PFC Micro WS

PCF Micro Wide Sole Wedges


  • Available in Bright Satin Chrome plating or Dark Nickel Platinum plating finish options.
  • Unique 2-piece design construction allows game improvement wide sole with traditional head profile at normal headweights.
  • The wide sole is designed with very low bounce – the perfect match of sole angle and width for game improvement.  If you put the traditional amount of bounce on a wide sole, the leading edge will be too far up in the air and can cause bladed shots.
  • Ideal wide sole designed for game improvement – perfect for golfers who have struggled to get the ball out of the sand or hit consistently from tall grass around the green.
  • CNC Milled Face combines with TWGT’s unique Micro-Groove™ scorelines to offer the highest level of backspin available in a wedge design.
  • Micro-Groove™ scorelines are more narrow and closer together than traditional scorelines – the Micro-Groove design allows the edges of 5 lines to contact the ball at impact while traditional lines only allow 3.  This is one more key to the enhanced spin design of the PCF Micro Wide Sole wedges.
  • Designed in RH 55° sand wedge and 60° lob wedge which also can be a great sand club.  LH available in 55° sand wedge only.

A 360º view of the PCF Micro WS Platinum Wedges.

A 360º view of the PCF Micro WS Chrome Wedges.

Ratings and Reviews

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Rating: 4.3/5 (35 votes cast)


PFC Micro WS, 4.3 out of 5 based on 35 ratings


  1. Just came home from buying my PFC Micro WS and hit 24 full shots with it, 12 out to the fairway and 12 back onto the green, fantastic. Hit about another 24 chips around the green, again, fantastic — not happy with the roughing up of the ball. Hit 6 new Bridgestone’s. All had some shave marks on them. Any thoughts ?? Very expensive to ruin new balls with shave marks.

    • FRED
      It’s very common with heads that have face milling and engraved scorelines (not stamped or cast) for some of the heads to come out of production with a little bit sharper edging on the milling and or the scorelines. This can happen to every company’s production once in a while for machined, engraved face lines and milling. I recommend that you simply take 10-15 balls into a practice sand trap and hit full swing practice sand shots. Getting the sand between the ball and the face will soften the sharper edges and should start to reduce this chance of shaving the cover on the golf balls.


  2. Where are the 37 ratings and reviews, I would like to read them. I cannot find them. You have the reviews on the other wedges

    • FRED:
      I see what you mean on that PCF Wide Sole page. I just asked our web man to look into this to see what happened to those 37 comments and to get them visible. Give us a day to dig into that and then if you would please check back, they should be there.

      Thanks for letting us know these things were missing.

  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I will hit about 20 shots in the sand trap as you suggested and let you know how it works out. Again the stopping power is awesome. Looking forward to reading the comments on the WS.

  4. IT WORKED !!!!!
    I hit a number of shots (20) in the sand as you suggested. Then hit maybe another 20 full shots. Much improvement. The new balls had a few very minor scuffs that I could not see, only feel. Another 20 shots in the sand should take care of the concern. I am confident that all is well with this incredible club.

    • Good to hear that the workout in the sand helped to mute the sharpness of the grooves or the milling. You’re right that a few more shots from the sand will soften the edges a little more. Great to know that you like the wedge!!!


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