A Unique Set Design to be Built to One Length for all Clubs to Deliver a Perfect Match of all Elements of Swing Feel for shot consistency.


    • Single length construction ensures all possible elements of swing feel are identical for each club in the set – same MOI, same total weight, same headweight, same balance point – to offer the chance for improved shot consistency
    • Identical length and lie allow the golfer to use the same stance, same posture, same swing plane forimproved shot consistency
    • Optional high COR #5 hybrid with high COR #4, 5, 6, and 7 irons offer proper distance for the low loft clubs at the shorter single length. Other single length sets may lose distance with the low loft clubs
    • Conventional cast carbon steel in the #8 to gap wedge with 5* loft increments blend with the high COR design of the low loft clubheads to offer proper distance gaps and proper
      distance with the high loft clubs. Other single length sets may generate too much distance with the high loft clubs
    • Available in a #5 hybrid or #5 iron to match the player’s desire and ability, with #6 to 9, PW and Gap Wedge and Sand Wedge
    • Sterling Irons® Single Length clubs can be built to 36.5”, 36.75 or 37” length for each club as fit by the Clubmaker for the golfer’s comfort and preference. Contrasts with most other single length sets being created for a 37.5” length – which can generate too much distance with the high loft irons
    • Intended to be custom fit with any Wishon Golf S2S iron shaft model and flex to meet the swing speed, transition/tempo and release point of the golfer.
    • Sterling Irons® hybrid uses standard iron shaft (.370)
    • The #4 iron should only be used by golfers with a #5 iron clubhead speed of 85mph or higher to be able to make the club generate the proper trajectory and height to be able to carry the ball further than the #5 iron
    • Available in RH (#5 Hybrid, 4-9, PW, GW, SW) & LH (5-SW); New Blade Wedges (LW, SW) available in RH only

    For more information on the technical benefits of single length set construction, we offer this complete Q&A about single length iron set technology.

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Mark van Nunen

Hi Tom, I play almost 4 years with the Sterling Single Lenght irons and still very happy. Playing Hc 8 on this moment. I play about 3 times a week. Very happy with the PW to 8 iron, the 7,6,5 i don’t get used to the sound they are making. Distance etc is very good 190-200meters with 5-Iron. I read about the new version/design of the Sterling Irons you are working on. Are there already some images of the new design and the chosen material for each club ? I’m looking for a new set and like to know if… Read more »


Hello Tom,
I’m looking to purchase the SL in LH and I can’t find a fitter in the Chicagoland area, so I’m going through the website. I have tried the 1 club fitter suggested here but no responses. Do you have any recommendations? Or should I just go with my previous specs? My current 8-iron is 36.75″. I’m not sure what adjustments can be made through the online purchase?


Was wondering how your SL wood/hybrid project is coming together? I play the Sterlings 4-SW including the hybrid. I’m specifically interested in how your thinking about swing speed vs length. My driver speed is 100-105. Based on this what is the shortest feasible length to play driver, fw woods and hybrids ?

PAT Yes it is coming along fine with the expectation for very late winter to early spring 2020. The woods will be set up at an initial design head weight that will allow assembly either to normal lengths or with the additional internal weight addition capability they will be able to be made to be a single length of 40-41″. The woods will be available in #3, 4, 5, 7 but there won’t be a driver. You just cannot make a driver to be as short as 40-41″ and have it ever be able to generate a distance that a… Read more »


A friend on mine wants to sell me his used set of Sterling Irons. I might need to customize them to my swing speed and FTW measurement. I have a normal club speed of about 80 and my FTW measurement is 34.5 . His old set is 36 1/2 in club length, and the marking on the shaft has the following — A Flex Iron, SwSpg 55-65, WGT 73 G, TRN 2.225, TEM 2.225, RLS 175.225, STRGTH 175.2. The question I have is wheather I need to send these clubs in for to be customize to my specs, or can… Read more »

Terry: You did not say whether your 80mph swing speed is for the driver or for the irons. If you are 80mph with the driver then the shaft flex is likely OK or pretty close. But if you swing your irons at around 80mph then no, you’d need a stiffer shaft for sure. The 36.5″ length is OK for your 34.5 wrist to floor measurement but you did not state what the lie angle of the irons is so there is no way to know if the lie of these irons would fit you or not. Same with the swingweight.… Read more »


