Wishon Golf’s innovation in golf club design technology truly stands out through its custom designed S2S shaft fitting options.  Each S2S Shaft to Swing Fitting System proprietary shaft is designed for specific golfer swing characteristics of clubhead speed plus downswing transition force, downswing tempo and point of wrist-cock release.  Our S2S Shaft Fitting Software allows clubmakers to input each shaft related swing characteristic of any golfer to obtain Wishon Golf’s most accurate shaft fitting recommendation.

S2S Shaft Trim Charts

S2S Red Wood Shafts


S2S Black 65 & 85 for Woods


S2S Black 85 for Irons


S2S White for Woods and Irons

S2S Black Hybrid & S2S White Hybrid

S2S Blue 45 and 55 for Woods and Irons

for Woods

S2S Ruby Lite for Woods, Irons, and Wedges


S2S Superlight Steel for Irons


S2S Stepless Steel


Steel Putter & Wedge Shafts


S2S-Green Shafts


S2S Blue 55 Hybrid