A Unique Set Design to be Built to One Length for all Clubs to Deliver a Perfect Match of all Elements of Swing Feel for shot consistency.


    • Single length construction ensures all possible elements of swing feel are identical for each club in the set – same MOI, same total weight, same headweight, same balance point – to offer the chance for improved shot consistency
    • Identical length and lie allow the golfer to use the same stance, same posture, same swing plane forimproved shot consistency
    • Optional high COR #5 hybrid with high COR #4, 5, 6, and 7 irons offer proper distance for the low loft clubs at the shorter single length. Other single length sets may lose distance with the low loft clubs
    • Conventional cast carbon steel in the #8 to gap wedge with 5* loft increments blend with the high COR design of the low loft clubheads to offer proper distance gaps and proper
      distance with the high loft clubs. Other single length sets may generate too much distance with the high loft clubs
    • Available in a #5 hybrid or #5 iron to match the player’s desire and ability, with #6 to 9, PW and Gap Wedge and Sand Wedge
    • Sterling Irons® Single Length clubs can be built to 36.5”, 36.75 or 37” length for each club as fit by the Clubmaker for the golfer’s comfort and preference. Contrasts with most other single length sets being created for a 37.5” length – which can generate too much distance with the high loft irons
    • Intended to be custom fit with any Wishon Golf S2S iron shaft model and flex to meet the swing speed, transition/tempo and release point of the golfer.
    • Sterling Irons® hybrid uses standard iron shaft (.370)
    • The #4 iron should only be used by golfers with a #5 iron clubhead speed of 85mph or higher to be able to make the club generate the proper trajectory and height to be able to carry the ball further than the #5 iron
    • Available in RH (#5 Hybrid, 4-9, PW, GW, SW) & LH (5-SW); New Blade Wedges (LW, SW) available in RH only

    For more information on the technical benefits of single length set construction, we offer this complete Q&A about single length iron set technology.

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John Reikes

Tom, I notice that there is a new single length iron set from Wishon Golf. The EQ1-NX. I am a senior golfer with a handicap of 12. M 7 iron goes 140 yds. Which of the two sets do you believe is more applicable for me? I need to get my irons higher in their trajectory.

Tim Brooks

Hello Tom!!
A couple weeks back, I had Terry at T’s Golf in Hazel Green Alabama build me a set of Sterlings. We used a SK Fiber Tri-Tec regular shaft with Lamkin Sonar Std+ grips. I have to say that these irons are game changers. I have made a drastic improvement in my consistency. But, I now see an issue with my club selection in the future. Do I play these or my 771’s with SK Fiber Pure Energy shafts??? I will admit, this is a great problem to have!!

Tom G

hi tom – was hoping for a bit of insight between 2 shafts – the ns modus3 120 and the ns pro 970 (titleist). i think these are similar, but have no data on them and was hoping you might be able to tell me. i like the 120’s but think they’re a bit much for me in an s flex, and while i thought about moving down to an r flex, i saw the ns pro 970 and thought about staying in a s flex with them. my thinking is that the ns pro 970 has a bit more… Read more »


hello Tom. I am 63 years old and I started golf for about 4 months. After a lot of research into single-length clubs, I decided to take the plunge and equip myself after a ckeck-up with André Thaon. I am very excited to play with your irons. Sorry for my bad English.
Regards Regis

Great review of the Sterling’s. I know it’s a little late but I think this endorses the concept and hopefully will see even more people try the new EQ1- NX.
I’ve played the Sterling’s since they first arrived and think they’re the most consistent irons I’ve ever hit.

David E

I hope you are doing well and staying away from the virus. I have ordered the Eq-1 iron heads, 2 of the hybrids, and the 3-wood. I have also ordered the Nippon 950 GH Neo shafts for the irons. Since it appears the shafts will be in this week, and the EQ-1 will not arrive until June, I have thought about reshafting the current set with the new shafts to try them out. Is the hosel depth the same for the new irons so that I can just extract the shafts from the old heads and install them in the… Read more »

Wes Mudd

I have been playing Cobra F-9 OL for about 2 years. My lie on the clubs vary:
5i- 62.5,6i-63.0,7i-62,8i-62, . My 9i is 61degrees and they get progressively lower with the SW being at 59. I feel I need to tweak my lie angle howevet, I am not able because of the type of steel in the F-9. I feel I would want all my lie angles to be the same(61 degrees) Is that a bad idea?

jeff edgeworth

I love my single length irons. I really wish you would design me a 3 iron.


Hello Tom. I am a Sterling irons player and very satisfied!
Tom my question the 919FD @14 deg. This is described as a mini driver. I’am a 71 yr old average swing speed using a 10.5 460cc
Ping driver.
What should I expect in using the 919FD. Distance etc.
My goal would be to use a club that’s easier to use.