Hi Tom, I’ve had your sterling set for about 3 years now. HAven’t golfed better. A question for you…for those of us that don’t have enough clubhead speed for the 4-iron, what about having the 4-iron at a longer length? I know its not “single length”..but when you go to a hybrid, it is longer also. I have the 4-iron and hit it good on the range when I really go after it, but real on course playing I don’t swing that hard, so I have it out of the bag. I was just thinking that adding a 1/2″ or… Read more »

Mark McGrath

Hi Tom – I bought a set of these used and am really enjoying them. Question on the lofts of the short irons – especially the 9 iron and PW – are they lower lofted than traditional sets due to the longer shaft length? I seem to still hit them well – just really high and wicked long for those particular club lengths. Perhaps I just need to adapt a little and shape my shots a bit more. The more I use the Sterlings the more comfortable I get and the lower my scores drop! Played 9 yesterday with just… Read more »

Ned Connell

I found this very informative. The question of who should use these irons was my question and it’s been answered. These would be my choice. I’m 84 and my consistency has gone away. I may have to give up (finally) my old 770’s and try something new.


Hi Tom,i have SLI 4 to Gap all with std flex 8 iron long. i want to add the SW and LW.
Do you recommend using the same shafts as the other SLI’s or wedge shafts?
thanks Rob

Tom Wishon

ROB Yes for sure us the same shaft with the same tip trim with the same length cut as you did with the #4 to GW. And I would recommend you do the swingweight of the SW and LW to be the same as the #4 to GW. The whole nature of single length is to have every single element that has anything to do with club feel be identical in each iron and wedge so you can have the best chance to improve swing repeatability and from that to gain shot consistency. Changing anything from the specs of the… Read more »


thanks tom


Tom, Amazing set of clubs you have crafted with the Sterling Single Length Irons. After experimenting with four different sets of one length clubs over the last few years- all with various pros and cons- the Wishon set is truly a step up from all the other options. The consistent gapping has been what puts the set far above the others for me. The gapping coupled with getting good height with the five iron has allowed me to finally dial in some scoring distances even with the “long” irons. I plan on keeping these in the bag for a very… Read more »

Tom Wishon

Thanks very much J! Thanks for taking the time to stop by to let us know how your Sterlings compare with other models. I will be honest and say that some golfers depending on their clubhead speed and angle of attack may need to tweak the loft of a couple of their irons here and there. But I will also say that in the 3+ yrs that Sterling has been out that I do believe the number of golfers who have not had to tweak a loft to achieve consistent distance gaps is very high. I think a lot of… Read more »


Hi Tom,

What are your views on 1 Iron Golf’s single length sets (more specifically the Proline version)? How do they compare to your Sterling irons?

I find it interesting that 1 Iron Golf has been around for so long (1997 I believe). I only came on to them after all the rage regarding single length clubs in recent years.

Kindest Regards,

Rich Douglas

Nathan: As a member of this community, I encourage you to read through this thread. In it you will find a great deal of information about Sterling Irons. But what you won’t find is a lot of comments from Tom about competitors’ designs–other than specs you can find from their websites. There is a great deal of information on the Web about the clubs you’re talking about, as well as a lot on other designs. When I decided to purchase my set of Sterlings almost 3 years ago, I considered other designs and found them inferior in implementation. I’ve subsequently… Read more »

Tom Wishon

Nathan Thanks very much for your interest. Single length iron sets have been offered by lesser known companies off and on since 1986. So 1-Iron Golf has been another company in that group with others that came before them. No one paid much attention to these companies or to single length in general of course because there had not been anyone at a high level of play to direct attention on the concept until deChambeau came along. The only “problem” with single length irons, or rather the main thing that a golfer has to keep in mind when considering single… Read more »

Richard Shaw

I tried 1 Iron Golf clubs in the 1980s. I found they had lest distance than regular clubs and lower trajectory. They were only “custom” to the extent of the 1 club length and had steel shafts. The club head was rather ordinary too – cannot recall the exact specs.
I have not yet invested in Stirling single length but will keep looking into it now they have left handed clubs.

Shelby Langston

Hey Tom, Back at the game after an injury and once again playing after two years.. Noticed the lob and 5h are available. Where can i find these? can i order the heads?
thanks again

Tom Wishon

SHELBY My apology for the delay in responding. I was out for a medical procedure for a week and am just getting back into the fold. If you are not a custom clubmaker, you can get the Sterling 5 hybrid and lob wedge fit and built for you and your swing by an independent custom clubmaker. To find a clubmaker near you, on our website look at the very top of the home page for the link for FIND A CLUBMAKER. click on it and input your town/city/zip and the clubmakers closest to you will be displayed. If none are… Read more »

Christopher P Johnson

Thanks Tom for the info. I will go have a look at Diamond Golf.

