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Is There Something to the Increase in Long Putter Use?

Posted by on Sep 27, 2011 in Uncategorized | 9 comments

Tweet Interesting isn’t it how all of a sudden the number of tour pros making a move to a Belly putter has increased so dramatically.  I mean, it’s not like longer putters are new – the “Adam Scott” style pendulum style long putters have been around for more than 20 yrs, the Belly style putters a little less. No, this is just one more example of a trait possessed by MANY tour pros that I quickly learned back in the days when I would spend time on the tour servicing the players for whom I had designed clubs.  The pros are no different than any of us.  Despite...

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How Important is the Shaft in the Performance of Golf Clubs?

Posted by on Sep 13, 2011 in Shaft Fitting | 13 comments

Tweet Ever heard this phrase? “The Shaft is the Engine of the Golf Club” Actually, those who believe this have their auto parts mixed up.  In reality, the shaft is more like the TRANSMISSION of the golf club because it connects the golfer’s hands to the clubhead and allows the golfer to transfer his or her power to the clubhead, and in turn, to the golf ball. Those who like to say the shaft is the engine of the golf club are in essence trying to say the shaft is the most important part of the club or at the least, equal in importance to the clubhead.  I’ve found in...

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Forged Irons from Japan vs US or China – The Facts

Posted by on Sep 12, 2011 in Clubhead Design | 65 comments

Tweet If you’re into golf clubs or spend time reading the various golf equipment internet forums, there are occasional discussions from which you could get the impression that forged carbon steel iron heads made in Japan are superior to those made anywhere else in the world. As a veteran of clubhead design and production with more than 25 yrs of head design experience including a whole lot of forged ironhead designs, I’m here to tell you this buzz about Japanese made forgings is simply not true.  But first, a brief time out – sadly as an American I have to tell you that the...

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Can My Current Clubs be Custom Fit for Me?

Posted by on Sep 9, 2011 in Clubfitting | 13 comments

Tweet I understand.  You’ve become aware of the benefits of professional clubfitting, you want to see if custom fitting can make a real difference in your game, but you don’t want to spring for a totally new set of clubs because your clubs aren’t that old. Can your existing clubs, or can clubs you just bought off the rack in a golf store or pro shop be custom fit to your swing and how you play? For a couple of the 13 key fitting elements, yes, for a fewmore of the 13 key clubfitting elements possibly, but for all of them, no they can’t.  In addition, the number of...

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Just How DOES Professional Clubfitting Allow a Golfer to Play Better?

Posted by on Sep 8, 2011 in Clubfitting | 6 comments

Tweet It’s only natural and very understandable for a golfer who has only taken a serious look at golf clubs with heavily marketed brand names and only shopped for golf clubs in a big golf store or pro shop to view the concept of professional clubfitting with some doubt.  I get that. For such golfers to change their mindset to go see a professional clubmaker is something that requires a lot of well, proof or at least assurance that they’re going to end up with clubs that actually allow them to hit the ball better in some way than the clubs they have.  To most doubting golfers,...

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