Bill Howland

Hi Tom. I hope you are well and safe. I am 71 and have not been able to play golf for many years due to physical issues, surgeries and an arthritic disease. Last year I decided to try again, I miss golf too much. I am intrigued by two concepts, the single plane swing and single length irons and hybrids, shorter driver. May I ask two questions? What would you recommend with respect to club length and provisional static lie? I am 5’7″, wrist to floor 33.25, hand size 7 5/8″. Second, in your opinion should I order the Sterling… Read more »

Mitch Bradley

Hi Bill, I work with older golfers quite a bit. I’m a proponent of, and personally use, both single length and single plane. I have found a couple of things that are helpful for older people. The first factor is to stand more upright. Us older folks just can’t bend over and hold that crouched position like the young whippersnappers. Single length irons can be very helpful in that regard, as the extra length in the wedges lets you adopt a posture that is less stressful. The second factor is supersize grips, like JumboMax or Diamond Tour DTG Super Oversize.… Read more »

John Cappella

Hi Mitch,do you use palm or ten finger grip,as per Jack kuykendall? If so would separated hand grip require slightly longer club?

Mitch Bradley

Hi John – Yes I use a 10-finger palm grip, and it does benefit from extra length. The right hand moves down about 1 inch compared to an overlapping grip, so the clubs need to be between 1/2″ and 1″ longer to maintain a comfortable spine angle. My Sterlings are built to 37.5″ which is longer than Tom recommends, but it is the 8-iron length from my pre-Sterling set. That length results in a high swingweight, but that is mitigated by the use of lightweight shafts (I use Wishon S2S White graphite) and the counterweighting effect of the heavy supersize… Read more »


Tom It’s Rishi Again. Everyone seems to have been able to see the eq1’s but I can’t find them online! Is there a link I get get to see them!


Hi Rishi,

You can find the EQ1-NX irons here.

Best Wishes,

Ray Monty

Tom, I see that the new EQI irons are available in in right hand only- are there any plans to add left hand clubs in the future as were available in Sterling?

Mitch Bradley

Woohoo! Diamond Golf is now accepting preorders. My order is in. I’m so looking forward to the new design – which looks great – and to playing golf again.


Hi Tom, I’d like to ask you about playability/game improvement in regards to your single length irons. Last season at 49, I finally went from playing three rounds every six years to playing three (9 hole) rounds per week. About six weeks into the season, I realized the clubs I had were too advanced for me and took the plunge into single length. I built up a set of irons with the cheapest one length heads on the market and haven’t regretted one penny of my investment! I’m currently at a 34.5 HC and was consistently 55 or under by… Read more »


Couple fitting questions on the new hybrid set. Will bottom of bore be the same with the new single length hybrids? Or will they have their own spec. Just curious on shaft trimming if you build say a 5 hybrid at the same length as the irons. What about lie angle on hybrids? I’d assume if you’re matching the hybrid to the irons you’ll want the same lie angle? Now what happens if you have say a 7 iron length iron set that’s 3 degrees up and you stop at 6 iron. Then would you go 4 and 5 hybrid… Read more »


Hey Tom I’ve been playing your sterling irons for years. Love them , nothing else can compare. Can’t wait to see your new set. I’ve been checking everyday! Any idea when we can get a look! Cheers
Rishi A.



Will the bottom of bore to ground measurement on the new single length iron heads be the same as the Sterlings?




Having played your Sterling irons for the past few years, you new set could be the thing to make me update my bag. I hit the Cobra’s a couple of times and although they felt nice, I just didn’t get their logic in using different lie angles throughout the set. Regarding your new irons, can you share a photo, we are all dying to see what they look like!

PS. I play your set at 37.5″ with 105g graphite shafts. Would I still be able to get a set made up at a 1850 moi?


Error, the shafts were cut to 37″ length (with grip closer to 37.5″), and MOI was 2780.

Lincoln Li

Hi Tom

Is there any plan to add the 4 iron into the EQ 1 line maybe with the same weight addition concept as the hybrids so that it could be built to a normal length driving iron or into the SL setup since the 590DIH has been discontinued?



Hi agin Tom. To piggyback off of Dave’s question, & follow up with mine from last week, would I be able to have Gary Cottrell (Golfers Advantage) rework my Sterling 4 iron & lob wedge to work with your new single length irons? I’ve never cared much for hybrids (also got a hole-in-one with my Sterling 4 on its first 9) & went to single lengths originally due to a lousy knee which didn’t/doesn’t like squatting down for the shorter clubs. I’d hate to invest in a brand new set, then have a regular (now seemingly super short) lob wedge… Read more »


Hello Tom. Quick question. Will the new 4,5,6 EQ NX hybrids have the same loft as the cureent 4, 5, and 6 irons from the current SSL set? Will you be able to order the irons from the Sterling’s and woods and hybrids from the new EQ set?
Recently got married and the wifey needs a set of clubs. If I can start her of with single lengths I think I can help her become a better ball striker outta the gate. What’s your take?


Hi Tom, excited to see the new single lengths. Sure hope they’re as nice looking & perform as well as my Sterlings. Will a 4 iron & lob wedge be available for these? If so, from the start, or later, as they were with the Sterlings? Thanks


My son and I both play Sterling SL
I’m 6’’2” with wrist to floor 37.5
My son is 6’3” wrist to floor 37.75
Curious on recommended club length and static lie angle
Thank you


Hello Tom, will the replacement still be built in the seven and eight iron length or can you get it in a six iron in length. I know you talked about going to the six are in links makes the lower irons go to far. But I am a slow methodical swinger and don’t swing very hard at the ball and I love my 6 iron


Any picture of the sterling replacements