Ted Inoue

Hey Tom, wanted to add to the conversation. I’ve just started my 5th year of golf, and bought my Sterling set early on, I think during year two, because I wanted to build consistency and was having troubles with ball striking with conventional clubs. As a beginner, I’ve found them unforgiving due to their sharp leading edge and small bounce. For a short while, I switched to a new set of Mizuno Hot Metal irons, but I quickly returned to the Sterlings because of their predictability. Rather than subtly changing my alignment, ball position, etc. with every club, with the… Read more »

Tom Wishon

TED Wow, sub 80 in the start of your 5th year in the game is phenomenal, it really is. Good for you that you are having the success you are in the game. While I am sure the irons have helped with your swing repeatability and from that your confidence, in truth as the designer with a big amount of experience in swing study I freely admit the lion’s share of the credit is yours for your aptitude you must have and your work ethic to make it happen. Well done and I hope it continues to keep getting a… Read more »

Christopher P Johnson

Tom ~~ Any plans to make single-length left-handed iron sets? I’ve been following your company for several years now, and used to play the One Iron single-length clubs, but the gapping was never right. In the last few years (@ 62 yrs. old) I’ve also switched to the single-plane swing (Graves Golf Academy), and have been seriously thinking about purchasing a set of single-length clubs from Cobra. But from what I’ve seen of them, I think I’m convinced that your product is actually better than Cobra. If you have no plans for left-handers, then would you recommend Cobra’s product, or… Read more »

Tom Wishon

The Sterling Irons are available in left hand and have been for at least two years. However because of the lower demand, we are offering the #5 iron to original SW and not the #4 iron, #5 hybrid or the newer SW and LW in left hand. The left hand models are in stock with Diamond Golf. Thanks so much for your interest,

Rich Douglas

Tom: Slightly different question, but I don’t know where else to turn. I play the Sterlings (4I – SW currently) at 36.5″, steel stiff shaft, and at a D2 static swing weight. When I first put the Sterlings in play, I found myself holding the club at the very end–to the point where the butt was in my palm. I realized this when I destroyed a couple of high-quality gloves! Anyway, I realized this was due to the short length–it was a subconscious and unnecessary adjustment. Fixing that helped, but I’ve come to realize I get a better strike–and the… Read more »

Tom Wishon

RICH I can tell you from several to many experiences like this that you are overthinking this to try to break down shortening up on the grip to re building golf clubs to different specs. The real reason you are hitting the ball more consistently solid is because you now have the club under greater hand control via the 1/2″ you are gripping down. The wear on your gloves from the cap of the grip tells you the club is not fully secure during the backswing and start of the downswing. It’s moving around and you are not detecting it… Read more »

Chris Chiodo

A Message To Tom Hello Tom, I’m messaging you because I’ve been on the fence like others on making the jump to Single Length Sterlings, I’ve grown to know your products through a long time client of mine (Mike Baker) who introduced me to your 979ss irons that I’ve played since 2013, irons have been great, I’ve tried others over the years and keep going back to the 979ss, purchased a full set of clubs for my girlfriend a few years back and have been really happy with results, I’ve done a lot of research on single length irons and… Read more »

You should definitely not try single length if you believe that golf is supposed to be as difficult as possible. But seriously, in my experience, people who are new to golf take to single length like fish to water, while experienced golfers with a deep investment in learning a conventional set sometimes give single length a brief try then give up as soon as they have a bad round. In one such case the irons in question were Cobras played by expert golfers, where the “short irons” are a bit too “game improvement” for my taste, but I have seen… Read more »

Tom Wishon

CHRIS Many thanks for stopping by to ask a few questions about single length irons. Always happy to help with pros and cons so you can make your own decision for what you feel is best for you and your game. First off, any player who has even a shred of hesitation in which he is a little worried or apprehensive about making such a change probably shouldn’t take the leap. Or the player should invest in at least a 6 iron and PW to hit for a while to see how they compare in distance to what he is… Read more »

Rich Douglas

Tom: I’ve posted quite a few times over the past 2-and-a-half years that I’ve played the Sterlings. Some feedback and a question. I’ll never go back to variable-length irons. I had a very new set of Ping irons when I got the Sterlings and I have never hit them since. (They performed well as trade-ins for my wife’s clubs!) I’m currently playing 4-iron through lob wedge. When I first put them in the bag, I stopped at the GW. I struggled with the GW until I realized it had a lower bounce that my Pings–in fact, all the irons were… Read more »

Why guess? Buy one and see if you like it. With Sterlings, if you like one you will like them all. Get the one that you use the most, i.e the one with the most wear. Then if you don’t like it, you can swap the head onto your old shaft and rejuvenate that club.

