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Iron Fitting – Iron Out The Details

Posted by on Feb 27, 2012 in Clubfitting, Iron Fitting | 4 comments

Tweet Since all golfers’ full complement of “irons” should include a mix of hybrids and irons, here are a number of other important elements of iron set fitting that can help ensure golfers are custom fit for the best overall iron set. Iron Lengths and Length Increments The starting length of the combined hybrid/iron set starts with a measurement of the golfer’s wrist to floor dimension.  Final length is then a process of swing evaluation to determine the maximum length each golfer can control while still being able to address and swing at the ball with complete comfort. Once the...

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Custom Clubfitting is MORE Beneficial for Mid-High Handicap than Low Handicap Golfers

Posted by on Feb 24, 2012 in Clubfitting | 6 comments

Tweet One of the most common misconceptions about custom clubfitting is that most middle and high handicap golfers believe they are “not good enough to be custom fit.”  Here’s an absolute fact about custom fitting – the less skilled the golfer, the MORE they need to be accurately fit to play to the best of their ability. Because of their superior athletic and kinetic skills, low handicap golfers could play almost as well with quite a wide variety of different golf club specifications.  Middle and high handicap golfers do not have the same level of athletic coordination or control...

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Putter Fitting – The Most Important Club to Custom Fit

Posted by on Feb 17, 2012 in Clubfitting, Putter Fitting | 36 comments

Tweet Golfers use the putter more than any other club in the bag, yet it Putter fitting rarely gets the attention it deserves.  43% of the average golfer’s shots are struck with the putter.  Yet how do most golfers buy a putter?  By trial and error, with the emphasis put almost entirely on the “look” or the design features of the putter head, instead of the 4 critical putter fitting elements which, if properly fit, could strip strokes off your score. Granted, it’s a fact – if the golfer isn’t confident with the look of the putter behind the ball, they won’t have the...

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Custom Clubfitting – What Kind of Car Wash Do You Want?

Posted by on Feb 6, 2012 in Clubfitting | 0 comments

Tweet More and more golf club companies are starting to emphasize custom clubfitting as an option for golfers as opposed to buying their clubs in standard form off the rack. Custom fitting is very definitely beneficial for average golfers and not just for single digit handicap players.  When done properly, custom fitting can reduce and offset some of the poor shotmaking effects of your swing errors.  In addition, proper custom fitting makes it easier to take swing lessons and make the changes in the swing to hit the ball better. If you are thinking about custom fitting for your next...

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The Wedge – The Scoring Weapon of Tour Players

Posted by on Feb 1, 2012 in Clubfitting, Wedge Fitting | 10 comments

Tweet Next to the putter, wedges are the second most important group of clubs in the bag to consider having custom fit when it comes to the number at the bottom of your scorecard.  There is no better proof than a quick look at the statistics of the European Tour and PGA Tour.  The average Tour player hits 11 to 12 greens in regulation per round yet still shoots par or better.  How?  By getting the ball close enough to the hole with their wedges to make the putts for par to save their round. When being custom fit for the best wedges for your game, specifications such as wedge loft, lie,...

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