinum Wedges

Wishon’s  classic traditional sole wedge design with milled face and Micro-Groove™ scorelines


  • Traditional, narrow sole, classic shape/profile stands as the finest overall shape and set-up behind the ball in a Wishon Golf original wedge design.
  • CNC Milled Face combines with Wishon’s unique Micro-Groove™ scorelines to offer the highest level of backspin available in a wedge design.
  • Micro-Groove™ scorelines are more narrow and closer together than traditional scorelines – the Micro-Groove design allows the edges of 5 lines to contact the ball at impact while traditional lines only allow 3.  This is one more key to the enhanced spin design of the PCF Platinum Wedges
  • Designed with Wishon Golf’s unique “zero-bounce heel” – all the bounce has been removed from the heel area of the sole to allow golfers to roll the face open without raising the leading edge.  A key to playability from thin grass and even hardpan.
  • Numerous wedge fitting options in 52, 56, and 60 degree lofts.

A 360º view of the PCF Micro Tour Platinum Wedges.

Ratings and Reviews

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PCF Platinum Wedges, 4.2 out of 5 based on 65 ratings


  1. Which wedges spin the ball more? The PCF Micro Pro, or the PCF micro tour?

    Looking at the milling on the faces of these wedges it seem that the Micro pro has different milling patters.

    Why is the milling style/pattern different on the faces of these wedges? Thanks!

    • BROOKS

      Without question the rougher and more pronounced the ridges from the face milling, the more the face will spin the ball. Typically a circular milling will end up being more rough with more friction than any horizontal milling can be. The different milling was just to offer different options to players. Some players just do not like or want a very pronounced circular milling on the face – to some it is a visual distraction and to others who have the ability to release the club to get more spin anyway, they do not want that much spin as can come from a circular milled face.

      Hope this helps and thanks so much for your interest,

  2. Hi Tom,

    1) What was the bounce and offset of the 48* PCF Micro Tour wedge?

    2) I have asked Diamond Golf if your various hosel weights are still available (they don’t reply) and they are mentioned but not listed in the current on-line catalog…are they still being made?


    • RICK

      Bounce on that PCF 48* wedge was 6*. How have you been trying to contact Diamond Golf? They are always responsive when they actually get the contact, from what I am aware. You can call them toll free from the USA at 1-844-552-3437 or email at sales@wishongolf.com or info@diamondgolf.co.uk . Yes for sure, they offer all the hosel bore weights we did – 2g and 4g in brass, 6g and 9g in tungsten. I will tell them they are not on line so that can get fixed.


  3. Are these wedges being discontinued?

    • CAL
      The platinum version of the wide sole is discontinued. Forgive me in my semi retirement that I am not as on top of the OLDER models in the product line as I am the new ones I create for it but I think the satin chrome normal finish version of the Wide Sole is still available. I leave decisions about the older models in my product line to Diamond Golf to deal with and determine so I am not as 100% sure of this as I was when I was running the day to day everything for my company.

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