Tom Wishon

RICH Thanks so much for taking the time to stop back in and share your thoughts and experiences with the Sterling Irons. I’ve always read your posts with interest because you have offered some real insights to the experience of changing from incremental to single length which are valuable to us as feedback as well as to other golfers who might be searching for more info about single length irons. There is no question a change to light weight graphite from heavier weight steel in ANY set of irons is going to require a change in head weight to get… Read more »


I’ve been playing the sterlings for 2 years. Ran into some of the same things you mentioned. Still dont love the GW because the sharp leading edge and not much bounce so I use it only on full swings not around the greens which is a bummer. Also the LW i think could use more bounce too but I like the new sw and lw shape alot. I never understood why irons get less bounce as the loft decreases maybe Tom could shed some light on that? But I’m a higher swing speed player (*92 mph 8 iron, 122 driver)… Read more »

Aaron B.

Hi Tom, not sure how often you check this, but I was wondering what the BBTG of these clubheads is?

Tom Wishon

BBTG is something you only have to check once because it can only vary by +/-1/25 inch (+/-1mm). It is 1.5″ which is what I try to do for BBTG on every iron I ever design. That way if anyone wants to use the same shafts in any of my iron designs, the shafts end up exactly the same in each iron model.


Aaron B.

Thank you for your reply Tom!


I added a large 100g JumboMax grip to a driver. Spin increase from 2-2.5k to 3-3.5k. Does it make sense that spin would increase from that alone. Would adding weight to head offset heavier weight in grip. Thx

Tom Wishon

PAT: No, the grip just on its own would not have anything to do with the spin results. Most likely this came from the effect that heavy of a grip has on the balance point and the total weight of the club and then how your swing reacts to that big change. With the most likely thing being that somehow the bal pt movement and or total weight increase are causing you to release the club slightly early which is causing the head to come into impact with a little bit higher dynamic loft than before. Adding weight to the… Read more »

Ken Brack

Greetings. I’m very interested in getting fit for your single length irons. Can you please recommend an excellent fitter in the Norwalk, CT area. Thank you.

Tom Wishon

KEN Thank you very much for your interest. We appreciate that very much. I would recommend that you work with Fred Schaper of Perfect Lies Fitting Center in Peekskill which is not too far form Norwalk. Fred also does mobile fitting as well but he truly is good, experienced and very passionate about what he does in his fitting work. I’ve known Fred for a good while and it has not been uncommon for us to receive more than a few testimonial emails from customers who have worked with him for their fitting needs. You can call at 845-709-3696, email… Read more »


What impact will adding Jumbo Max grips (roughly 100 grams) have to Sterling (have S2S stiff shaft). What impact does adding these grips to a set with of irons with 125g kbs c tapers. Thnx

Tom Wishon

PAT: Assuming the previous grips were closer to the weight of a standard 50-52g grip, the new large/heavy grips would, 1) increase the total weight of the irons by around 50 grams, 2) shift the balance point a good bit up away from the head and drop the swingweight by around 12 points so the clubs would swing with less feeling of the head. It won’t change the flex feel of the shaft though. The main things are of course the feeling of that large of a grip in your hands and having more weight in the grip end when… Read more »

I have been using super-jumbo grips since they first became available – and before that I made my own by overwrapping “regular jumbo” grips with two layers of thick tennis overgrip tape. That predates my switch to Sterlings, which I got as soon as they came out. So I probably have as much experience with super-jumbo on Sterling as anybody. Also, I have installed super-jumbo grips for many other people, both on single-length and conventional sets. About half the people who try one of my irons immediately ask for super-jumbo grips on their clubs. Nobody has ever complained about the… Read more »


For Sterling Single Length Iron Fitting, is there someone in NorCal or SoCal doing fittings? I did not see anyone using the search but I thought some time back there was a guy in SoCal area who specialized in the Sterling fittings?

Tom Wishon

JASON There really is no such thing as being certified just for single length iron fitting. We do not designate specialty in that. So if you were searching specifically for that, you would not find it. If you head back to the FIND A CLUBFITTER search tool, I can tell you that the best fitters in So Cal are The Pasadena Clubfitter in Pasadena of course and ADS Golf in San Marcos. In Nor Cal the best fitters I have personal contact with are Fore Seasons Golf in Berkeley and Marin CLubworx in Marin Country north of the City. Hope… Read more »

Wayne J Elliott

Tom, I’m very interested and ready to make the switch to single length
Since ypu taught me clubmaking (1982/83) I understand ypur difference in design and wanted tp ne in the 36.5 lenghth. I wanted tp discuss wedhe lenghth and undersyand you have designed them to be slightly shorter a concept that makes more sense to me. Need shaft advice. Glad to see your continued success.
Wayne Elliott, Cincinnati

Tom Wishon

WAYNE Thanks very much for the interest and for letting me know you were in one of the GOLF WORKS schools that I taught “a few” years ago !! It just hardly seems that it can be 36 yrs since then. Wow. At any rate, in the Cincy area, I STRONGLY recommend you contact Bill Weitzel at Conquest Custom Golf. Bill really is one of the very best clubfitter clubmakers in the whole country and I am not embellishing that one bit. If you take the leap to meet with him you will understand what I mean. He can help… Read more »


Hi Tom, I have heard you are not a fan of flighting shafts for the single length irons. Can you explain why a player like me 3 index could not benefit from higher launching shafts in 4-7 and lower launching shafts in 8-sw? I love the idea of the paterson shafts in Edel irons, but I have not hit them. The few single lengths i have hit (not sterling) launch my wedges really high and 5 really low. Thanks in advance!

Tom Wishon

RYAN You may be one of the rare exceptions to using flighted shafts to help imcrease trajectory in the low loft irons in a single length set because as a 3 hdcp, you undoubtedly would have a late enough release to allow the flighted shaft to actually achieve more forward bending at impact to allow the shot to take off with a little higher launch angle and spin to achieve a little higher trajectory. Golfers who do not have a very late release cannot make the shaft bend forward more to achieve the higher flight from a flighted shaft design… Read more »


Hey Tom. I’m up in Canada and would love to try your one length irons. Can I purchase or demp some? I am a lefty, do you make them in lefty? Would love a set one day 4-SW. What are my options? Thank you very much.

Tom Wishon

DALLAS We do offer the Sterling Irons in left hand, in the #5 iron through SW. There is no #5 hybrid or #4 iron or Lob wedge in the left hand version I am sorry to tell you. That’s simply because those heads are the least in demand in the Sterling set and no left hand model has ever generated more than 8% of the order demand as its right hand version. So the numbers for us to do the tooling dies and minimum inventory production of the #4, #5 hyb and LW are unfortunately just not there to allow… Read more »

Jeffrey Burns

I’m in Canada and had my leftie set made by Dan at Dan’s Custom Golf in Hampton Ontario. Love them… Can’t see me changing irons for a loooong time.

Tom Wishon

That’s great to hear but even better to hear that you chose to work with Dan for your fitting needs. He is truly one of the best in the field and I am very pleased that he chooses to work with some of my designs in his fitting work for golfers. Good for you, and the very best to you in this great game,

Dallas Hauca

Thanks so much Tom. All of that makes sense yes. I suppose I could get a 4 hybrid in place of a 4 iron. Now I have a question you may or may not want to answer, as it deals with one of your competitors. I was looking into the Pinhawks as a single length club option. Their price point is much cheaper, but what would I be getting for that price? IS the technology up to par. As far as I can tell all the clubheads weight the same at approx 272g, and that’s it. Some guy in Edmonton… Read more »

Tom Wishon

Dallas Sure thing I don’t mind commenting on the differences between the Pinhawks and the Sterling irons. The reason the price is so different first of all is because the Pinhawks are one piece investment cast stainless steel iron heads with a common polish and tumble finish. That’s the lowest cost type of iron head in the golf industry today. The Sterling #4, 5, 6, 7 irons are a 2 piece investment cast carbon steel head with a high strength steel high COR face plate welded to the body, after which the heads are nickel chromium plated. The Sterling #8… Read more »


Dallas, Here is my personal experience on the Pinhawks vs the Sterlings since I have owned them both. The Pinhawks are cheaper but can only be played at 37- 37 1/2 inches but not any shorter because they get too light.They also don’t have a very good feel to them. The Sterlings are more expensive but what I did was I ordered the 6 iron loft two degrees strong at 25 degrees and my 7 iron 1 degree strong at 30 degrees so it saved me a few bucks from needing a 5 iron. Now all my irons are exactly… Read more »


Thank you Tom. Perfect analysis. I’m going to try and see the Pinhawks, but honestly i am leaning towards the Sterlings. I just need to find someone in Canada who sells them at Canadian currency. I could order through your website, but that is US currency I am assuming?
And Ed, thank you for the comparison of the two. I always figured that the Sterlings would just feel better. I play a lot so I may as well invest in something that is the best. Thanks again

Tom Wishon

DALLAS Just so there is no confusion, Wishon Golf clubheads, shafts and grips are sold by Diamond Golf International to custom clubmakers worldwide for them to use in their custom fitting work for the golfers they serve in their respective areas. We do not sell fully finished clubs as we are a wholesale supplier of my designs to the custom clubmaker community. Golfers obtain custom fit Wishon designs by contacting a certified custom clubmaker with whom they can meet and work to be custom fit for the model and clubs they wish to play. To see if there is a… Read more »

Tom, first off thank you as always for your continued support of my work. You can be sure that when customers come to me looking for quality and playability – the Wishon heads are a go to product.
Dallas, not sure where in Canada you are but if you are southern ON, then I would love to meet with you, do a fitting, and get you started on a set of Sterling SL clubs – the best IMO. Yes a single club can be built if that is your goal – to test.

Tom Wishon

The thanks are all to you for your long time commitment to doing nothing but the highest level of work for your golfers. Ever since I had the chance to meet you many years ago at a clubmaker convention when you were first getting into your TLT fitting system I have known that you are a definite step above the level of the vast majority of clubmakers in the field. For that you should be commended and I have nothing but the highest respect for the work you do in this great field.


Again, thank you so much for your time and effort responding to me. It is really appreciated. I have figured out Diamond Golf International distributes the club heads and such. I looked for someone in Edmonton who deals with starlings and have not found anyone. Dan I did come across your website in my searches and was going to contact you here soon. Unfortunately I am all the way in Edmonton. I was going to ask if you ever fitted someone not in person? I was curious if that was possible? It might be? I know my swing pretty well… Read more »

Tom Wishon

DALLAS One of our customers that does do a pretty darn good job of fitting the Sterling Irons on line is at I am aware that they have done a very good job assessing the golfer’s swing and playing characteristics to offer a good recommendation for the length, lie, shaft model, shaft flex and trim, swingweight, set makeup and grip size for the Sterling Irons. I am also aware that Edmonton is pretty much devoid for good, experienced clubfitters and I am sorry it is that way because that’s a big city with enough golfers to support a decent… Read more »


“The 8-SW are all forged which give them a very soft and muted feel.”
is Ed right when he says this?

Tom Wishon

MIKE ALL of the Sterling iron head bodies are investment cast from 8620 carbon steel. Not forged. So the hardness of the carbon steel in the Sterling heads is the same as the carbon steel used in a forging but the method of manufacture is casting not forging. The #4, 5, 6, 7 are 2-piece construction with the cast 8620 body with the high COR thin HS300 high strength steel faces. The #8-LW are one piece cast 8620. For an iron with as deep of a cavity as the Sterling #8 to LW, first, that deep of a cavity back… Read more »


Yes Edmonton is surprisingly void of this service. There is the box store Golf Tec, but these box stores I don’t know if they actually care. Haha. Maybe I should get into club fitting and making. I did just purchase the Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking by Jeff Summitt for curiosity purposes. Lots of information in that.
Ok i wont bother you anymore unless I have a pressing question i would like you to answer. Thank you.

Tom Wishon

Dallas I had a little smile when you said you bought the Modern Guide to Clubmaking. I was president of Dynacraft Golf Products from 86 to 93 and wrote the original Modern Guide to Clubmaking in 87, with the 2nd edition done in 90. ( Dynacraft owned the copyrights on all the books I wrote for them so when I left the company in 93 to go to Golfsmith, they just re printed the book with Jeff Summit’s name as the author when they kept selling it. Then Hireko bought Dynacraft and Jeff was about the only one of my… Read more »

Dallas Hauca

Haha Tom, that is amazing that you wrote that book. Glad I could bring a smile to your face, even if it was inadvertent. Wonderful information in there. I am trying to get someone to send me just the Sterling iron heads. I am confident in my swing knowledge to fit the correct shaft and grip, maybe even lie angle. I’ve contacted a few guys who deal with the Sterlings, and I’m waiting to hear back from them. I hope this is a possibility. I did get a couple of Pinhawk demos made up and they appear to be a… Read more »